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  1. Snowball derby

    I'm confused Tim, there are more entries this year and on top of that a few more TX guys, is your position that FEWER drivers are present this year or?
  2. RPM Act is reintroduced In the U.S. Senate

    Thank you for posting this; people should understand that according to the EPA's current interpretation of the laws every racing vehicle built out of 1) Vehicles which where ever emissions certified or 2) engines which where ever emissions certified are illegal by federal law. If this doesn't pass and 2020 goes badly racing in America is in very real trouble.
  3. Do you use VP Fuels? Better read this....

    Don’t know anything about that; I was just reading the text and noticed it was referencing 2009 and the filing date is 2010. Maybe it’s an ongoing case or has again become relevant?
  4. Do you use VP Fuels? Better read this....

    That’s from 2009/2010 regarding fuel a competitor to VP sold.
  5. Do you use VP Fuels? Better read this....

    You and me both.
  6. Do you use VP Fuels? Better read this....

    Allegedly VP Switched from using Methyl tert-butyl ether ((CH₃)₃COCH₃) to using Etylr tert-butyl ether (C2H5OC(CH3)3) which doesn’t oxygenate fuel as well thereby dropping the octane rating of fuel (from 110-107 approximately). They then used “return fuel” (waste product) to cut their base fuel. Customers started loosing engines and went to their supplier (Dion Fuels who was buying house fuel from VP and rebranding it as their own) and wanted to know why, Dion ran tests and figured out VP had changed their contractually required formulas without telling anyone and intentionally hid it. VP essentially sold (or sells) two grades of some fuels; MTBE (the good stuff) and ETBE (the cheap stuff) with MTBE going where they think it may be tested and ETBE getting used otherwise. If your VP fuel barrel has “reg” printed on the front by the product name it’s what you’re paying for otherwise it’s the cheap stuff.
  7. Every track in TX oughta pass the helmet tonight and make sure these folks don’t end up needing for anything. A little money could go a long way to helping them and preserving HoT.
  8. 4 Wide

    I'd hate to make this a habit but I agree with Tim, I'd much rather watch a spec Miata race where the cars are bunched up on top of eachother than a F1 race where there is 10 seconds between each car. In NASCAR's 'heyday" the cars weren't making 850hp, maybe bringing them back down to "stock car" levels is whats been needed all along. Again, I'd much rather watch 550hp cars with limitied aero and 8" slicks run in a pack than 900hp cars with massive aero and 10" slicks run spread out.
  9. 4 Wide

    No; it was the best NASCAR race at a cookie-cutter track in a decade or more. I watched 1/2 to 3/4 of the race and never thought “this is boring I wonder if there’s a renovation show on”. I’m last in line to give NASCAR credit these days but they nailed it at Charlotte; if the race is that good at Texas it may be the best race of the year.
  10. Let’s keep our options open.
  11. Hey, stop being reasonable, we’re gathering up a lynching mob... In all seriousness another meeting was had yesterday; I couldn’t make it to that one but I’m meeting with the parties that could this week. I’ve got to do some re-drawing based upon some new concerns so it’ll be another week of late nights and I’ve got to sit down with all the powers that be and the parties involved again so we can continue moving forward. In the meantime stay positive, make it known the stock car guys are out there, keep social media positive and if you have any corporate sponsorship connections PM me. Thanks.
  12. Someone really oughta beat the guys working on this project with a rubber hose; I can’t believe it isn’t done yet! How long could it possible take to organize, design, fund and build a race track?
  13. From Wikipedia “Raised outside of Houston, Texas,[3] Poole was born in Folsom, California, living there until the age of seven.[1] He is known for his surfer-like appearance and persona including his long hair. Poole earned the nickname "The Bull" early in his career, after charging from the rear of the field to earn several victories.[1][2][5][6][9] Poole's father owns a Midas Car Care Center in their hometown of The Woodlands, Texas. Poole graduated from Woodlands Christian Academy a year early in 2008, at the age of 17.[6] Poole maintains a presence on the video game-streaming service Twitch.tv, and has a dormant YouTube channel. Poole is an avid fan of the late rapper Mac Miller and in his free time makes songs and raps.”
  14. I’m going to agree with you 100%; the All-Star Race was without a doubt the best NASCAR race I’ve seen anywhere besides a road course in years. The teams seemed a lot more evenly matched, the drivers seemed to both have to really push to be fast BUT they where also able to pass and the cars looked to move around some but not so much they couldn’t get 3 and 4 wide. I haven’t said this in a while but NASCAR nailed the All-Star race; after catching the open just off-hand I set down and watched the invitational and wasn’t disappointed!