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  1. Chase Night 4

    2019 Pure Stock Points Champion 6 Daniel Preston
  2. Chase Night 4

    Pure Stock Feature Winner 38 Joshua Sewell
  3. Chase Night 4

    Pure Stock Feature Top 5 1. 38 Joshua Sewell 2. 6 Daniel Preston 3. 15D Jamie Dear 4. 7 Jesse Sandoval 5. 23 Zylar Bryant
  4. Chase Night 4

    Grantz gets stuffed into the end of the pit wall and rolls once trying to get around. Medical staff and track officials checking on him and he's out of the car and seems to be ok. Rollover fund starting already. Top five of Sewell, Preston, Dear, Bryant and Sandoval.
  5. Chase Night 4

    Sewell takes second on the outside and now battles side by side and takes the point from Grantz.
  6. Chase Night 4

    Preston takes a look low but Grantz with a good line protects the lead. Sewell makes it 3 wide and gets by Bryant and Dear and now closing in on Preston. Halfway through this one.
  7. Chase Night 4

    Grantz leads the field to green Preston facing a stiff challenge from Dear and Preston. Sewell in the mix as well. As the top 5 separate from the field. Bryant and Dear still side by side for 3rd.
  8. Chase Night 4

    Pure Stock Feature Lineup 21G 6 23 15D 8M 38 7 115 149 154 58 20 127 999
  9. Chase Night 4

    EMod Feature Winner and 2019 EMod Champion 3 Gilbert Perez III
  10. Chase Night 4

    Perez celebrates 4 in a row, sweeping the Chase Races and clinching the title with a donut and burnout.
  11. Chase Night 4

    EMod Feature Top 5 1. 3 Gilbert Perez III 2. 9W Roy Walker 3. 59B Brianna Witzsche 4. 5A Eric Rachui 5. 0 Thomas Rye
  12. Chase Night 4

    Rye recovering from his wheel hop climbs back up to 5th but is being challenged by Rachui. B. Witzsche challenges Walker for 3rd, now 2nd as McWhorter loses the handle.
  13. Chase Night 4

    Rye wheel hops McWhorter but keeps it going. Caution back out as Rachui spins in 1, B. Witzsche and Skinner victims of circumstance. Perez, McWhorter, Walker, B. Witzsche and D. Witzsche top 5 around the midpoint of the final feature for the Emods this year.
  14. Chase Night 4

    Caution flies as Lopez spins in 2. Perez, Rye, McWhorter, Walker and Rachui top 5 about 6 laps in.
  15. Chase Night 4

    Perez already starting to check out as we get going. Rye holding off McWhorter for second, Walker takes fourth from Lopez. Top 4 separating but Perez is on cruise control. Rachui moves into fifth.
  16. Chase Night 4

    Laven loops it coming to the green and luckily only one car collected him. Chapa to the infield and Laven to the pits, other than that complete restart.
  17. Chase Night 4

    EMod Feature Lineup 3 15 0 10E 38L 23 9W 5A 14 59B 21A 00E
  18. Chase Night 4

    Pure Stock Heat 2 1. 6 Daniel Preston 2. 15D Jamie Dear 3. 38 Joshua Sewell 4. 115 Hector Aguirre 5. 154 Travis Penny 6. 58 Cheyloh Brodnax 7. 127 Jerry Walters
  19. Chase Night 4

    Pure Stock Heat 1 1. 21G Steve Grantz 2. 23 Zylar Bryant 3. 8M Josh McCain 4. 7 Jesse Sandoval 5. 149 Stephan Danielsen 6. 15 Chase Laven 7. 20 Marsha Hall 8. 999 Steve Doty
  20. Chase Night 4

    Limited Mod Heat 3 1. 03 Marcus Mikulencak 2. BD3 Eddy Ross 3. 90 Dustin Butcher 4. 87 Lawrence Mikulencak 5. 101 Tanner Whitmire 6. 2R Ray Schaalman
  21. Chase Night 4

    Sorry I was late to the track so I missed the Limited Late Model Heat and EMod Heat 1 but here are the results from EMod Heat 2 and the two Limited Mod Heats: EMod Heat 2 1. 15 Chase Laven 2. 10E Dwayne McWhorter 3. 23 Dustin Witzsche 4. 5A Eric Rachui 5. 59B Brianna Witzsche 6. 00E Jaden Edmond Limited Mod Heat 1 1. 115 Chuck Perry 2. 51 Hunter Flanagan 3. 184 Brian Rye 4. 4$ Kris Rye 5. 94 Allen Torres 6. 7D Derrick Gonzales 7. 38 David Schury Limited Mod Heat 2 1. 89C JJ Jennings 2. BD2 Jared Maupin 3. 28M Mason Castaneda 4. BD4 Cheryl Gray 5. 77 Cody Beddoe
  22. Chase Night 3

    No problem, tonight should be interesting and fun.
  23. Chase Night 3

    As we enter the final weekend of the 2019 points season, the racing has been close and titles still in hot contention. Night 1 of the Labor Day weekend double header is about to get underway. Chase classes, Limited Late Models, Limited Modified, Pure Stocks and Emods are rearing to go. Also on tap are the Bombers which have seen a recent influx of cars. Glibert Perez III looking to continue to put the stranglehold on the Emods as he's won both chase races this far. Adrian Awalt looking to repeat as Limited Late Model champion, facing a stiff challenge from Matt Fox. Pure Stocks and Limited Modifieds, you earn every win, every position and every point. Megan LeStourgeon looking to build on her recent success in Bombers and Carl Buchanan trying to win his second championship in as many seasons. All classes have several other drivers gunning for wins and momentum towards next season. Should be a great night/weekend to wrap up the season. I have no contact with track officials during the races, results are Unofficial until posted by the track and commentary is based on my observations from the stands. Good luck to the chase drivers, to all of the other drivers and hopefully this season comes to an exciting and safe conclusion.
  24. Chase Night 3

    Link to Official Results: http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=267192&rt=sch
  25. Chase Night 3

    Pure Stock Feature Winner 13M Ben Mikulencak