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  1. Chase Night 1

    Tonight Mark's the first of the Final Four Chase Nights for the Limited Late Models, EMods, Pure Stocks and Limited Modifieds. Also on the slate, running an old school, heads up approach to the championship are the Bombers. Should be an exciting night, not only for the Chase drivers but the rest running for pride, money, and trophies and to establish themselves as threats for next year or spoilers for this year. I have no contact with track officials, results are Unofficial until posted by track and commentary is based on my observations from the stands.
  2. Chase Night 1

    Link to Official Results http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=267186&rt=sch
  3. Chase Night 1

    Limited Mod Feature Winner 90 Dustin Butcher
  4. Chase Night 1

    Limited Mod Feature Top 5 1. 90 Dustin Butcher 2. 51 Hunter Flanagan 3. BD2 Jared Maupin 4. 4$ Kris Rye 5. 89C JJ Jennings
  5. Chase Night 1

    Mikulencak looses power on the restart. Butcher now trying to hold off Flanagan, Rye, Jennings and Maupin entangled.
  6. Chase Night 1

    Yellow flies one more time as Beaver goes around in 1 after having a good run up to around 7th. Same top 5 with about 3 or 4 to go.
  7. Chase Night 1

    5 laps remaining in this one.
  8. Chase Night 1

    Mikulencak holding strong on the bottom as Butcher just can't complete the pass. Flanagan alone in 3rd, Jennings and K. Rye. Under red as Okruhlik is hard into turn 1 wall, even knocking a metal panel off the wall. He's out of the car and walking around. I believe he walked into the ambulance. Just announced that he is ok as track officials examine the wall. Mikulencak, Butcher, Flanagan, Jennings and K. Rye top 5 late in this one.
  9. Chase Night 1

    Butcher with a strong restart, gets into Mikulencak but both continue. Butcher, Jennings and Flanagan intense battle for 2nd as Torres makes it up to 5th. M. Mikulencak is flying half straight lead halfway. Caution as Bowen slows in 3-4. Mikulencak, Butcher, Jennings, Flanagan and K. Rye top 5 with 8 to go as Calles-McDonald and Schaalman are tangled up under the flag stand.
  10. Chase Night 1

    M. Mikulencak blows by Jennings exiting 4, now Jennings fighting off Butcher, with K. Rye on his tail. Flanagan leads the second group in 5th. Caution out as Calles-McDonald spins in 3. Mikulencak, Jennings, Butcher, K. Rye and Flanagan top 5 as Beaver displaying some displeasure with Bowen under yellow.
  11. Chase Night 1

    Limited Mod Feature Lineup 89C 03 4$ 90 51 BD3 148 94 115 08 5S BD2 28M 56 11 2R 14 77 184 30 53X BD4
  12. Chase Night 1

    Pure Stock Feature Winner 13M Ben Mikulencak
  13. Chase Night 1

    Pure Stock Feature Top 5 1. 13M Ben Mikulencak 2. 00 Kyle Carter 3. 6 Daniel Preston 4. 38 Joshua Sewell 5. 23 Zylar Bryant
  14. Chase Night 1

    Carter sweeping the track trying to keep Preston and Sewell behind him. Caution out again as McCain and Penny come together and spin in 2. Mikulencak, Carter, Preston, Sewell and Walters top 5 with 5 to go.
  15. Chase Night 1

    Caution out as Dear slows then goes into the infield and then pits. McCain in 5th now as top 4 is unchanged.
  16. Chase Night 1

    Caution out as Asher goes for a solo spin in 4. Mikulencak, Preston, Carter, Sewell, and Walters top 5.
  17. Chase Night 1

    Sewell and Mikulencak exchanging the lead as Preston comes stalking them, Walters in fourth and K. Carter has climbed back up to 5th. Sewell slips in 2 and Mikulencak and Preston get around. Sewell now being challenged by Carter and Walters at the midpoint.
  18. Chase Night 1

    Mikulencak with a good jump but Sewell quickly races back beside him. Walters, Smith and Preston top 5 early. Yellow out as Doty spins and collects Danielsen, Brodnax, Barber, and Asher. That dust up collected two Chase drivers. Brodnax and Danielsen out early. Check that, Danielsen rejoins before green comes back out.
  19. Chase Night 1

    Pure Stock Feature Lineup 13M 38 999 33JP 127 6 8M 23 8S 15D 19J 58 149 21G 7 00 154 54
  20. Chase Night 1

    Bomber Feature Winner 112 Chris Dudley
  21. Chase Night 1

    Bomber Feature Top 5 1. 112 Chris Dudley 2. 28 Megan LeStourgeon 3. 74 Cameron Starry 4. 39 John Wayne Wilson 5. 71 Shane Sturtz
  22. Chase Night 1

    Buchanan spinning again in 2 ending his night a little early. Dudley, LeStourgeon, Sturtz, Wilson and Starry top 5 with two to go on the restart.
  23. Chase Night 1

    Dudley creeping away as LeStourgeon gets around Starry as he is getting challenged by Sturtz and Wilson. Dudley, LeStourgeon, Sturtz, Wilson and Starry top 5 with 3 to go.
  24. Chase Night 1

    Buchanan spins in two on the restart and that will move Sturtz into 5th now.
  25. Chase Night 1

    Wilson loops it in two giving up 3rd and bringing out the yellow five laps in. Dudley, LeStourgeon, Starry, Garcia, and Buchanan rounding out the top 5.