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    Auto racing, media (radio and newspaper sports writing)..New for 2004: Matt Kenseth, #17, is now #1...Top 5 favorite Cup drivers: 17, 18, 25 (B.Vickers), 99 and 32 with 12 and 42 moving up! All-time favorite Cup driver: #3, of course!

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  1. One nation, under God....

    Amen sir
  2. Long horn speedway

    I plan on running it seven nights a week and on Sunday afternoons as well. Every other day it will be dirt, then asphalt, then dirt. On Sundays we will have mud drags and creek buggy races. Also, I plan on leasing the nearby airport every third Saturday on even numbered months for the Lone Star Mile - a timed one mile course with several thousand feet of runoff which will end in the massive parking lot I have planned for the overflow crowds at F1 events. That should put everyone's mind at ease. All I need is a little financial backing to make all this come true! Nick In a related story.. Mother Nature has stated she will make it a cold day in H-E-*-* on Opening Day for the Nick Holt Speedway. Rumors also persist Nick will live in the speedway's press box and some guy with the initials "D.T." will throw the Opening Green Flag at opening-day ceremonies. Film at 11.
  3. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    Just for the record, 10 streets started the race..
  4. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    WOW...LONG NIGHT of racing here..finished 20-lap Limited Mod race @ 11:20pm UNOFFICIAL RESULTS 1) J.J. Jennings 2) Darin Dornak 3) Mike Wagner 4) Talon Minten 5) Ryan Doyon 6) Ronnie Warren 7) Mark Warren 8) Terry Tschoerner ...and the rest of the field...
  5. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    LONNGGG RACE FOR STREET STOCKS (15 Lap feature).. UNOFFICIAL RESULTS (there were 8 Cautions; Race info coming soon) 1) AJ Dancer 2) Mark Salango 3) Heath Stewart (running his 44-X Street) 4) Patricia Lucas 5) Leland Waddell 6) Joey Tschoerner 7) Boyd Bumbera 8) James Lynch (left with flat on Lap 10) 9) Tracy Tschoerner (off track on Lap 4)
  6. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    Sprint Cars having their 20-lap feature right now..
  7. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    PURE STOCK FEATURE Spin out in Turn 2 right off the start...Mark Chrudimsky (#30) had the lead, but developed a left-front flat tire. On the complete restart, Chrudimsky had the lead but track officials called his left-front completely flat and black-flagged him off the track (sorry, Mark, on your birthday!)... Danny Bennett had the lead, Heath Stewart a close 2nd..Cassidy Brune spun out in Turn 4 of Lap 2, but did great job to get restarted right away and avoid the caution.. On backstretch, Stewart went side-by-side with Bennett, then took the lead on outside coming out of Turn 4. Stewart led the rest of the way, slowly growing his lead on Bennett. There was 1 more caution flag, Harley Brune brought it out with a Spin in Turn 2. UNOFFICIAL FINISH 1) Heath Stewart 2) Danny Bennett 3) Cassidy Brune 4) Bianca Weaver 5) Harley Brune 6) Mark Chrudimsky 7) Craig Stickley (DNS)
  8. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    FEATURE LINEUPS... LIMITED MODIFIED (20 LAPS) Row 1: David Meredith, JJ Jennings Row 2: Mike Wagner, Darin Dornak Row 3: Ryan Doyon, Hunt Harrison Row 4: Ronnie Warren, Terry Tschoerner Row 5: Talon Minten, Mark Warren Row 6: Carl McBride, Sam Blacklock Row 7: Jimmy Kemp, Mitchell Morrison Row 8: Ray Doyon, Matt Lynch Row 9: Richard Clickner PURE STOCK (15 LAPS) Row 1: Bianca Weaver, Mark Chrudimsky Row 2: Danny Bennett, Heath Stewart Row 3: Craig Stickley, Cassidy Brune Row 4: Haley Brune STREET STOCK (15 LAPS) Row 1: Ty Kemp, Tracy Tschoerner Row 2: Leland Waddell, AJ Dancer Row 3: Boyd Bumbera, Mark Salango Row 4: Derrick Ishler, Joey Tschoerner Row 5: James Lynch, Patricia Lewis
