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  1. The lead was unrelated on other track/drivers posts. From what I've read, it was a piece of concrete that hit GW. From what I've seen with the Egberts, I don't think he was wearing an inferior helmet either so I'm sure it was something that was very heavy and solid that hit him. Unfortunate event but I'm glad he's relatively ok after it, could have been much worse. Knowing how I37 is operated, I'm sure the track and walls will be looked at this week to avoid this from happening again and hopefully drivers are continuing to secure their lead or anything else that could be a hazard too. Hopefully he continues to heal and will be back soon, great guy to watch race.
  2. That was nice of Tommy to rebuild the guy's fence. What a freak thing to happen with the tie downs. Hope GW gets better. Been seeing debates online about lead but a piece of concrete flying up, scary to think of. Great job Reb, thanks for making us feel like we were there.
  3. I-37 Speedway updates 3/16/19

    Glad to see Joe Aramendia back out there after his wreck last weekend.
  4. Glad to hear Drew, good luck.
  5. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Oh wow, I'm sorry that happened to you guys. I've heard stories in years past of steering wheels and loose stuff walking off but taking bolts off? That's pretty crappy. Most of the people I've met in racing are more than willing to help a fellow racer out, not the other way around. Hopefully you guys can get that car dialed in and your equipment stays safe.
  6. Just checked the official results and it appears some changes as now Brian Rye and David Lege Jr have been awarded 4th and 5th respectively last night. So here are the eight drivers locked into tonight's A Main for $8900: Thursday's Qualifyers were 21 Chris Brown, 112 Jason Ingalls, 87 Lawrence Mikulencak, and 89C JJ Jennings. Friday's Qualifyer's were 9 Shane Hebert, A1 Phil Dixon, 90 Dustin Butcher, and 184 Brian Rye. If they start straight up, the first four rows will look like: 21 9 112 A1 87 90 89C 184 Two of the most prolific chassis builders in Modified racing (IRP and Express), two longtime hot shoes, a car that no matter who drives it is up front, a couple of Crate powered machines proving they can run with the open style motors, one of the best shock builders, and a car that never ages and can win on any night, which is For Sale in any stage that is well maintained and very fast in South Texas. Tonight should be a blast and I know there are 40+ other of the best Sport Mod drivers in our region that would love to challenge these top 8. Not to mention, the Pure Stocks who are racing for over double the money they win on any given night ($700) which has seemed like an All Star Race of the 3 South Texas tracks with a few others thrown in the mix. James Parks in his 33JP machine goes for the weekend sweep. Daniel Preston gave it everything he had last night before he had to pull off with front suspension problems, so it won't be a walk in the Park so to speak. Should be a great night but remember to come early as race time is set at 6:30 this evening. Come on out and pack the stands and watch some of the best Sport Mod and Pure Stock drivers in the South go for big money and big pride to wrap up the inaugural Jerry Whiteaker Memorial race.
  7. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Honestly, I've only been disappointed in one track I've been to in the past few years and it was a very iffy night to begin with so maybe it's better now. Won't say which track it was but I will speak very highly of STS, I37, and TRP as those are the ones I visit the most. All 3 do a great job but this weekend was well done by everyone at STS.
  8. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Unfortunately had to work Thursday night but it was a good weekend. STS did a great job on keeping the show moving along. Think Thursday and Friday were done by 11 and Saturday was done around midnight. Ran a lot of laps in short times, didn't seem to be lineup delays, intermissions were a good amount of time, tow truck drivers were on it when needed, safety crew per usual were very prompt and the drivers seemed like they were ready to go at all times too. I also want to thank people who you don't usually hear too much praise for and that's the concession crew. Everytime I went down there, they kept it moving too.
  9. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Link to the Official Results http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=267117&rt=sch
  10. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Inaugural Jerry Whiteaker Memorial $8900 Winner 21 Chris Brown
  11. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Limited Mod AMain Top 5 21 Chris Brown 90 Dustin Butcher 89C JJ Jennings 184 Brian Rye 9L David Lege Jr
  12. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Mikulencak loses a motor entering 3 on the restart, B. Rye spins in the grease left behind. Brown, Butcher, Jennings, Rye and Lege top 5.
  13. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    9 lap Shootout top 5 unchanged.
  14. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    As Butcher moves into 3rd, Manning comes to a rest in 4 after contact with the back straightaway wall.
  15. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Hot battle for 3rd between Jennings, Butcher, T. Minten, B. Rye and Lege. Brown stepping out a bit on L. Mikulencak. Yellow out as Whitmire spins in four with 12 to go. Whitmire pulls into the pits ending his night. T. Minten with problems under yellow ending his great run. Brown, Mikulencak, Jennings, Butcher and Rye top 5 late.
  16. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Yellow back out as Delrio, M. Mikulencak and R. Schaalman come together in 1. Single file restart with Brown, Jennings, Mikulencak, T. Minten and Butcher top 5.
  17. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    T. Minten has now moved into 5th and Lege spins in 3 gets collected by T. Beaver. Lege not too thrilled either. Brown, L. Mikulencak, Jennings, Butcher and T. Minten top 5
  18. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Jennings trying to make a charge on the bottom but can't get it to stick. Moves back up and settles into 4th. Westover comes to a stop in turn 2, puts the window net down in disgust. Looks like his night is over unfortunately. Brown, L. Mikulencak, Jennings, Butcher and Lege top 5 now with about 20 to go.
  19. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Whitmire rejoins the field with a long way to go.
  20. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Whitmire has problems on the restart and comes to a stop in 1. Brown, Westover, L. Mikulencak, Jennings and Lege top 5.
  21. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Lege starting to make his move for the back half of this race as he cracks the top 5. Brown still out front, Westover, L. Mikulencak and Jennings top 4. Yellow back out as Leonard creeps in 4 and back into the infield under yellow. 25 remaining.
  22. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Midway break and the top 5 are Chris Brown, Kale Westover, Lawrence Mikulencak, Tanner Whitmire, and Dustin Butcher.
  23. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Big trouble coming to the line as R. Minten loses a wheel. Denby nearly flipping as M. Mikulencak was wedged under his car going into the infield. B. Rye making repairs. Looks like Brown, Westover, L. Mikulencak, Butcher and Whitmire top 5.
  24. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Westover moves into third as he puts pressure on Brown. 4 car heated battle for sixth between Jennings, Whitmire, R. Minten, Lege and B. Rye. Caution as J. Ingalls, the leader has a rear end lock up and spinning on the backstretch. Brown, Westover, L. Mikulencak, Butcher and Whitmire top 5 coming to green.
  25. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    J. Ingalls pulling away but a great 3 car battle for second between Brown, L. Mikulencak and Westover. Yellow out for a spin by Slott in turn 2.