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  1. Thanks for clearing that up STS, guess I saw an early version of the flyer/schedule and kinda looked like Pure Stocks were only Saturday night, but very glad they're on for all three. Hope this event goes very well.
  2. Since there was only one maybe two Street Stocks every night, I wouldn't be surprised to see them cut from the ranks which is really unfortunate for those that did try to support the class. I don't know what happened to them but they weren't here, but Edna had a great SS class, I37 was decent in terms of car counts.
  3. Vinyl Wrap Companies

    The good news is you have plenty of options.
  4. 2019 Nascar

    Thanks PA for the info on Irwindale, glad to see it's still up and going. I grew up going to CCS and SAS so it is sad to see the state of asphalt racing in Texas. Hopefully HMP can get some momentum but Houston is having problems on both surfaces as it appears BGS is gone, Willis is gone, 105 always has people complaining and criticizing, think HMP and GT are running Limited schedules but could be wrong. CCS is dark for a few years, THR completely gone, SAS all but gone. I do wish the new SA track well and hope they don't get discouraged and all these people that clamor for a track will actually go and support them. Don't think they need NASCAR but I see the argument of NASCAR being successful trickling down to help local tracks succeed, but in an indirect way. I know promoters have tried on asphalt, hosting big money races and get a 💩 turnout on both ends. Now with asphalt tracks gone or limited, how many of those cars/drivers are still around and willing to go asphalt or did they convert to dirt? Will new cars/drivers come out? Who will carry the local Saturday night track? I guarantee it won't be NASCAR.
  5. 2019 Nascar

    People go to Bowman Gray for races? If NASCAR was so great, why is SAS closed? Or Odessa in Missouri or Irwindale and IRP short track. Hell they even went dirt awhile. IRP thrived on USAC races as I remember Thursday Night Thunder fondly. I'm sure people involved with SAS will disagree with the "money was flowing" statement.
  6. Championship Night at STS

    Oh and congrats to all of the winners last night and the Track Champions and to all the STS staff for putting on a great season and committing to a true finish to the season.
  7. Championship Night at STS

    Just glad everyone was ok, sorry to hear some cars are done. Nick, I'm glad I still have a place to do these, it was therapeutic for me after the last couple weeks. Thank you to those drivers and fans that sent well wishes. Anyhow, here is the link to the official results. http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=266589&rt=sch
  8. Championship Night at STS

    2018 Season is complete for South Texas Speedway and it was a good season despite all of the weather challenges. 2019 will kick off with a bang with the Jerry Whiteaker Memorial race in early March.
  9. Championship Night at STS

    LLM Feature Winner 99V Trey Votion 2018 LLM Champion Adrian Awalt
  10. Championship Night at STS

    SS/LLM Feature Top 5 1. 99V 2. 22T 3. 53X 4. 17 5. 44
  11. Championship Night at STS

    Caution for debris, final 5 laps taking awhile. Votion, Grimes, M. Fox, Q. Henderson and Awalt top 5.
  12. Championship Night at STS

    Votion takes the lead out of 4 coming back to the green.
  13. Championship Night at STS

    Caution flies just as Votion passes Grimes for the lead. Grimes, Votion, M. Fox, Q. Henderson and P. Arce top 5.
  14. Championship Night at STS

    Grimes way out front now. Votion in 2nd. Awalt spins C. Fox entering 3 and gets sent to the rear. Grimes, Votion, M. Fox, Q. Henderson and L. Fox the top 5 with about 8 laps remaining.
  15. Championship Night at STS

    Leonard pulls off moving Awalt into the top 5 but it's a 3 car race with Grimes, Fox and Votion.