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  1. well

    Hockey pants will work HiTech. They're bulky but you won't feel a thing. Hope the truck shows up.
  2. ASCS Gulf South Night

    Link to official Results from April 13, 2019: http://texanaraceway.com/race-results/
  3. ASCS Gulf South Night

    Sorry about the lack of coverage for the Modified and the POWERi 600 Non Wing. Chris Morris dominated the Mods and it's only the second time I've seen the POWERI group and we started the trip back to Corpus about midway through. POWERi group was definitely entertaining in both classes and very impressed with how those kids handle their cars.
  4. ASCS Gulf South Night

    Restrictor Feature Winner 6
  5. ASCS Gulf South Night

    57 and 6 trade the lead for two laps before 6 takes control, 21 into 2nd. Best race of the night by kids age ranging from 8-16.
  6. ASCS Gulf South Night

    Top 3 taking off. 57, 6 and 11.
  7. ASCS Gulf South Night

    The 7R and 29K come together in turn 2. The 7R refires and goes to the tail, 29K still being worked on in 2. 29K gets it going too.
  8. ASCS Gulf South Night

    600 Restrictor Feature Lineup 57 11 6 29K 21 7R 77 30
  9. ASCS Gulf South Night

    ASCS Feature Winner 45 Martin Edwards
  10. ASCS Gulf South Night

    ASCS Top 5 1. 45 2. 21P 3. 2X 4. 17 5. 2C
  11. ASCS Gulf South Night

    2C takes out the 17 in turn 4 coming to the checkers, 45 first across the line. Cars still on the track so not sure, ok green white checker.
  12. ASCS Gulf South Night

    21P loses it in turn 2, 93 and 48 nowhere to go. Another restart on lap 11. 17, 2C, 45, 2X, 12W top 5.
  13. ASCS Gulf South Night

    14 stalled in 1 and 16 hard into the turn 1 wall. Drivers are ok.
  14. ASCS Gulf South Night

    2C closed the gap as the leader deals with traffic.
  15. ASCS Gulf South Night

    2C takes 2nd on lap 6.