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  1. Emod - SOLD!

    Emod is a class that STS and Texana run. They use older Modified chassis with a more stock engine, rev limiter and Limited suspension parts. It's become the more entry level, economical (if there's such a thing in racing) way to get started in racing and to keep some of those older model mods running. It's been highly successful down here and I know some of the DFW tracks run them too but with a little more open. Short answer, a true Pure Stock/Hobby Stock in a Modified body/chassis with a somewhat even playing field and trying to keep costs down. There's no $20000 Emods, or shouldn't be.
  2. Congrats and Good Luck

    Just make Alan's golf schedule match the race schedule and we'll be good.
  3. Here is the schedule released on their new Facebook page:
  4. Congrats and Good Luck

    Now that it is official, I want to wish Owen and crew the best of luck at the former South Texas Speedway, now South Texas Race Ranch. Also have a lot of confidence in his ability based on his track record and successes at other facilities. Here's to having a great 2022, not only here but all over Texas.
  5. Happy New Year

    Happy and Safe New Year everyone, hope to see you all at a track soon in 2022.
  6. Track List

    82 now Rocket will be running this year. They put out a schedule last night. The promoters from RPM are taking over the former 82.
  7. help

    I'll keep my eye open while I'm driving around for work. I did see a pretty beat up Camaro somewhere, but don't remember where. It was in bad shape so probably not a good donor car.
  8. Track List

    Something new starting Feb. 22, arena racing in Robstown for the go karts and mini sprints I believe. I'm pretty confident STS will be back but of course, nothing official. I did see something about HMP closing but I think it was the drag strip, at least for the remainder of 2021. They had a crash where the wall was significantly damaged (driver was ok). Think there are two other Kart tracks running, think Gulf Coast near Alvin will be back. Also, think Lubbock, Amarillo, 105, and Abilene are racing in 2022 as well. I'm sure schedule releases will pick up after the holidays.
  9. Night 2 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial 3

    Link to the Official Results: http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=353157&rt=sch I'm sure this will be the topic of conversations for awhile and just speaking from a fan's point of view and as a lifelong resident of Corpus Christi, I appreciate the drivers that make it down here when they travel. I have no knowledge or conversation with officials and will not try to question calls made because I have been a spotter before but luckily the calls I've had to make were pretty clear and backed up by the race directors I've worked for. It's not easy to do and I know the groups I worked for didn't care about names or hometowns, every driver was just that, a driver. I also do not know anything about tech so I can't answer questions about the DQ's.
  10. Night 2 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial 3

    That will wrap up the 2021 season and I'm sure these results will probably change but I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season and safe New Year's and see you back in 2022 somewhere.
  11. Night 2 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial 3

    $5000 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial Limited Modified Champion 87 Lawrence Mikulencak
  12. Night 2 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial 3

    $5000 Limited Modified Feature Top 5 1. 87 Lawrence Mikulencak 2. 26 JJ Jennings 3. 63 Shane Hoefling 4. 38 Steven Whiteaker 5. 15 Tracy Denby M. Mikulencak and Kulhanek both spin turn 4 coming to the checkers in 4. Kulhanek pulls up in Victory Lane as well.
  13. Night 2 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial 3

    Top 4 pulling away, Hoefling holding off Whiteaker for 5th.
  14. Night 2 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial 3

    Kulhanek starting to loosen up, M. Mikulencak is able to look but not enough momentum to challenge.
  15. Night 2 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial 3

    L. Mikulencak up to third now as son Marcus all over Kulhanek's bumper but another caution as turn 4 turns into a parking lot.