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  1. No Luck in Corpus

    Yeah I was hoping too.
  2. No Luck in Corpus

    Unfortunately the track didn't miss this morning's weather event and STS called it early. As far as I know, Cotton Bowl and 105 are still running.
  3. Schedule change

    Probably the Easter Weekend had something to do with that. But thought it was a nice touch on the $1333 payout Factory Stock race coming up.
  4. bristol

    All kidding aside, if they do nothing but wreck, good luck affording a ticket to watch a dozen or so cars, if you're lucky. What's a NASCAR Cup car cost nowadays? Yeah, destroy them all and see how many keep coming back after burning that much cash, plus sponsors won't support them to the extent they do now if everything is trashed out, but hey maybe it'll work...
  5. Owen at it Again

    Think Owen caught on to something here. I've seen roll over funds in person at the track but his use of social media and electronic means is brilliant. Unfortunately, another one was set up for an EMod driver so hopefully this one can get some momentum as well. https://www.gofundme.com/f/2bludwqg40?member=9671960&sharetype=teams&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer
  6. It's being considered, only been there once several years ago and enjoyed it. They always have a soft spot for Devil's Bowl since that's where they were established.
  7. As much as I've seen people complaining about track prep etc, they were still flying Saturday. But yes you can tell they were a little slower since Sweet's rear end was glowing like brake rotors at the old Longhorn Speedway. I'd hate (or love) to see these guys at a track like Eldora or Knoxville then, but the show was still good with more technical driving Saturday.
  8. Crazy how fast these guys are and how much quicker everything happens in those Sprints. They didn't post the full part of Allen's quote. He started it with, "They have a phrase when you step on it." Of course referring to stepping on a certain body part when you get overexcited and overdrive. He was the only one that really had anything for Sweet and would have been awesome to watch those two go at it but Marks was sneaky fast. The sport mod race was great too. Not for the win, JJ kinda pulled away from everyone. A late yellow gave Egbert hope but JJ had them covered. Egbert and Hanusch had a good battle but there were 4-5 cars that were all over each other battling for 4th.
  9. Sorry, the order is a little jumbled up but the info is there.
  10. Support classes are Factory Stock Friday Night and Sport Mod Saturday Night. I believe hot laps are at 6 if I'm not mistaken and also think there will be a $5 parking fee if I'm remembering correctly. They're also offering camping too.
  11. Bristol Dirt Nationals

    I know Cody Leonard won his Heat and was 4th in his Feature tonight in his Modified. Steven Whiteaker sits 9th in passing points in his Late Model (not sure which group he's in.) Beau Begnaud picked up a win in his Late Model as well. Not sure who else is over there.
  12. Pics of Corpus Christi Speedway being torn down

    Especially after the sell was announced. We all heard the rumors and proposed deal after the bridge was complete. But guess this shows the state of asphalt racing in Texas. Hope they can keep HMP alive and well. Luckily a month or so ago, went to pick up a piece of equipment for work from a business down the street from CCS and it looked promising as some of the area was paved that wasn't previously, guess now we know why. The track still looked like a track when I went by. Guess it's beyond our control.
  13. Pics of Corpus Christi Speedway being torn down

    Ah thanks for the info TxTom, sad to hear that too. Been a few years since I was out that way. We drove by where we remembered it being, and didn't even recognize the area anymore and didn't see the track. So much for Jesse James and Sandra Bullock saving it.
  14. Full containment seats and some kind of neck restraint should be mandatory. I know they're relatively expensive but is that $1000 one time investment better than a medical bill? Haven't seen either one but think both cars did have good seats and a well built cage. Never a good thing when a car of any type leaves the four wheels off the surface.
  15. Pics of Corpus Christi Speedway being torn down

    Agree 100% Rodney, now every track I grew up with is gone, CCS, SAS, and Longhorn. Only made a few trips to THR/CTS. At least the carcass of SAS is still there, not sure if that's a good thing or not. I'd like to think it is. At least looking at the track, the movie replays in my head. I think Longhorn is still there but haven't seen anything from it recently. CCS first track I ever turned laps at in my own car, now STS is the only one left. Granted my laps are very few but it's like watching your childhood home get bulldozed. Thankful for the ALS challenge at CCS as that was something very near to me and was a successful night.
  16. Pics of Corpus Christi Speedway being torn down

    Yeah I'm surprised no one could keep it alive, hopefully Mike isn't too upset about it.
  17. Nice touch Owen, I'm sure both drivers will appreciate whatever gets raised.
  18. https://www.gofundme.com/f/2azfn9uoc0?member=9269474&sharetype=teams&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook
  19. He also made one for the Mod lite driver too.
  20. Stealing Toyota Tim's Theme

    I'm not saying it's NASCAR, really nothing to do with NASCAR except one of their high profile drivers said a forbidden word then the "noose" incident but NASCAR capitalized on the BLM narrative. A couple of other drivers lesser known banished too. But the cancel culture is well beyond NASCAR. Cartoons and children's books of all things and a plastic toy. As for NASCAR, no I didn't watch it but really am glad they had a good race and entertaining.
  21. Stealing Toyota Tim's Theme

    I agree 100%. Not saying it's right to use that word, but the cancel culture, pc stuff is a little overboard.
  22. Stealing Toyota Tim's Theme

    Glad they had a good race and glad Larson won given the past year or so he had.
  23. Dirt tracks do have that as well, USMTS, WoO just to name a few, but then again those cars probably approach the cost of a NASCAR team as well. Hey nothing wrong with enjoying what you do, it's still racing, but if people put as much money into dirt series as they do NASCAR, imagine how much more that would bring in. However, don't think there are too many "cookie cutter" dirt tracks 1 mile+ in length which is probably a draw for dirt fans. May not break 200 mph on dirt but seeing drivers carry 100 mph+ while going sideways and presence of mind to set up passes while doing so is fun to watch. My personal wish would have every track be under 1 mile personally but obviously with a longer than mile, you get to see the speed in full force, at least the few seconds every lap they're in front of you. But yes, to each their own and NASCAR is what most people recognize as racing so if they fail, the failures trickle down to the local tracks as far as bringing in a casual fan with no affiliations to anyone at the local track. On the flipside, if the local product isn't too good, there won't be an attraction to watch televised races.