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  1. Tecate Championship Night 6

    M. Fox and Vannoy with a good battle for 3rd as Renfro has opened a straightaway lead over Awalt midway.
  2. Tecate Championship Night 6

    C. Fox brings out a caution for a spin in 2. Renfro, Awalt, Vannoy, M. Fox and Farquer top 5.
  3. Tecate Championship Night 6

    Renfro way out front on the restart as Awalt, Vannoy, M. Fox and Farquer string out behind him.
  4. Tecate Championship Night 6

    Renfro sees his early lead tighten up as D. Farquer spins in turn 2.
  5. Tecate Championship Night 6

    LLM Feature Lineup 26R 17 42 53X 53XX 78 77
  6. Tecate Championship Night 6

    Intermission at 8:05 tonight, flew through the heat races this evening.
  7. Tecate Championship Night 6

    Limited Mod Heat 2 Results 1. 89C JJ Jennings 2. 2R Ray Schaalman 3. 56 Broc Bowen 4. 101 Tanner Whitmire 5. 6 Daniel Preston 6. 2B Robert Boyd
  8. Tecate Championship Night 6

    Limited Mod Heat 1 Results 1. 90 Dustin Butcher 2. 77 Cody Beddoe 3. 184 Brian Rye 4. 115 Chuck Perry 5. 4$ Kris Rye 6. Z76 Zach Courtney 7. 51 Hunter Flanagan DNS
  9. Tecate Championship Night 6

    Pure Stock Heat 2 Results 1. 38 Joshua Sewell 2. 6 Daniel Preston 3. 15D Jamie Dear 4. 149 Stephan Danielsen 5. 4M Gary McDonell 6. 2 Zach Courtney 7. 34 Ryan Carlucci DNS
  10. Tecate Championship Night 6

    Pure Stock Heat 1 Results 1. 33JP James Parks 2. 13M Ben Mikulencak 3. 25R Nathan Rachui 4. 58 Cheyloh Brodnax 5. 7 Jesse Sandoval 6. 88 Alexis Hendricks 7. 127 Jerry Walters 8. 73 John Ramirez
  11. Tecate Championship Night 6

    Bomber Heat Results 1. 112 Chris Dudley 2. 2 Carl Buchanan 3. 15 Wayne Laven 4. 71 Shayne Sturtz 5. 72P David Parcellis 6. 19 Ally Leonard 7. 88 Emma Hendricks 8. 74 Cameron Starry
  12. Tecate Championship Night 6

    Emod Heat 1 Results 1. 3 Gilbert Perez III 2. 30 Memphis Villareal 3. 9W Roy Walker 4. 10E Dwayne McWhorter 5. 563 James Lee 6. 22 Zach Calhoun 7. 55 Roger Sturtz 8. 23 Dustin Witzsche
  13. Tecate Championship Night 6

    Limited Late Model Heat 1 Results 1. 26R Nathan Renfro 2. 17 Adrian Awalt 3. 42 Fred Vannoy 4. 53XX Chandler Fox 5. 53X Matt Fox 6. 78 Dakota Farquer 7. 77 Joe Arce 8. 13S Bill Stephens DNS
  14. New Texana Raceway Partnership!

