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  1. 2018 Street Stock Rules

    I dont plan on running with series cars, if I was I would build a car to that classes rules. I think this series could hurt local street stock counts. We have been having pretty good field of cars in edna. I hope some of our regular drivers dont end up chasing this series around other places on home track race nights. If this happens I think this series could hurt local street stocks at all three tracks. The way Street Stock Shootout was scheduled around all the tracks races I feel was better and didnt hurt car counts. Those guys even with 368 cu in rule only have to weigh 2850 and can run ANY cast iron head they want.
  2. 2018 Street Stock Rules

    I didnt say it was huge change just asked why when rules have pretty much been the same at all three and class has grown would all three have different rules now. Just dont make much sense, but to each their own. I dont care what they change just wish they would all stsy on same page. Doesnt seem like woukd be that hard for all tracks to pick up phone and agree on same rule package.
  3. 2018 Street Stock Rules

    Why did you guys change weight rule? Texana, STS, and I37 used to all have same rules. Made it nice if you want to run somewhere else. Now STS and I37 changed and all 3 have different rules. Seems like all three tracks would be better off getting together to get more cars.
  4. All the tracks in the area have pretty close rules and good car counts. Go to changing a bunch of rules and it will just hurt class.
  5. Fuel

    Will you guys have fuel at track Sept 9?
  6. #14 Purestock

    Doesnt look like 14 did anything wrong in video to me. Looked like racing.
  7. Pure Stock In Car Footage

    Looks just a tad bit dusty lol
  8. 500 carb positioning on intake

    I always heard as far back as possible on 4 bbl. And always heard 2 bbl will pull a little harder off corner and 4bbl help more top end
  9. Pure Stock Rules Clarification / Updates

    That is what i was thinking. Pigtail should be on rear end
  10. Black flag ...opinion only

    We should all be thankful we have a place to race. They are doing their best and are trying to do things right. Is a learning curve trying to make everyone happy and keep things running smoothly. Have to remember this is first time to run a track for Tony and I am thankful someone stepped up and we have a track. I have seen the good outweigh the bad at this track by a very large margin. Thanks for all the time and hard work you guys put in to keep the place going.
  11. anyone video street stock race

    Anyone video street stock race?
  12. StreetStock Results (5/6) and YTD

    must have Justin and Joe Boop combined we have both driven the 355. Justin Boop drove it first race and should have 160 points. Other races were Joe.
  13. TRP Summer Showdown Flyer (June 16 & 17)

    I noticed street stock rules dont come uo either the other day.
  14. We will have a purestock at texana and I think it would be ok to let them run at 3300 and 50 %