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  1. It would be fun to see how iRacing picks up CCS then.
  2. VIRUS

    We've adjusted our schedules out here and cut down the numbers in our crews to avoid the 10 people gathering rule. Of course, more reminders of washing hands, we do have a dirty job. Wearing gloves when possible, only working on emergencies, etc.
  3. VIRUS

    Yes 6 in Nueces County which will probably grow since more people are getting tested. Not to downplay this, but it's not an automatic death sentence for a positive test. Think times like these the FDA can bypass the 18 month requirement for new meds. The sad thing, this could be severely hampered if people did what most of us were taught, wash your hands, don't cough or sneeze on people, respect personal space, and if you're sick, stay home.
  4. VIRUS

    Hanging in there so far. Trying to stay "business as usual" as much as possible at work but precautionary measures are being taken. Amazing how important truckers, stockers, and others often overlooked have become. It's definitely a change but there have been some benefits.
  5. USMTS Night at STS

    Link to Official Results: http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=313734&rt=sch
  6. USMTS Night at STS

    USMTS Feature Winner 20 Jason Ingalls Dominating performance lapping up to 5th place.
  7. USMTS Night at STS

    USMTS Feature Top 5 1. 20 Jason Ingalls 2. 65 Tyler Davis 3. 71 Phillip Houston 4. 12 Jason Hughes 5. 49 Ryan Slott
  8. USMTS Night at STS

    Davis and Houston following and closing in on Ingalls as they are lapping up to 7th.
  9. USMTS Night at STS

    Ingalls just put a lap on last night's winner, Sanders who's 11th.
  10. USMTS Night at STS

    Housten giving Davis all he can handle as they negotiate through the lappers. Ingalls with a fairly sizable lead. Hughes alone in 4th, Slott still holding 5th.
  11. USMTS Night at STS

    Solid start as the top 5 separate from the pack, Sustaire leads the second pack and is reeling in Slott. Leaders into traffic now.
  12. USMTS Night at STS

    Caution flies again as Kates, Duvall and Hagar come together exiting 4. 10 laps complete and the top 5 are Ingalls, Davis, Houston, Hughes and Slott. Now they announce 8 complete.
  13. USMTS Night at STS

    Davis challenges Ingalls but stays on his tail. Great battle between Slott and Houston for 3rd. Caution back out as Iverson spins in 4. Ingalls, Davis, Slott, Houston and Hughes now the top 5.
  14. USMTS Night at STS

    Slott moves into second on the restart but a cluster of cars spin in 2. Duvall, Skyberg, Hagar among those involved. Ingalls, Davis, Slott, Houston and Sustaire will lead the field to green.
  15. USMTS Night at STS

    Good clean start as the fastest 40 laps in short track racing is underway. Ingalls with a great jump, Davis keeping pace but caution out as Hagar spins in 4. Ingalls, Davis, Slott, Houston, and Sustaire early top 5.