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  1. Old SAS Video

    Anyone know what year that video is from? I think my father and uncle’s car is in it (the street stock at 2:49) but it’s hard to tell, thanks!
  2. RUSS Monday REPLAY ACM Mady Ayesh

    Madyson has a ton on her plate bringing the dragstrip up to snuff; the ownership of ACM, Club Loose Texas and myself are working together on the multiuse track and making sure it doesn’t interfere with her amazing efforts. Sent revised plans out last night to the parties involved; going to meet again with the owners at everyone’s convenience. Ask Nick how much is involved in a project like this and what kind of time commitment it takes!
  3. Awesome; if you can round up any of the other legacy guys and have them post up pics too or even a group shot works. Circle track racing is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t been around it; it doesn’t make a lot of sense that racers from all over the state would make regular trips to HMP or hopefully our track to race but I’m trying to show that’s the way it works, thank you.
  4. Well; yesterday was the big show at Alamo City Motorplex and not a single circle track car showed up. I was setup to take out two but had a funeral and as hard as I tried I couldn’t keep my commitment to my family and make it to the track and back. The Asphalt Milling machines are out at the track NOW, they’re working on the pits and the strip to get it up to snuff for the NHRA requirement and to give the drifters a surface they can use. I’ve been saying for 6 months the cars are out there, now I need to show it. If anyone has an asphalt or double duty dirt car and would want to race at an asphalt track in SA post up a picture or send it to me; everything from Latemodels and Modifieds to Dwarfs and 4-cylinders, folks that would travel or are local. I’ve got sponsorship meetings, layout meetings and more this week; the track owner says he’s ready to go but I need to prove we are too. Show me if I’m right or wrong.
  5. Alamo City Motorplex is holding the “Motorvation” car show on January 19th to get everyone excited for the coming racing season. The event has a “Circle Track” class and after people from all different disciplines of racing and from across Texas showed up for their volunteer day yesterday I suspect the circle track class can gather up some competitors for the event! Would be a great opportunity to promote I37’s upcoming season to a different crowd.
  6. I’ve got a file on my computer listing tracks from Angola to Waterford Speedbowl with the positives and the negatives of each tracks layout. Longhorn has a layout very similar to a lot of the more successful 3/8s and 1/4 mile tracks so the resemblance is no coincidence.
  7. I’m going to do everything in my power to set things up so that the walls are as far as possible from the groove to minimize downtime and cost for racers. It could end up looking like Anderson but my hopes are it ends up looking more like Irwindale in terms of width and space to “make a mistake”.
  8. Cibolo has approved the project so that’s done and it took a while. I’d love to tell you we’ve got a date in mind but this requires a lot of time on the part of some busy people. I can tell you the owner wants it done ASAP and I’m pushing to make that a reality; I’d guess in the next 3-4 weeks we’ll be able to answer that question.
  9. That’s a great question. What’s the over-under on 30 plus drag racers, drifters, asphalt circle track racers and dirt track racers showing up on a Saturday morning to spend 7 hours cleaning up a racetrack? Probably wouldn’t bet on it but it happened today and Alamo City Motorplex is as clean as it’s ever been. The family that owns the track is lead by a first generation American that built his name in the elevator business and bought a track hundreds of miles from his home because it was his dream to do so. The manager of the track is a 25 year old girl from Kansas that has worked her way up into that position from managing another successful track. The whole situation is built out of improbabilites but until the gates are chained shut people will still be trying to make it happen because right now it’s our only drag-strip, our only good drift facility and as far as I know our only current chance at an asphalt circle track.
  10. Plans to be sponsored by a brake pad company with LOTS of contingency money
  11. That doesn't have to be the final layout; we changed the sizing and dimensions more than a dozen times before things went to the city for the final time. The proportions of that draft of the track are roughly equal to Martinsville and where from an earlier draft; I'm working towards shorter straights, broad-turns and variable banking working up to 17-18*.
  12. Longhorn Speedway

    Wow; that’s nothing but good news! I’m currently working with the owners of Alamo City Motorplex to circle build a track there and would like to offer any help I can. I’d suggest making a post on San Antonio Racer’s Reunion on Facebook, it’s a much smaller crowd but does reach a different group of folks. Good Luck!
  13. You should have been around when they said “dirt track” and I about swallowed my tongue... I’ve had some interesting conversations over the past few days clarifying that for people. Local media is a great tool but their knowledge of our niche sport leaves something to be desired!
  14. I did misunderstand you and I appreciate clearing that up; I can’t imagine anyone having anything bad to say about Tavo. I’ve put one one-hundredth of what he did on the line and it’s still a lot; I have a lot of respect for him. I’d certainly love to speak with him; I have no doubt he has ideas and angles I’ve never considered in relation to making this work.
  15. Budman; Tavo is a stand up guy that did more for racing and racers in this part of the world than nearly anyone else, he’s not involved with this project but anyone would be lucky to have him involved. The dirt track thing was a miscommunication with KABB, a rally cross and/or motor cross track has been mentioned in passing but nothing beyond that as far as dirt. Essie and Parsa (the owner and his son) haven't asked for or received any public money and as of now that hasn’t been on anyone’s radar as far as I know, it hadn’t even crossed my mind until now. Essie is a first generation American that got an engineering degree here and built a successful business around the elevator industry. Alamo City Motorplex is the culmination of a longtime dream for him and now his son; they’re dedicated to the idea of building ACM into a multi-use world class racing facility. He’s carving out his version of the American dream. I heard about Essie’s plans to make ACM a world-class multiuse facility in July and since then have worked with him and his son to make that a reality; plans have changed a dozen times as various government entities have had their say but as of my conversations with the family last weekend a circle track is still #1 on the list of big additions to the facility. After initial conversations with Essie and Parsa I made the choice to make a public inquiry as to interest in a circle track at ACM and due to overwhelming response we moved forward with the project. Essie actually ended up at HoT speedway on a Friday afternoon trip from Dallas to ACM and that further galvanized his resolve to build this track. Plans have changed again recently as Cibolo gave more free reign to what could be done on the property as long as commerical improvements where made. I’m currently working on layouts for a more exciting facility based upon new understandings with Cibolo and as those plans are firmed up they will be made public. Essie is an “all in” kind of guy, he wants the track on the ground ASAP and we’re working with him to make that possible. He has already spend a great few of time and money at ACM and as THE OWNER of the track (look it up if you wish) he is committed to its longterm success. He wants to make it a true 365 day a year facility with multiple racing disciplines, commercial interests and vacation facilities on site. Nick Holt has said for years racing in this area needed a guy with a large amount of money and a love for racing to be involved to make it work here; well he’s here. Nick has also fought tooth and nail to ensure we have a civil and positive forum for our discussions and that has come in handy here too. I was out at the facility this morning checking for fiber optic internet splices in the area and was excited to see even more money had been spent on the track. I again encourage anyone interested in seeing what’s going on to go out to ACM, see with your own eyes what’s going on and spend a few minutes enjoying a conversation with Essie or Parsa. I’d like to state once again I’m not on anyone’s payroll; I’m helping out of my own pocket on my own time to make this a reality because I think it’s worth my time and money. I’m happy to take any question, abuse or suggestions you can throw my way; we haven’t taken anyone up on it yet but many have offered their time and effort to help and we appreciate that as well.