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  1. Thumbs Up to Wade Jones

    I will have to add to that. He did do a swell job after being sent to the rear for no contact to another car. Also to the 96 car that started in the rear and finished 3rd. Both cars from I37.
  2. I have to agree with Phil62 about loseing spots when the caution came out. Our car and others lost 2 or even 4 spots at times for no reason. It went that way for a few cars so oh well we all had to deal with it. Maybe the over all car count wasnt what most would like to see but I believe there were 2 fields of 18 cars. I would think deer season and cold and the financial stress of long seasons kept some away. Its been 20 years since I last visited that track and myself and whole team had a great time. We are not regulars and started last and finished 3rd. We passed a lot of cars and we were never driven rough or dirty by ANYONE. Thanks to all drivers for racing hard and clean. We hope to be back more often. I also have to say thank you to Kelly Cagle for letting us race our car and treating us as we were welcomed as everyone else. Jamie Fuller and team
  3. It could also be on your inner fender wells or on the approns just look around. It may have also changed in looks somewhat over the years. You could just go buy one and then you will know what it looks like. They arent expensive.
  4. Ran dodges for many years and ALWAYS carried the little white ceramic resistor in the glovebox.
  5. # for John Heil

    batman ck your email

    Matt Merrell should be on that list also. He had a win at SAS and I believe he also had 1 at Kyle.

    who is in what class that isnt a regular?
  8. I37 practice

    Who all is out at practice and what class?????

    can we bring in out trailers and haulers on thursday to park in order to avoid the friday madness???
  10. Congrats Wade

    That had to have been the best street stock race Bud and Wade have ever been in. Good job to both guys and Wade, we sure plan on cutting in to some of those wins next year. LOL
  11. **November 4-6, 2010 Fall Classic**

    Can we run the 3 link for fun? No money?
  12. **November 4-6, 2010 Fall Classic**

    Well with not allowing the three link you just lost 2 i37 cars. One street stock and one pure stock.The pure is not 3 link. Can we get a clear reasoning why no 3 link? Its not like its kicking ass at I 37. It has raced there 4 times with an 8th, 1st,, 2nd and 5th sat. night.
  13. Live updates I-37 Raceway 9-25-10

    I believe the C. C. bomber cars were allowed to keep thier positions and recieve money and points for the race. The 84 which finished 1st was a higher level C.C. class and was told before the race that he and all other cars in his class would run for no points or money just to see how they compared to I37 pure stocks for the 1000 buck shoot out. Boy did that 84 ( Billy) have some engine. Hell of a job # 93 Aaron Leddy after spinning and coming from the rear to win on his 3rd race ever on dirt.
  14. Over heating issues

    The same thing happened to us when we went dirt a month ago. We took the electric fans off and put a 6 blade metal fan on, no flex fan. Our other car we put a 4 blade fan on. The 6 blade car runs 220 still and the 4 blade runs 180. The 6 blade will be changed to a 4 blade before the next race they pull much more air. If you put one on just stand behind the lt front tire and lean over and crab you some throttle and you will fell the enormous amount of air it is pushing at you from the radiator.
  15. DOITINTHEDIRT we would bring both cars as you stated if we could do it as is or with minimal changes, and I mean minimal. If we win so be it . If we get our a$$e$$ kicked so be it. We would then know where these cars stood against one another. Ask your track and get back to us please.