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  1. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    I don't disagree with that and I personally felt the same way for years but after seeing what CoTA does for the grass-roots racers it didn't make sense to me anymore. I don't like Jerry Jones but I'd support my kids football team if they played there.
  2. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    Yea and when the owner posts on facebook one day "screw all the nonsense I'm buying a boat" everyone will act surprised. Racetracks a racetrack, we need to support them all.
  3. They'd have to get rid of the splitters, may even tow the cars in on open trailers. Seating at the track would be irrelevant, that kind of race would make all it's money on TV and maybe it would force NASCAR to invest in some of the tracks that made it what it is. Hell, Brian probably spend more on blow in a year then it would take to repave all three tracks!
  4. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    I’d love to be able to hold a grudge but COTA is an opportunity to experience a kind of racing we’re lucky to have around here. My opinion is worth exactly what you’re paying for it but boycotting a local multibillion dollar track isn’t any better for the sport than boycotting the local dirt track because you don’t agree with all the choices they’ve made or don’t like the owners. I support the racers having a place to race, kids being able to experience the events and keeping racing alive regardless of my opinions of the periphery.
  5. SA Raceway - Oval Asphalt?

    I still call my wife if I’m working late on a Saturday and ask her to tape the Busch race for me...she reminds me it hasn’t been the Busch series in more than a decade and we’ve never owned a VCR 🙄
  6. From my perspective you’re being too literal; at I37 you don’t have everyone diving into the pits under caution to change tires for a performance advantage. Yes there are “live pit stops” but not in the way NASCAR means; live pit stops in the vast majority of local short track races are for damage. I can’t recall multiple cars ever pitting for fresh tires at I37, CTS, HMP or CCS when many cars where in the pits and time was of the essence. Maybe I’m forgetting it but even at SAS I don’t recall green flag pit stops for tires and fuel, I’m only 34 so maybe it was before my time? Eliminating live pit stops saves money, makes racing more affordable for small teams, puts the race back in the drivers hands and makes races like Eldora viable. As far as why NASCAR wasn’t running smaller tracks pitting cars was certainly given as a reason not to run smaller tracks and anything that can be done to eliminate barriers for smaller tracks is good. If someone at NASCAR isn’t looking at tracks like Rockford, Slinger, Winchester, Kingsport and the like and thinking they need to be at those tracks then they’re missing the boat and THIS change makes that possible.
  7. I figured someone with roots in local tracks would like this; makes the races more about the drivers and less about who can buy the best crew. Would live pit stops make 30 car purestock races at I37 any better...don't think so!
  8. Maybe I'm in the minority but I think it's a good change; people have been bitching for 20 years NASCAR needed to "go back to it's short track roots" and this makes that easier. Many of the tracks we'd like to see NASCAR races at don't have the room to pit 30-40 cars and going to old-fashioned pit stops makes it easier to justify going to smaller tracks. I don't really get excited about watching guys change tires but if this makes it easier for smaller tracks (more dirt tracks, maybe some 3/8 or even quarter mile tracks) to get on the schedule I'm all for it. My favorite NASCAR races of the last few years didn't have live pit stops; Eldora, the lower divsions racing on the back stretch at Daytona, etc.
  9. SA Raceway - Oval Asphalt?

    Yes, thank you.
  10. SA Raceway - Oval Asphalt?

    I am the person that had been working on the project with Club Loose Texas (CLT, the drift group) and Essie. As many know Essie passed recently and at that time I spoke with the head of CLT and we agreed to re-approach things at a later date. I plan on working with CLT to work towards making progress on their facility with the hope of at some point working towards the circle track but Essie's son was much more open to the idea of the drift facility than the circle track. I don't currently know where any of the projects do or don't stand but as of yesterday I got the impression CLT still had an idea that their project has life. ...in the meantime Rodney is correct; support your local race track and racers. I37 has been running amazing shows, HMP is looking up, SAR is bringing in big shows and has brought back their midnight madness program, there are new Kart tracks in the coastal bend area and we have a lot to look forward to.
  11. Snowball derby

    I'm confused Tim, there are more entries this year and on top of that a few more TX guys, is your position that FEWER drivers are present this year or?
  12. RPM Act is reintroduced In the U.S. Senate

    Thank you for posting this; people should understand that according to the EPA's current interpretation of the laws every racing vehicle built out of 1) Vehicles which where ever emissions certified or 2) engines which where ever emissions certified are illegal by federal law. If this doesn't pass and 2020 goes badly racing in America is in very real trouble.
  13. Do you use VP Fuels? Better read this....

    Don’t know anything about that; I was just reading the text and noticed it was referencing 2009 and the filing date is 2010. Maybe it’s an ongoing case or has again become relevant?
  14. Do you use VP Fuels? Better read this....

    That’s from 2009/2010 regarding fuel a competitor to VP sold.
  15. Do you use VP Fuels? Better read this....

    You and me both.