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  1. Starting to see improvements

    For those outside of Corpus, the bridge construction has fallen a little behind. Not sure what that means for the track and won't speak on that other than they may exercise that option. Also heard rumors that are beneficial to the track but again, I won't speak on that either. I know Dan has been supporting other race tracks so the passion for racing is definitely still there and feel comfortable saying CCS will be back eventually. Hopefully HMP will be successful and the asphalt guys will have another place to play in the next few years and the Marion track will come to fruition and all three will do well.
  2. Tecate Championship Night 8

    I saw the car go out on my way to the pits but of course I don't give two thoughts who drives by.
  3. Tecate Championship Night 8

    Yeah I kinda chuckle watching him go by with his right arm holding on to the roll bars, but he has good car control.
  4. Tecate Championship Night 8

    Cameron did an awesome job even spinning on the last lap. Kudos to Dudley too for racing him hard and clean. John Heil is a helluva wheel man and is tough to beat whatever vehicle he gets in. Those trucks will be fine once they get their adjustments down and for a last minute decision, wasn't too bad. Sure was a different sound when they were on the track. Rick Pollaro equipment and a driver the caliber of John Heil, that's a scary thought but makes you want to get better. Jesse had a very good run going too, sorry to see Sewell get DQ'D, hopefully it's an easy fix, he's got that car dialed in pretty well. Good night in all classes and Cameron definitely won some fans last night.
  5. Race Seat - SOLD!

    Sold thanks LSSZ
  6. Tecate Championship Night 8

    Link to Official Results http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=267156&rt=sch
  7. Tecate Championship Night 8

    Limited Mod Feature Winner BD2 Marcus Mikulencak
  8. Tecate Championship Night 8

    Limited Mod Feature Top 5 1. BD2 Marcus Mikulencak 2. 89C Steve Whiteaker Jr 3. 28M Mason Castaneda 4. 90 Dustin Butcher 5. 56 Broc Bowen
  9. Tecate Championship Night 8

    Bowen challenging Butcher for 5th now.
  10. Tecate Championship Night 8

    Mikulencak half a straightaway lead on Whiteaker midway through.
  11. Tecate Championship Night 8

    Mikulencak getting great jumps on the restarts, Whiteaker trying to close the gap, Whitmire and Castaneda side by side for 3rd, Butcher settling in 5th.
  12. Tecate Championship Night 8

    Third time is a charm as Mikulencak leads lap 1, Whiteaker, Whitmire, Castaneda, Ross and Butcher top 5, caution out for a Rye spin in 3.
  13. Tecate Championship Night 8

    Grothues rolls backwards into the infield, transmission not allowing him to move forward. He has to be the driver with the worse luck.
  14. Tecate Championship Night 8

    Grothues spins in one negating the second attempt to start this one.
  15. Tecate Championship Night 8

    Whitmire around in 3 as he tried to avoid Mikulencak. Complete restart.