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  1. Hudgeons Memorial Race July 10th-11th!

    For sure can't miss event.
  2. RACEDAY! May 9th!

    It's RACEDAY at TRP! Sure am glad Mother Nature held off!
  3. I just heard from Zach that they will make call by 1pm tomorrow!
  4. Thank You!

    Thanks for a successful opening TRP!
  5. March 14th Practice?

    Is practice canceled?
  6. shocks

    41 Shocks.. Look them up on Facebook! Earl does a great job and is always willing to help
  7. If they was to make Beadlocks legal you won't get just one Beadlock. Obviously you can't run it on the RF so now you have to have a spare RF on a rim plus a RR on a Beadlock. Now since you bought that Beadlock you have an extra rim sitting around so you go out and buy a new tire for that rim and it just keeps growing and growing until you have people show up to the track with 6 brand new tires on the trailer just because they have spare rims laying around since they had to buy 2 new Beadlocks. Pure stocks are supposed to be a cheaper class than street stocks but the more you open the rule book the more money that will get spent and the purse is not going to rise anytime soon...
  8. So....what do you see...?

    Well played! That was like a NASCAR sponsor deal there! And to the ppl that say they want to see the rough mud hole wet track start footing the bill for all the stuff that gets tore up on those tracks and you will appreciate a nice dry slick track!
  9. Looking ahead.. IMCA Sanction possibilities?

    Idk if it would help the local sport mods? It would be something that needed to be announced around September/October so the sport mod guys could make sure they have stamped tires, A-Frames, right headers, etc and have a whole off season to get
  10. Pure stocks and Street stocks

    Agreed! From front to back STS field is pretty stacked with fast cars.. If someone has a flat on the first lap it's either slow down or risk going head on into the wall if your car doesn't turn to go off the track like you plan.. It's one of those unpredictable deals that happen once in 5 seasons...
  11. Around 600 is where you need to be because the track has not slicked off and your on the gas ALOT! You could run a 6.20 but the laps would probably add up pretty quick
  12. Payout for TRP

    Have you ever watched the Limiteds at SOS? They wreck each other out every week is why they had no cars ask Floyd about that.. Also look at a logistical standpoint Edna is a hell of alot closer to Houston than goliad which means ppl will come down to race because they know Texana is smooth and racey.. Bruce was getting an average of 22 sportmod when he was running it which means sometimes there was more than 22 and sportmod weren't even the most popular class then..
  13. 2013 Big Dog Bonus

    Awesome idea!
  14. Payout for TRP

    No he knows which class will bring 20 cars every night.. It makes more since to pay the sport mods more because there is more of those around and on any given night could have 30 cars.. If there was that many LM's in the area they would get paid more.. It's all about where your bread gets buttered!
  15. JMO but don't run both late model classes on same night.. Like when SOS ran 2 dwarf classes on one night the fans will get tired of seeing it split up into 2 classes.. Granted that's jmo!