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  1. One Week To Go!

    He was talking about 105, interesting is putting it nicely. My only 105 experience was after a hard rain but they did get the show in. Maybe one day I'll go on a good night. Racing wasn't horrible that night but think it could have been better when not dealing with the soup in the infield. Couple of classes only had 2 or 3 cars but was my first time seeing the POWERi group and they were good there, so were the Modlites.
  2. Prayers to those ... who fight for our futures!

    To steal a line from a former teacher, "I sing solo, so low no one hears me."
  3. Prayers to those ... who fight for our futures!

    No matter political differences, one thing I can't stand is when someone disrespects a military service person, their families, and first responders unjustly. My daughter's grandfather was a city officer for a long time, I've seen firsthand the sacrifices their families make, the worry they have and that was in good times, know several active and former military personnel, several officers and firemen and have nothing but respect for all of them. Yes there are bad apples and I'm not defending them but 99% serve faithfully and honorably. So to those men and women and their families, thank you, not just on a holiday, but everyday. HiTech, hope you can find a singer.
  4. time

    Kinda like the definition of "peaceful protest."
  5. time

    Out of curiosity, I wonder how many people voted for Biden just to get Trump out like they voted Trump to avoid Hilary four years ago? Was it really about Biden or just a hatred for Trump? Trump's positive effects are pretty evident in some aspects, for example, when was the last time we paid nearly $3/gallon for gas? Even in the midst of a pandemic, unemployment rate is what, 7%? Did anyone pay a fine the past few years for HAVING medical care that wasn't government approved? Is Trump a God or savior or even well spoken? No of course not. Biden said all the right things in his speech but that's expected from a career politician. Now we can only hope he can do what he said. The division didn't start with Trump, not since 2001 have we really felt united. The past 4 years were a witch hunt that nothing was proven or stuck. Biden has his skeletons in the closet too so we shall see. That being said, I hope he is successful on the unity aspect and helping us get out of this pandemic but it won't be a President to do that, it'll be science that will take time or simply natural occurrence. I don't see Biden being impeached or raked over the coals like Trump was his tenure unless Pelosi goes further off her rocker and seizes power for herself but then again, I doubt that since Biden is a yes man and will try to do whatever her and fellow Democrats tell him to do. People want Trump out because he wasn't one of them and defied the typical political rhetoric. He isn't without fault but don't think he was the horrible monster everyone makes it out to be imo. Let's see what the next 4 years brings and see if the right choice was made. Ultimately, we can't stop it and if Trump is successful overturning the results, no one will trust the election system again or Democrats for that matter and if not, he'll look just as silly as those that have been trying to crucify him his whole term.
  6. time

    Same thing happened 4 years ago, anyone but Clinton. I just can't wait for this bs to be over with. Look how easy it is to piss someone off just by saying "I voted/support ..." This didn't start within the past 4 years mind you. You know it's been roughly 20 years since we've been united. Hopefully what happened to cause that won't happen again. It won't be Trump or Biden to unite us, that's for damn sure. I wish we didn't put so much trust and power in the puppets in Washington. 99% of us can't afford to be heard, I mean really heard. Yes our votes matter but do you think either candidate really give a damn about the common man or woman? Is there a consensus of people in Congress really looking out for "we the people?" Do I have the answer? No, but i can tell you it doesn't lie in Trump, Pence, Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, et al. Sorry to be blunt but F the politicians. You want real change in this country? Act like respectable human beings and treat each other well. The vast majority of us know how to do that without watching the circus on tv and in Washington or at least we used to. That is the premise of We the People, not what we've seen the past few decades.
  7. time

    Did on Friday, took about 10 minutes at the Deaf Center. Of course I went around 10:30-11am.
  8. I-37 speedway updates 10-24-20

    Is it raining at the track, power outage, or are the races taking that long to run? Figured one of the mains would be completed within 2 hours.
  9. Tecate Season Championship Night

    They may have someone, but I haven't noticed anyone down there. I could very well be wrong though. I know there's usually someone post race with Race on Texas or XR.
  10. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Lol yeah I think I have a recorder from my college days, but not digital. I'm pretty knowledgeable with the three South Texas tracks but of course rarely do anything at I37 when I'm there since you usually are too. Myracepass app has been very helpful, especially when someone like USMTS or ASCS/SUS comes in or just to double check drivers/results. I'm not sure if there are too many drivers that actually know me that even like interviews. One thing I would like to do is get a good camera, especially at STS because I don't think they have anyone but I could be wrong outside of the videography. In the old days, we would get to the tracks early and the pit staff would let me come in, take pics then leave the pits before the driver's meetings and practice. Have drawers full of pictures from the 80s, 90s, early 2000s with actual film. My uncle worked at a photography studio so it was a way to see him, get my stuff developed and impressed him in my pre and early teens. I'm no TxTom but have some good stuff, especially for the age. Mikey Cullen's cars were always cool to photograph. Action shots I couldn't really master though.
  11. Tecate Season Championship Night

    It's amazing how STS does it without transponders and it's hard to keep track of 15-20-25 cars all at once. That's why usually in Features I only do top 5 Results and even then I'm not always right. Luckily lately we haven't had too many cars gets lapped. Those ladies have always done a good job up in that booth and it's a seemingly thankless job, one not many notice when they're right but do they ever hear it if they're wrong or assumed wrong.
  12. Tecate Season Championship Night

    No nor do I want to. I don't know how they keep up with it, especially when car counts are high.
  13. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Thank you
  14. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Especially with no contact with the officials, announcer doubling as race director and hard to hear the introductions with 20 Limiteds going by. By the way, Nick has done well pulling double duty and wonder if he's doing scorekeeping as well since Marcia moved. I wonder if I'm well enough known for interviews yet.
  15. Tecate Season Championship Night

    Official Results http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=337446&rt=sch