    TRP is always fun to go to and I know for sure I'll be at the Hudgeons Memorial if able.
  15. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    The dirt tracks are doing ok around here, think this post is trying to expand asphalt racing and with just one in the state, it should be sustainable. Houston area probably just has too many entertainment options, even Battleground, which I loved everytime I went, struggled and now sits closed. As much as we all love SAS, they had to close. CTS had good car counts, a smooth running show, decent crowd attendance and that track is completely gone. I feel for promoters that try asphalt. I've seen HMP and CCS put up big money races with little support. Put a big money race on dirt and cars seem to show up in droves. A lot of times it's for the top tier classes but I know some of the tracks in Northeast Texas/Louisiana border have a $10000 Factory Stock race with no problem with car count. I've heard several local ads for STS and now TRP has a marketing partner through radio. Are those guys doing anything different? I don't know. Stevie runs a business away from STS but STS is still doing ok from the outside. Is he getting rich off STS? I highly doubt it. Ray has a business other than I37 but they get good car counts and fan support, he always interacts with drivers and fans. Kenny has TRP going in the right direction. So why is asphalt struggling so much? I don't know if it's bad promotion, poor driver support, poor geographic support, or what it is. HMP is a great facility, you can race there. Is it dirt is just better racing to watch? Has the negative perception of NASCAR influenced asphalt racing on a local scale except for the historical tracks? As far as the drivers complaining more on asphalt, I don't buy that because I know of one track that I won't name that gets complaints every weekend and it is a dirt track, yet they plug on and still get cars. I don't have the answer and if I did, I would proudly share it. Grew up with asphalt racing, fell in love with the dirt once we started losing support for our local track, despite the promoters' best intentions.
  16. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    I think someone has mentioned this before as well, but the racers often price themselves out of their own class too. Let's take a look at your Pure Stock class for example. Originally intended to be an economical (as much as possible), so called entry class. Most tracks had no problems getting 15, 20 or 30 cars weekly. First they wanted race tires, racing suspension, now special built chassis and voila you are now Factory Stock which is basically a Street Stock with older bodies. Long gone are the days of getting a front runner for $5000 or less. Some chassis or rollers are that price just to start, another 5-10 grand on a competitive motor, $1000 or so on suspension setup and oh yeah, 500-1000 on tires and wheels so your entry level, economical class now requires a roughly $20-25000 investment to race for $200-300 per night. Yes they do get big shows, at least on the dirt side and it is still a pretty large class but they've basically evolved into a Street Stock type class, Streets basically became Late Models, and Late Models are just too much of an investment when you're not sure if you'll have a place to run it unless you cross state lines then it's risk vs reward. Travel to Mobile for example, have a bad wreck so your top dollar car is toast and you have to spend another 500-1000 just to get home. Not many will take that chance, therefore, class won't grow. Run local, eventhough the track tries, gives a good purse and 6-8 show up. Sucks for the ones that do and they try to grow it but the business side doesn't make sense for the promoter to invest in a class that doesn't grow. Eco stocks are now the economical route, those guys seem to go out, have a good time, make a relatively low investment and bring 10, 15, 20 cars, yet some will start with we need to change, this, this, and this, and your $3000 car turns into a $5-8000 car, or a "Pro Sedan" type car. I'll tell you this too, the last asphalt race I went to, the Ecos stole the show. Why? They were the only ones that could race, use 2-3 grooves, pass, change positions, etc. Even when one car took out another, everyone got out smiling talking about how fun that race was. All of the other classes were dive to the bottom, slam on the brakes. Only way to pass was bump and run or hope the car in front of you screwed up.
  17. For Those Not on Facebook

    Track website also announced it.
  18. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    Bobby I like the fact you're throwing an idea out there and some of the enduros are working which is similar in a way to what you're saying. My problem is the comment about the "lower" classes not bringing a good fan experience. I'll tell you the last asphalt race I saw was at CTS, the Ecos were the best, most entertaining race that evening. 6 late models that night and by lap 5 they were so spread out. Trucks only got exciting when drivers lost their cool. Entertaining for the fans but not good for the sport in the long run. Same with the streets. The lower end cars WERE the show. I grew up going to CCS primarily and several trips to SAS and Longhorn. CCS and Longhorn the best class was always your Pure Stock type class, SAS was the only place Late Models and Trucks were fun to watch as far as fan experience. Street Stocks were good, especially when the 1/4 miles made them run on street tires. Most asphalt races are hurry up, get to the bottom and follow the leader. Not much side by side racing and when there are only 5 car features, not a fun time for fans generally speaking unless they stay together and can actually have multiple grooves. Not bashing tracks or drivers, just speaking to the entertainment value as a fan. Throw a big money race together for the less expensive cars and I'll be willing to bet they show up and race harder than a big money late model race if you could even get them to show up. Kudos to anyone that tries to tackle the headache of running a track and to those drivers trying to support those tracks. If HMP goes again, I guess you guys would have to travel states away just to race, then think about those costs and racing so far away from your home shop should something go wrong.
  19. Thank You South Texas Speedway

    Transponders are electrical and sometimes electrical systems fail so yes, need scorers to back up even when you have them and they need to make sure they're all working. Those scorers are arguably the hardest working groups at the tracks and STS has some of the best which is probably part of the reason STS doesn't use transponders.
  20. Thank You South Texas Speedway

    Transponders would be nice but those scorers do an excellent job the old school way. So again thank you Marcia, Lorraine and whoever else is up there with that job.
  21. Thank You South Texas Speedway

    Yes that helped me too so thanks Marcia from me too. You had that thing rolling in the heat, glad to see you and Larry towards the front but Ty is just something else. Glad to see him back, found a video of his flip in Waco and wasn't fun to watch, imagine it was worse in person and in car.
  22. Tecate Championship Night 3

    Link to official results http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=267138&rt=sch
  23. Tecate Championship Night 3

    Cars are out packing the track right now. Results are Unofficial and no contact with track officials. Comfortable night and track looks good. DCRST also on hand tonight.
  24. Tecate Championship Night 3

    DCRST Feature Winner 15 Ty Paxson
  25. Tecate Championship Night 3

    DCRST Feature Top 5 1. 15 2. 25 3. 117 4. 3T 5. 64