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  1. Another long and intense Championship season comes to a close tonight at South Texas Speedway. Four classes are in attendance with 3 champions to be determined this evening. John Wayne Wilson has clinched the Bomber Championship but last time out, provided one of the best finishes ever at STS edging out youngster Nathan Titzman by a nose at the line. Shane Sturtz and Emma Hendricks come in tied for second so they will be determined to settle that position and I'm sure Titzman will be gunning to avenge the close call last time out. In the Emods it's a three horse race with I believe the top 2 winning every race this year. Gilbert Perez III holds a 12 point lead on JD Legg. Zach Calhoun sits 3rd just 15 points behind. Dustin and Brianna Witzsche round out the top 5 and both have proven they can be challenges as well as they look for some momentum for next year. Factory Stock point leader Joshua Sewell is looking to become a 2 track champion as he sits 17 points ahead of Ben Mikulencak. Even with the challenges Ryan Carlucci has faced with his car, he comes in 3rd 29 behind Sewell and 12 behind Mikulencak. Stephan Danielsen looks to hold on to 4th over Daniel Preston. Limited Mod features a very tight race and another driver going for the 2 track championship as well. Johnny Torres sits 19 points ahead of one of the hottest drivers in the state, Jared Maupin and burgeoning young gun Mason Castaneda. Multiple time track champion, Dustin Butcher is a distant 4th, but always a threat to be the last car to leave the track. Chase Laven rounds out the top 5 after an impressive rookie season in Limited Mods. Weather is nice, track looks good so come out or tune in as we put a cap on what can only be described as an unique 2020 season. This won't be the last night of the year though as the Jerry Whiteaker Memorial is set for the first weekend in December so stay tuned for more information on that event. All observations are from my point of view in the stands. All results are Unofficial and I do not have any contact with track officials during the event.
  2. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Lol yeah I think I have a recorder from my college days, but not digital. I'm pretty knowledgeable with the three South Texas tracks but of course rarely do anything at I37 when I'm there since you usually are too. Myracepass app has been very helpful, especially when someone like USMTS or ASCS/SUS comes in or just to double check drivers/results. I'm not sure if there are too many drivers that actually know me that even like interviews. One thing I would like to do is get a good camera, especially at STS because I don't think they have anyone but I could be wrong outside of the videography. In the old days, we would get to the tracks early and the pit staff would let me come in, take pics then leave the pits before the driver's meetings and practice. Have drawers full of pictures from the 80s, 90s, early 2000s with actual film. My uncle worked at a photography studio so it was a way to see him, get my stuff developed and impressed him in my pre and early teens. I'm no TxTom but have some good stuff, especially for the age. Mikey Cullen's cars were always cool to photograph. Action shots I couldn't really master though.
  3. Tecate Season Championship Night

    It's amazing how STS does it without transponders and it's hard to keep track of 15-20-25 cars all at once. That's why usually in Features I only do top 5 Results and even then I'm not always right. Luckily lately we haven't had too many cars gets lapped. Those ladies have always done a good job up in that booth and it's a seemingly thankless job, one not many notice when they're right but do they ever hear it if they're wrong or assumed wrong.
  4. Tecate Season Championship Night

    No nor do I want to. I don't know how they keep up with it, especially when car counts are high.
  5. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Thank you
  6. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Especially with no contact with the officials, announcer doubling as race director and hard to hear the introductions with 20 Limiteds going by. By the way, Nick has done well pulling double duty and wonder if he's doing scorekeeping as well since Marcia moved. I wonder if I'm well enough known for interviews yet.
  7. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Official Results http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=337446&rt=sch
  8. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Congrats to the 2020 STS Champions EMod - 3 Gilbert Perez III Bomber - 39 John Wayne Wilson Factory Stock - 38 Joshua Sewell Limited Mod - 66 Johnny Torres Thank you to the STS staff, drivers and fans on a great season, but two special events coming up in December, the Jerry Whiteaker Memorial Dec. 3-5, and a 305 Sprint Car and USRA Modified show Dec. 10-12.
  9. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Didn't realize Johnny Torres was driving Dustin Butcher's car in the Feature tonight.
  10. Tecate Season Championship Night

    2020 Limited Mod Champion 66 (90) Johnny Torres
  11. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Limited Mod Feature Winner 30K Lawrence Mikulencak
  12. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Limited Mod Feature Top 5 1. 30K Lawrence Mikulencak 2. 26 JJ Jennings 3. 4$ Kris Rye 4. 90 Johnny Torres 5. 57 Hunter Flanagan
  13. Tecate Season Championship Night

    L. Mikulencak using the high line to take the late lead. Castaneda holding on to 4th as Torres challenges.
  14. Tecate Season Championship Night

    M. Mikulencak challenges Flanagan for 5th as K. Rye and L. Mikulencak trade laps in 2nd. Caution flies again as Courtney stalls at the bottom of 4. Jennings, K. Rye, L. Mikulencak, Castaneda and Flanagan top 5 around midway.
  15. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Best battle on the track is for 6th as M. Mikulencak and B. Rye have been side by side since the drop. Caution out as Grothues spins in 1-2. Jennings, L. Mikulencak, K. Rye, Castaneda and Flanagan top 5 so far.
  16. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Jennings with a big jump takes early command as L. Mikulencak, K. Rye settle into 2nd and 3rd respectively, Castaneda and Flanagan round out top 5.
  17. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Limited Mod Feature Lineup 26 30K 4$ 28M 57 184 87 77 11T 14 96 15 90 199 Z76 115
  18. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Factory Stock 2020 Champion 38 Joshua Sewell
  19. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Factory Stock Feature Winner 441 Joey Heinaman
  20. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Factory Stock Feature Top 5 1. 441 Joey Heinaman 2. 115 Chuck Perry 3. 344 Cody Tesch 4. 38 Joshua Sewell 5. 747 GW Hessong
  21. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Heinaman with a great jump, perry and Tesch trading 3rd. Now the field lines out. Perry challenging Sewell for 2nd.
  22. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Tesch takes 3rd and Doty up to 5th now as Heinaman takes the lead on the low side. Heinaman, Sewell and Tesch pulling away a bit. A. Torres up to 4th and Perry 5th. Caution out for Me. Dodson as she spins in 4. Heinaman, Sewell, Tesch, Torres and Perry top 5 with 18 complete.
  23. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Leonard starting to feel pressure from Doty for 5th but yellow back out as Leddy slows on the high side of 1-2. Still same top 5 as we near the midway point.
  24. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Top 5 with a good jump, Mem. Villareal and Gilpin side by side leading the second pack but caution out as Mikulencak, Temple, and Ma. Villareal come together exiting 2 ending their night. Sewell, Heinaman, Hessong, Tesch and Leonard top 5 with just a few laps complete.
  25. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Front 3 of Sewell, Carlucci and Heinaman out to a good start, Smith and Evan's round out top 5. Yellow out for Tesch spinning and stopping in 4. Looks like it'll be Sewell, Heinaman, Smith, Evan's, and Tesch top 5 as Carlucci breaks under caution relinquishing 2nd. Now Evan's pulls off just before green and Preston gets spun exiting 4 then gives the chrome horn to Ma. Dodson and both exit. Carlucci rejoins then stalls again. Sewell, Heinaman, Hessong, Tesch and Leonard top 5 on the track right now.