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  1. I37 will be running next weekend for $777 to win.
  2. TOMS at I-37 Speedway, June 16!

    Only the TOMS race was cancelled. I37 regular classes are still RACING!
  3. Crate motors allowed in pure stock at I-37?

    They already are. 602s are legal. The Purestock rules meeting is December 9th.
  4. This weekend? (Sept 30)

    They did a live video earlier. They said they were going to wait a few hours before they made the call. Turn three had water standing but had it running into their drain.
  5. Street Stock Bounty

    Thumper Sport Mod chassis are allowed in the street stock class. They let them run by making all chassis' production or SM run 53% rear max.
  6. Registration is $35. Car and driver to get in the pits is $50.
  7. It is not just kids. Adults don't pay attention either. I was trying to load my car the other night and had several groups of adults just walk by while I was trying to back up. I was in motion and they literally just kept coming. With a full containment seat there is zero visibility. With out a spotter I would have tagged a few.
  8. Street Stock Rules

    Msd ignitions Victor Jr. 6 inch rods Crate motor Those are a few
  9. Street Stock Rules

    The updated rule are on the website. They posted them last week.
  10. drivers meeting.

  11. drivers meeting.

    Pleasanton is only 5 or 10 minutes from the track and they have several hotels that were built recently from the oil boom so they should be decent.
  12. Rules

    They told me the updated rules would be out this week sometime.
  13. Work at I-37

    http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/72590-i-37-race-schedule-and-rules/ Schedule and rules Front runner, pure stock and street stock drivers meeting this Saturday at the track. ATTENTION Racers we will have drivers meetings on Feb. 4th. Front Runners at 9:30 a.m Pure Stocks at 10:00 a.m Street Stocks at 11:00 a.m
  14. 2017 Schedule

    No Nesmith crate late models this year? Will the streets still be nesmith?
  15. SOS allows 53% rear and STS only allows 51% from what I read.
  16. pit pass

    Can someone tell me how much pit passes are for driver and non-drivers? Thanks.
  17. pit pass

    Does anyone at the track sell race fuel? If so what's the going price these days.
  18. pit pass

    Much obliged sir.
  19. What about JwmBishop? Haven't heard from him.
  20. Stock sbc 882 or 993 heads...Which one

    http://www.thedirtforum.com/castings.htm#head Hope this helps. This is what I have always gone by, Casting Numbers.html
  21. protest (tear down)

    http://nebula.wsimg.com/c182d4aa97cca95212fc2cb422dd3815?AccessKeyId=56BDDE4A2EF7BB41B176&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 Go to the second to last page.
  22. 2016 Rules Discussion

  23. 2016 Rules Discussion

    Can we replace the rocker panels or any other gutted area with sheet metal so we don't have the weight penaltyou for sets rules?
  24. Your opportunity to post #1 need

    I37 would take the top half of the heat and those cars would start the feature inverted by points average of the last three races. So the slow cars still started in the back but the fast cars were still inverted. I liked it this way. Been a while but pretty sure this is the way it was done.