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  1. That's a wrap for tonight. Very good to see Kris Workman and his car back at a racetrack. His car was driven by Stephan Danielsen tonight and was real quick tonight.
  2. USMTS Main Top 5 1. 1ST 2. 5 3. 97 4. 91 5. 4R
  3. Mitchell pushes S. Scott up in turn 1 then S. Scott takes a run at Mitchell in 3 and misses and finds the wall softly. J. Scott, Mitchell, Dilliard, Duvall, and Derrick Ramirez up to 5th now.
  4. S. Scott and Mitchell taking turns holding 2nd place. Yellow again.
  5. Sanders drops a driveshaft with five laps remaining. Led every lap tonight until this. J. Scott inherits the lead. Mitchell, S. Scott, Duvall, Dilliard top 5.
  6. Leaders into traffic about lap 30
  7. Sanders pulling away, S. Scott around Duvall.
  8. Duvall into fourth, S. Scott takes 5th. Sanders, J. Scott, Mitchell, Duvall, S. Scott and now Dilliard trying to put some distance on the field.
  9. Johnny Scott, Mitchell, and Robertson with a great battle for 2nd as a five car battle for fifth ensues. Ferrell holding of food Duvall, Dodson, Stormy Scott, and Cade Dilliard. A couple of cars spin in 2 halfway through. Duvall settles into 5th.
  10. Top 4 unchanged but the 24 of Zane Ferrell cracking the top 5.
  11. Looks like Bill Pittaway's night is done. Bo Day still sitting sideways. Kevin Rutherford and Bo Day on the hook now. Sanders, J. Scott, Mitchell, Robertson, and Ethan Dodson top 5. Dodson making the trip from Bakersfield, California.
  12. Piled up in turn 2 back under yellow.
  13. 20, 1ST, 5, 23 (Robertson), 174 top 5 so far
  14. Johnny Scott trying to catch Sanders as they pace the field. John Mitchell in third and Logan Robertson at the tail of the lead as the four group pull away. 3 cars come together in 2 to bring out the yellow on lap 8. Pittaway, Jordan Weaver and the 33F tag on to the rear.