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  1. NASCAR going hybrid in 2024

    NASCAR going Hybrid in 2024 So, hear me out here, I think this is great. I don’t think there’s a single person here who would argue that NASCAR was at its best when they where racing actual stock cars with motors we could recognize from our street cars. I think this is a way NASCAR could let the manufacturers actually have some influence on the outcome of the race again and draw much more robust influence from them. An “additive” hybrid system like already used in some forms of racing that didn’t replace the traditional gas engines but instead added an extra 50-100hp on demand would be as “stock” as anything NASCAR vehicles have seen in years. Batteries, motors and systems developed by the manufacturer would mean a Chevy was a Chevy, a Ford was a Ford, etc. I personally think NASCAR should be running nearly stock truck V8s (GM’s 5.3L, Ford 5.0L and Toyota’s 5.7L) and parallel hybrid would be amazing with that addition. Maybe we could even go back to V6’s for the Xfinity cars…back to the “win on Sunday sell on Monday mentality”. I know a lot of people got angry at the idea of NASCAR’s electrification but IF implemented well I see zero dow side here?
  2. I know it’s a way-long shot but I’m looking for more pictures (or event-program info) of this car that ran SAS in the mid eighties. The car was run by my father (Tracy Higdon) and uncle (Corry Higdon) as what I believe was called a Super Street Stock in approximately ‘86-87 (I was roughly 2 in that picture which would have made it ‘87). My father (in the picture holding me) passed just over a month ago and I’m trying to gather up as many pictures of their race cars as exist. Thanks for anyone that can dig anything up!
  3. Current list of TX Race Tracks?

    Been busy with family commitments but I’m going to take the info here, expand on it and make a comprehensive list. I want to try and include everything; Mud Drags, Kart Ovals (L87, Richmond, etc), airport dragstrip, mile-1/2mile events, etc. Thank you.
  4. Current list of TX Race Tracks?

    Great; I’ll take a look, thanks!
  5. Current list of TX Race Tracks?

    I think I'm going to start working on a list; could be a fun project and I think it'll help show people what's really still here. You up to help reb?
  6. As I’ve wandered deeper down the rabbit-hole that preparing my sons circle-track kart is I’ve realized there seems to be dirt track karts popping up all over. L87, Shiner, Riverside, I37, I’ve heard on about one near Rockport, etc. Is there a comprehensive list of tracks in Texas anywhere? I mean everything from Quarter Midget tracks to Mud-Drag tracks to NASCAR Cup tracks. It’s easy to name every asphalt circle track running in TX but can anyone name all the dirt tracks, theres got to be more than a dozen?
  7. The SRX Race

    I was pretty down on the SRX deal to start off with; not enough cars and they looked goofy as humanly possible but damn the racing was great! Anyone else really enjoy the event at Stafford? I’m looking forward to the Slinger race more than anything that’s come up in years.
  8. Mud-Drags Wreck in West TX

    Oh come on; a weekly racer won a race at a weekly track on CBS just last Saturday…sort of!
  9. Mud-Drags Wreck in West TX

    Yessir; it popped up about a half dozen places yesterday afternoon but I hadn’t seen it at alL before that.
  10. Mud-Drags Wreck in West TX

    I agree; the fence just wasn’t enough.
  11. Mud-Drags Wreck in West TX

    CNN Article, Mud Drags Death. Hadn’t seen or heard anything about this until today, bad deal.
  12. COTA

    For such horrible weather and planning the racing has been great and the crowd has blown me away. All the general admission parking is straight mud pits; it’s going to be like San Antonio Speedway at 2am after a rainout here at about 7pm...this is about the 5th time that’s happened out here you figure they’d learn? Most of the sitting areas are pretty full though; it’s good to see.
  13. From Alamo city Motorplex Facebook page

    Probably not a great dirt-circle track kart but it would be...entertaining to see the attempt.
  14. COTA

    Wow; glad to hear the event is doing well. The track ended up allowing wagons (but not strollers...who knows) so we will be up there with our kids at least Saturday. Should be a lot of fun...for a state where “racing is dead” it’s great to see multiple NASCAR races, multiple IRL races and F1.
  15. From Alamo city Motorplex Facebook page

    If you scroll down farther in the same thread they say they're planning on a dirt oval after this project is complete. Looking forward to getting my son's kart out on the new karting track soon!