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  1. For Those Not on Facebook

    Those that are in and around Corpus could see this coming but anyone who was planning to travel down here, STS officially called off this weekend's event. Next race will be a two night race July 10-11th.
  2. NASCAR bans Confederate flag at NASCAR events

    The "noose" fit into a narrative of social commentary that NASCAR jumped on. Had it been a true noose, then yes, absolutely Wallace deserves the solidarity he received as there is no room for that in any shape. The pull rope was in poor design. Every shop door at work has a pull rope, none with a loop tied to the end of it, just a dangling rope with a tight knot to the bottom of the door. I don't see why a garage door would need a loop at the bottom. As Nick alluded to, NASCAR is a large corporation and with their struggles in attendance recently, they are relying heavily on corporate sponsors. Honestly, I think the FBI had better things to concentrate on than a pull rope. I recently saw a video of a confrontation between Wallace and Alex Bowman in which Wallace threw some water on a seated Bowman. Was that a racist thing? No it wasn't, it was simply a driver expressing some disgust with another driver. This hypersensitivity is only going to divide us further. As for the flag, I guess Texans should find the Spanish, French, Confederate, and the US flag all offensive, yet the Six Flags Over Texas are embraced and now, most places have no qualms with the flags and especially in South Texas, you'll see Mexican flags pretty regularly. No opposition or protest, it is history, it is heritage and it's a part of our culture collectively. Even Juneteenth is a little different in Texas as it was the last state the slaves realized they were freed. This society has been radically changed and divided. There's no longer a "work for it" mentality, it's an "entitlement" society. This generation wants everything handed to them and feel like they're owed it. Don't get me wrong, there are still things that are way out of line and should be called out and addressed, but the greater things in life isn't going to be handed to you. You do deserve it, but you got to work for it, earn it (financially speaking).
  3. H&V Equipment Night

    Yeah same here. That particular race was pretty ragged but hated seeing it end that way. Car looked to be in real bad shape but driver walking down the front straight a few minutes later was a good sight. If it sounded that bad in the stands, can only imagine inside either car but yes, hats off to Mr. Walker for checking on him. Hope they can both get back out there soon.
  4. H&V Equipment Night

    Saw somewhere that was just the second race for the driver that won so congrats to JD Legg on his victory.
  5. H&V Equipment Night

    They were coming to the checkered flag and just completed the race. There was little to no time to react. The 9W was trying to race for a better finish, got pinched up a bit and spun around while the rest of the pack were coming across the line. My first thought was I hope the 9W doesn't hit the wall head on or flip as most of these dirt cars don't like turning hard right. Yes, he stopped in a bad spot through none of his fault. 00E had nowhere to go with two cars diving under the 9W and the 00E couldn't react in time. Yes they are EMods, a lower end car as far as speed but they're not going too slow. The 00E, thankfully did a good job of at least turning it sideways to avoid a head on. It was a very hard, bad wreck but could have been much worse and you could tell the 9W was concerned. Several of these EMod racers are very young but are capable of handling their cars. The 00E has come up through gokarts so it's not like they are new drivers per se. I think it was an unfortunate racing accident with no fault on anyone.
  6. H&V Equipment Night

    Thank you HiTech. Unfortunately my phone died before the Sport Mod Feature, so congrats to Jared Maupin (Sport Mods), John Wayne Wilson (Bombers), Johnny Ervin (Tuners) and Casey Smith (DCRST) on their wins as well. A lot of great racing, some extracurriculars, and a little of everything. Hope Jaden is feeling better, I imagine he's sore. Saw a video of it online and it's just as bad as it was live. Happened pretty much right in front of us. The video was taken from the pit stands and you could hear the impact all the way from there. I'm not sure if he has a full containment seat or not but this is proof you should have one, even in an EMod. Great run by Jesse too.
  7. H&V Equipment Night

    Link to Official Results (sorry phone died right after the EMod Feature) http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=309981&rt=sch
  8. H&V Equipment Night

    Good news, Edmond walked out of the ambulance and is walking back to the pits to a big cheer from the crowd. Congrats to JD Legg on the Feature Win.
  9. H&V Equipment Night

    EMod Top 5 1. 82 JD Legg 2. 22 Zach Calhoun 3. 112 Chris Dudley 4. 5A Eric Rachui 5. 0 Thomas Rye Jaden Edmond took a hellacious hit just past the line. He got out on his own but walked into the ambulance on his own.
  10. H&V Equipment Night

    Can't get this one started as the third attempt is thwarted as Walker has a flat tire bunching up the field.
  11. H&V Equipment Night

    Early yellow as Walker drags a tractor tire down the back straightaway. Should be a complete restart.
  12. H&V Equipment Night

    EMod Feature Lineup Extra $100 to Winner donated by TRP 82 3 9W 112 5A 0 22 10X 38L 55 BD4 34 00E 59B 23 2D (Battery running low but will keep up as long as I can.)
  13. H&V Equipment Night

  14. H&V Equipment Night

    Factory Stock Top 5 1. 13M Ben Mikulencak 2. 27 Dalton Faulkner 3. 000 Kyle Carter 4. 7 Jesse Sandoval 5. 441 Joey Heinaman
  15. H&V Equipment Night

    Doty will set up a late restart as he slowly gets sideways in 1-2 and becomes bumper cars behind him. Everyone drives away but Torres leaves with a right rear flat. Mikulencak, Faulkner, Carter, Sandoval and Heinaman top 5 with 5 remaining.