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  1. Results?

    63,99 26g limiteds
  2. will Swenson have his parts trailer at the track Friday or saturday?
  3. Trp?

    You and many others! Sure hope it stays up and running , not only for Ken, fans or racers but for South Texas dirt track racing! That would make two tracks in two years.(I-37 last year) Slowly but surely we are running out of options to choose from when it comes time to decide where to race that weekend. Being practically in my back yard I'd surely hate to see it go. In my opinion the the track needs more promotion to let folks know TRP is still alive and wants to stay that way. It would be nice to try and pull some purse sponsors for any normal ole night for 1-2 classes that you think would draw more cars and fans that will come watch knowing cars will be there putting on a show. JMO here! No offense to anyone and hope this stays practical and not turn south for the bad.
  4. May 10th

    whats the cover for first time limited mod
  5. Thanks Ken. We won't make it out this weekend due to family wedding. We'll be back. It's too hard not to when it's nearly my back yard. Hopefully we can pull more cars in like we normally see at TRP!
  6. 26f & 30 limited so far. who else?
  7. how many limited modifieds think they'll show up? i hope more than 9 or 10! there has never been a problem in the past with getting 20 plus on a weekley basis. where are all the cars at. lets hear it!
  8. races

    sure has been quiet on here. hows the track shaping up after the last night out?
  9. sheet metal

    Reese Supply in houston is where i get mine. 4X10 sheet $55 plus tax. can look them up on the internet i think they also have a location around san antiono.
  10. Ken, are there any other dates that limited mod/sport mods are not on the posted schedule ? I missed it if it was posted.
  11. 2014 race car pics

    Would someone be kind enough to post a pic for me? Call or text me and I'll get it to anyone that can do the favor for me. Thanks eric 3617814059