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  1. Donnie Moore STASHES TPS

    I read the second post that said the VW's get "FAVORTISM" He needs to read the results ....5 out of the top 7 cars were fords and the car that took the pole was a ford.... Oh well some people go through life with blinders on. I want to reiterate that Neil has done a great job of keeping the field close!!! About the 2 car.... I for one will not miss him or his son! John Walsh
  2. NBC Dateline racist sting at TMS

    What I never heard is why the NBC show did this ... were they starting a topic or were they following up on claims of racism in NASCAR? If the former is true shame on them . But it is a free press they can "report" on anything they want. If the latter is true why has that been left out of the discusion... i wonder?
  3. official stand

    Obviously my "motivation" is -not- clear to you Neil. But I bet my point got across and we will see if "my" "diatribe" spurs any results. Congratulations to TPS for a good race to start the 2006 season!
  4. official stand

    Yes and he also beat the 2 and 33 and so on and so on....
  5. official stand

    Thank you neil for your very verbose and informative diatribe! Of course none of your officials made any mistakes last race .. they did their jobs . The one that looked at the 27 car saw the bottom of the carb and pronounced us legal. He however didn't inspect any part of the fuel system or intake parts to see whether we had nitros parts and i don't know if he would have known what they were if he did. I asume the same is true for the 2 and 70 cars. As to saving the tires on a lighter car for the end of a race who can argue with that. But the leaders at lap 20 were running low 22 second laps . Not far from the qualifying speeds. The 70 car caught them fast -even that I can attribute to better tires- but when he caught the 27 car in turn 3 he was right on his back bumper. They both entered the turn and stayed nose to tail for turns three and four. Then 70 turned under the 27 without the benefit of momentum and accelerated clear past the 27 before the flag stand and caught the 2 car before turn one . mind you the 27 was still turning low 22 second laps. Now if I had better tires than my opponents the time I would make up would be exclusive to the turns. Of course after a fast turn momentum would have me closing on the leaders but i saw the 70 go through the turn with very little if any momentum advantage and still walk past the 27. So either the the 70 broke the laws of physics with voovdoo momentum or "something" happend to turn a car that ran low to mid 22s for qualifying and 20 laps of the feature into a mid to low 21 second car for as long as it took to get past the leaders. "I have been told in the past that in order to make sure someone is legal, another competitor would have to fork over the cash to protest the race." Who told you that? You did Neil. " the official inspections were rather extensive" I was present at one of those and it was far from extensive! "I resent your statement. It suggests that you are biased in favor of a car which #70 beat. What car might that be?" The 27 car .... Who are you biased toward? "I hope my reply answers some of your misdirected criticisms." No it didn't. John Walsh
  6. official stand

    I watched Chris in that race and I was pulling for him. He just ran out of laps before he could make a move! It was fun watch him work his way up! Great race and mostly caution free!
  7. official stand

    Neil is a great series director but even he doesn't see everything! I give him credit the TPS is as closely matched as you can get with such a diverse set af cars but some things stick out as way too wrong to pass inspection -- if the inspection was done with that in mind.
  8. USRA at SAS - top 5

    TPS top 5 1. (70) Donnie Moore (saved his tires and took the lead late in the race) Ha! Saved his tires which gave him that 1 second a lap pickup in speed! The 2 and the 27 ran the same speeds for the last 10 laps of the race. Donnie just picked up 1 second on them (somehow) per lap on lap 20! And if you watched Donnie race the 33 for fourth youd know he was not saving his tires! John Walsh
  9. official stand

    So your saying that 1/2 race old tires are worth 1 second on lap times toward the end of a race?
  10. official stand

    I watched a race this saturday at SAS where a fourth place car was struggling with the third place car and down at least 1/2 staight away to the first and second place cars on the 20th lap of a 25 lap feature. Then the car passed the third place car and ran down the second place car blew by him with no problem. Then walked passed the first place car like he was standing still. All on the span of 4 laps! He ran mid 22'S for qualifing and the leaders had been timed throughout the race at and average of 22-teens. He must have been running mid 21's or better (faster than the track record by 4 tenths) to have caught and passed the leaders that quickly! And after he walked passed the leader he didn't walk away, he just started running the same speed as the leaders. My question is- Who is responsible for making sure that nothing illegal was going on when something so obviously wrong happens? I have been told in the past that in order to make sure someone is legal, another competitor would have to fork over the cash to protest the race. In other words its ok to cheat unless someone protests or its not really cheating unless you are caught. Inquireing minds want to know! John Walsh
  11. waltrips a piece of what?

    Robbie is just frustrated that he can't turn right! Stay on the road courses Robbie !
  12. Too many Touring Series?

    Why get rid of a touring class that does not compete with the late model classes? If nothing else the the pro sedans give the crowd a measure by which they can gauge the speed and competition of the "big cars". Most people in the stands come to see racing, the closer the better. The pro sedans give them that and something else! They look like the cars they see on the streets and can relate to.
  13. The Chase

    Jimmie can do it I have no doubt! Jeff could too but bad luck struck home this season! Just kidding about the blocking thing but if Jimmie needed a draft or a position to win look for Jeff to help out. I'm sure the Roush team won't lend a hand!