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  1. I got a copy of the Late Model race from March 19th shot by Jay Brand and put it up on my YT channel. It is the best Late Model race I have sen in a long time. Hat's off to all involved for a Great Race!
  2. Mike Fry Tribute Video

    I hate shooting and making these kind of video. But I thought I would put together what I could for him... Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ubxjUdGaGY Download http://www.mediafire.com/watch/5lyrcwbm8wacdb2/Mean_Streak_II.mp4
  3. Dragboat video from San Angelo

    I got to spend some time with the dragboats in San Angelo last weekend and I thought you might enjoy seeing some Top Fuelers run They will be in Marble Falls Aug 7-9 http://www.marblefallslakefest.com/
  4. Attention Everyone

    I was in the middle of the track and watched you go flying off and the tires go flying up. Glad to hear you didn't get hurt!
  5. A Few Car Photo's from CTS 3/28/15

  6. Here are a few car shots from CTS Duke
  7. pit stall

    There are no concerts on race nights this year.
  8. Here is Rick's ride along video. His eyes pretty much tell the whole tell.
  9. Drag-boats in Waco

    I got to hangout with Marty Logan and the Drag-boats in Waco a few weeks ago and thought I would share a couple of video from there. Marty is a six time world champ in his class and his boat runs about 175mph. The second video is all the passes I shot while I was there. It was so loud at times it was shaking the insides of my camera. Marty's video Video of passes with raw sounds
  10. Picures from the pit at CTS 6/14/14

    Thanks! If anyone wants to use or share any of them they can. Here is a download link to a zip file of the ones I put up on speedzone. They are cut down a little to work smoother online. Duke http://www.mediafire.com/download/rlj6v3rw3d5h0rs/CTS_6_14_14.zip
  11. Very nice Nick. I really like the shot off your daughter in the car. It has vintage feel to it.
  12. Picures from the pit at CTS 6/14/14

    Thanks Nick. I was shooting in HDR mode because everything looked so gray and flat out there today. I takes three pictures (one right one over and one under exposure) then puts them together. It makes things pop without using a flash. It does make for some strange ghosts if things are moving tho. It was a fun day and night out there...
  13. Here are a few picture from CTS
  14. Thanks Yes that was from one of my drones with a Gopro 2. One of them flies on 2.4gh with gp3 and one on 5.7 with a gp2 The 2.4 had issues with so much 2.4 around. But the 5.7 flew great. Now I just have to change my setups for down-there so I have the better camera on the one that works best. I was not sure how they would act with so many radios and transponders so close around.
  15. Sure was a great way to start the season out.