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  1. Nick, any ideas. Are the BMF guys in Houston area?
  2. TSTRS Question

    Didn't see Route 66 in Amarillo and not sure if Lubbock is still running right now. Think all of the oval tracks have been listed. On the East side/Louisiana, you have Ark-La-Tex and Boothill as well. Did Timberline close?
  3. Thank You South Texas Speedway !

    As much as I enjoyed the Street Stock Shootout days, I'm glad you're back in the car again and even with all of the troubles this season, you were smiling and laughing after it was done and over with. I echo the kudos for everyone that helped put on the shows this year, drivers, crews, track staff, fans. It was a great year from a fan's perspective. Depending on work and hockey schedule, look forward to the December race.
  4. Chase Night 4

    Link to Official Results http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=267642&rt=sch
  5. Chase Night 4

    Sorry I'm a little late but we had a family bbq. Tonight is the season finale and some battles are all but wrapped up and some are hotly contested. Limited Mods have 1st-4th separated by 9 points. Before we dive into it tonight's event, I want to take a moment to think about a few events that mean a little more than racing. 1. I know there are a lot of oilfield workers that race, go to races and one hotbed is the Odessa area. With the shooting there this weekend, just want to send a little love their way. 2. To the people in the path of Hurricane Dorian, please be safe and stay aware. I worked through Harvey as a city employee and they're no joke. My sister is also near Ft. Lauderdale and have a friend just south of Daytona Beach so my interest is definitely piqued there. Anyways, back to the racing, hope this season ends safely and battles won on the track. As usual, no contact between myself and track officials during the event. All results are Unofficial until posted by the track and commentary is based on my observations from the stands.
  6. Chase Night 4

    That's a wrap on the 2019 Points Season. Congratulations to all of the winners and Points Champions this year and thank you for a great season. Next race at STS will be the South Texas Shootout Dec. 6-7, $5000 to win Limited Mod with Pure Stocks supporting.
  7. Chase Night 4

    2019 Bomber Champion 71 Shane Sturtz
  8. Chase Night 4

    Bomber Feature Winner 112 Chris Dudley
  9. Chase Night 4

    Bomber Feature Top 5 1. 112 Chris Dudley 2. 28 Megan LeStourgeon 3. 39 John Wayne Wilson 4. 881 Alexis Hendricks 5. 88 Emma Hendricks
  10. Chase Night 4

    Yellow back out as Starry loses a driveshaft in 3-4. Dudley, LeStourgeon, Wilson, A. Hendricks and E. Hendricks top 5 when we go green with 1 to go.
  11. Chase Night 4

    Villareal has troubles in 2 bringing out the caution with 2 to go. Dudley, LeStourgeon, Starry, Wilson and A. Hendricks top 5.
  12. Chase Night 4

    Starry with a great start, A. Hendricks good save coming across the line. LeStourgeon and Dudley get around Starry, Wilson and A. Hendricks rounding out top 5 putting some distance on Sturtz in 6th. LeStourgeon and Dudley battling hard halfway. Starry still holding off Wilson and A. Hendricks.
  13. Chase Night 4

    Bomber Feature Lineup 74 28 881 112 39 88 5x 71 73 2B 79
  14. Chase Night 4

    2019 LLM Champion 53X Matt Fox
  15. Chase Night 4

    LLM Feature Winner 77 Landon Farquer
  16. Chase Night 4

    LLM Feature 1. 77 Landon Farquer 2. 9 Pete Arce 3. 53X Matt Fox 4. 78 Dakota Farquer 5. 95M Jeff Markert
  17. Chase Night 4

    Matt Fox is the champion before this starts but L. Farquer and Arce are battling hard for the win. Arce struggled to get around the lapper giving Farquer the time to pull away.
  18. Chase Night 4

    LLM Feature Lineup 77 9 53X 78 95M
  19. Chase Night 4

    2019 Limited Mod Champion 89C JJ Jennings
  20. Chase Night 4

    Limited Mod Feature Winner BD2 Jared Maupin
  21. Chase Night 4

    Limited Mod Feature Top 5 1. BD2 Jared Maupin 2. 51 Hunter Flanagan 3. 89C JJ Jennings 4. 03 Marcus Mikulencak 5. 4$ Kris Rye
  22. Chase Night 4

    Yellow out with 2 to go as Schury and Villareal go around right in front of the leaders and play bumper cars in the infield. Both cars are asked to exit. Maupin, Flanagan, Jennings, M. Mikulencak and B. Rye top 5 with green white flying on the restart.
  23. Chase Night 4

    B. Rye and L. Mikulencak go back and forth for 6th. 5 car battle for 8th. Flanagan to the lead taking Maupin with him. Maupin takes the point with a handful of laps remaining.
  24. Chase Night 4

    Flanagan looking low but can't get enough forward bite to get around Jennings. Maupin catching the top 4 and takes 4th from Perry at the midpoint.