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  1. kids helmets

    Chuck is right though about the amount of kids and early teens riding around in the pits with no gear. The pits can be pretty dark after the races are over, add in cars going out for hot laps and the fans mingling it's alarming to see that amount of young ones on these things unprotected. Good job Chuck, Christina, Scott and Steve for addressing the issue in a productive way.
  2. July 6 @ Texana Raceway (updated 7/6 @ 6:30am)

    Glad you liked it, we have 4 of the best tracks in our little area, Cotton Bowl in Paige, Texas, I37 in Pleasanton, South Texas Speedway in Corpus, and of course TRP in Edna. All have their own little charms and I have nothing but positive things to say about all 4 in my personal experiences at each. Not sure where you are located, but for me, all these tracks are 3 hours or less from me.
  3. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    HiTech, you just nailed how to win on a short track. Sure, put that high dollar motor in your car, but if you can't get it to turn, doesn't mean much. The cars that win a lot are cars that handle well. As a driver, I'd rather be able to carry moderate speed and maintain through the corners rather than haul ass down the straights and stop in the turns. The other trick is too be able to run a groove no one else can. Growing up at CC and near Greg, I remember him being able to win several races by being able to use the outside line, more recently, Josh and Gary were successful running the high line. Not too many DQ at the tech pad that I can remember and this was when everyone used DOT tires and basically, stock shocks you can get at Auto Zone or O'Reilly. From what I have seen the past couple of years, most of the DQ are coming on suspension parts, body rules, and a few compression or carburetor issues, but mostly suspension and body and the occasional weight infraction.
  4. Yeah and usually wear uniforms with "Code Enforcement" on the sleeves.
  5. Race car width?

    Not sure how that mall is set up but maybe there's some room available to park them near the entrance if they won't fit?
  6. i-37 updates 6-29-19

    Sounded like an interesting night to say the least. LSSZ has one of the highest pay rates in the state lol. I think I'd get in trouble if I looked for an intern lol. Thanks for what you do Reb, didn't get to go so was nice to keep up on here/Facebook.
  7. i-37 updates 6-29-19

    Did they start late?
  8. Tecate Championship Night 10

    All 3 times I've seen them I struggled. Most of the time I used Nick's announcements and recognized a few of them but that lead group was hard to follow with the slide jobs and inside outs they were pulling.
  9. Tecate Championship Night 10

    South Texas Speedway back in action for the third straight weekend in the Sparkling City by the Sea. Full slate of action ready to go tonight with Limited Late Models, Bombers, EMods, Pure Stocks, Limited Modifieds, and making their South Texas Speedway debut, the PowerI Lone Star 600s. The PowerI series boasts two classes, a winged Restrictor Class driven by young women and men and a 600cc non-working, unrestricted Mini Sprint. Seen that group twice at 2 different tracks and they put on really good shows and STS is the fastest track that I've seen them on. Should be a good show, good car count, driver's meeting is wrapping up, should be packing and hot lapping soon, races scheduled for a 7:30 start. PowerI 600s racing for a $750 payday tonight so come out and enjoy some tight racing if you can. Results are Unofficial and based on my observations from the stands and I have no communication with track officials and at the end, will post the link to the Official Results after tech is complete.
  10. Tecate Championship Night 10

    No problem and thanks for the compliments. I know on the nights I'm at STS and Jay is at I37, I'm bouncing back and forth to his reports too. If I'm at an event he's at, I let him take over. I've had other tracks offer up lineups and such when I visit them too since I'm not familiar with everyone. Now STS has live scoring on their websites that helps when DCRST or POWERi or ASCS comes in and I don't know all of the drivers. That was my third time seeing POWERi so I recognize a few names. It's hard to see numbers on them though so again, thank you to the STS scorekeepers that can track them without the use of transponders. They pull a lot of speed in those 600s and they're racy. I'm glad people actually reads these and will continue to do them at any track I'm at, unless Reb is there, read his.
  11. South Texas Speedway

    Was glad to see the POWERi group here. That was a late night for STS actually at the events I've been to this year.
  12. Tecate Championship Night 10

    Didn't realize it was the anniversary, still remember the race at CC, my first race in my own car. Think I ended up 7th that night whatever it was. Know the payout wasn't much but donated it back to the family and was honored to be out there for the pre-race parade. You're right about the low line disappearing but those 600s were fun to watch. Greg and Daniel were victims to debris too.
  13. Tecate Championship Night 10

    Was just going by what was announced. Wondered why Jesse came out and parked by the tow trucks.
  14. Tecate Championship Night 10

    Link to Official Results: http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=267162&rt=sch
  15. Tecate Championship Night 10

    Pure Stock Feature Winner 38 Josh Sewell
  16. Tecate Championship Night 10

    Pure Stock Feature Top 5 1. 38 Josh Sewell 2. 999 Steve Doty 3. 94 Allen Torres 4. 15D Jamie Dear 5. 58 Cheyloh Brodnax
  17. Tecate Championship Night 10

    Sewell looking low but can't find enough grip on exit as the high line is the place to be tonight. McCain goes too high allowing Doty and Torres to get by and Preston spins in two, Carlucci to the infield relinquishing 3rd. Waiting on the call to see what the lineup will be with about 3 to go. Looks like Preston to the rear. Sewell, Doty, Torres, McCain and Dear top 5.
  18. Tecate Championship Night 10

    Sewell all over Preston as McCain makes a strong move to crack the top 5. Debris caution out at the halfway point. Preston, Sewell, Carlucci, Sandoval and McCain top 5.
  19. Tecate Championship Night 10

    Preston never took the green and cars piled up with Torres getting the worse of it but looks to be cosmetic.
  20. Tecate Championship Night 10

    Preston and Sewell continue to pull away , but Carlucci, Doty, Torres and Sandoval battling hard for 3rd. Yellow out as Tracy spins exiting 4.
  21. Tecate Championship Night 10

    Preston takes the early point as Sewell, Carlucci, Sandoval and Doty settle in behind him.
  22. Tecate Championship Night 10

    Pure Stock Feature Lineup 38 6 34 58 7 8M 999 54 94 4 41T 15D 115 21G 127 73
  23. Tecate Championship Night 10

    POWERi Lone Star 600s Feature Winner 88 Blake Moeller
  24. Tecate Championship Night 10

    POWERi Lone Star 600s Feature Top 5 1. 88 Blake Moeller 2. 2L Christopher Larsen 3. 93 Raleigh Shepherd 4. 29W Mike Walling 5. 39 Brandon Moeller
  25. Tecate Championship Night 10

    Garcia making his charge, no stranger to winning at STS from his go Kart days. Lucas starting to check out now.