  9. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    LIMITED HEAT #2 Mike Wagner came out strong...David Meredith grabbed 2nd, Hunt Harrison was 3rd...the top 2 stayed that way and pulled away from the field, grabbing a 5-car lead on the field halfway through.. Wagner hung on to beat Meredith to the checkers.. Harrison was third, Terry Tschoerner was 4th, Mark Warren 5th, Sam Blacklock 6th..
  10. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    LIMITED HEAT #1 Yellow on the start, a complete restart was necessary..on the restart, they went 3-wide coming out of Turn 4 for completion of Lap 1... Jimmy Kemp took the lead, Darin Dornak was 2nd, Ronnie Warren was 3rd, Talon Minten was 4th, JJ Jennings was 5th...On Lap 2, Minten and Jennings swapped spots, the rest stayed the same.. Lap 5, the yellow came out for Debris on Front Straight..on the restart, Kemp got the jump as Dornak, Warren and Jennings went side-by-side for 2nd..Minten and Roy Doyon were side-by-side for 5th.... On the back straight Dornak got away from the pack and got under Kemp for the lead coming out of Turn 4...Last lap, Dornak claimed the checkers while Jennings rushed Kemp out of Turn 4 to grab 2nd..Kemp 3rd, Warren 4th, Minten 5th..
  11. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    STREET STOCK, HEAT #2 Joey Tschoerner had lead after Lap 1, Salango, Kemp and Waddell were behind him...They came into Turn 3, 3-wide..Waddell took lead out of the bunch, Tschoerner went 2nd, Salango 3rd, Kemp 4th..Salango/Tschoerner spun in Turn 2 on Lap 6, brought out caution. Restart was Waddell, Kemp, Tschoerner and Salango..Waddell pulled away from field on restart, Kemp/Salango tangled for 2nd place, Tschoerner behind them. Kemp won race out of Turn 4 on last lap to take 2nd to Waddell, Salango finished 3rd and Tschoerner 4th...
  12. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    STREET STOCK, HEAT 1 Tracy Tschoerner took lead on Lap 1, AJ Dancer right behind her..Derrick Ishler started smoking on Back Straight of Lap 2...Dancer took lead from Tracy in Turn 4, eventually opened a 8-car lead on Tracy, who finished 2nd..Dancer led the rest of the way and won the race, Tracy 2nd, Boyd Bumera 3rd...Ishler was black-flagged on Lap 5 for smoke (tranny)..Lynch finished 4th
  13. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    Sprint Series is running their Heats. I've talked to their announcer, hopefully we can get their results from their scorer. I'll post them if we do.
  14. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    PURE STOCK HEAT RACE... Mark Chrudimsky (Birthday Boy) had lead after first 2 laps.. He got passed on back straight on lap 3 by Danny Bennett & Heath Stewart. Lap 3 was Bennett, Stewart, Chrudimsky, Bianca Weaver (top 4). Bennett & Stewart pulled away from the pack and had half-lap lead.. Stewart then ran side-by-side with Bennett and took the lead out of Turn 4 on Lap 7..he opened a 1-car length lead out of Turn 2 and cruised home for the heat-race win. Bennett 2nd, Chrudimsky 3rd, Weaver 4th..
  15. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    PURE STOCK HEAT LINEUP Row 1. Haley Brune, Cassidy Brune Row 2. Bianca Weaver, Heath Stewart Row 3. Craig Stickley, Danny Bennett Row 4. Mark "Birthday Boy" Chrudimsky STREET STOCK HEAT LINEUP HEAT 1 Row 1. Derrick Ishler, Tracy Tschoerner Row 2. AJ Dancer, James Lynch Row 3. Boyd Bumbera HEAT 2 Row 1. Patricia Lucas, Ty Kemp Row 2. Joey Tschoerner, Mark Salango Row 3. Leland Waddell LIMITED MODS HEAT 1 Row 1. Richard Clickner, Jimmy Kemp Row 2. Ryan Doyon, Ronnie Warren Row 3. Talon Minten, Darin Domak Row 4. J.J. Jennings, Ray Doyon HEAT 2 Row 1. Sam Blacklock, Mike Wagner Row 2. David Meredith, Mark Warren Row 3. Hunt Harrison, Terry Tschoerner Row 4. Mitchell Morrison, Matt Lynch