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  1. Is this another Nick Holt creation?

    Couldn't agree more. Everyone I met from RoT have been passionate and approachable in my experience.
  2. Is this another Nick Holt creation?

    Just messing with you Nick. Glad to see the RoT banner up there and I'm appreciative of this site.
  3. Is this another Nick Holt creation?

    Maybe the LTA profits can keep the forum going
  4. Well worth the 20 minutes. Amazing tribute by Rapid Speedway and Jacob Foster, the 12 year old driver that let Caleb drive his car last month. He even gets into the backstory of his car too. The statement about Caleb's impact read by one of the track officials is right on too. Here's the link (Vid. Credit to Advantage Racing TV)
  5. That's an awesome sight even though it's a sad occasion.
  6. Cancer sucks regardless of age. Drew, I'm glad the health is fine and you're getting the skin issue taken care of. Mike, exactly. We could be having the worse time in our lives, then you see something like that and realize a lot of more important things. Not to downplay cancer in adults, but at least we have attempted life. Hearing about a child with terminal illness is so devastating yet the few stories or children I've met seem to fight harder and make the best out of it. It's inspiring despite the sadness.
  7. This is on the roof of the car Caleb drove, it's normally driven by a 12 year old young man. He's raced in 18 events this season and has done 59 appearances for Childhood cancer related events this season. Quite a prolific story this young man has gone through. But Drew, and everyone else for that matter, think this is an amazing quote and this young man gets it.
  8. Drew, you're a stand up guy and I don't think it's selfish at all. Miss seeing you on the track and hope you're health is good or improving. Your wraps always looked good so can't wait to see it.
  9. Looking for some info

    I can only speak of the locations but both CBS and HoT are IMCA tracks, I37 and STS use mostly IMCA rules with very few exceptions for big money races. I would start with looking up IMCA Southern Sport Mod rules. Think you can be competitive with a more cost efficient shock packages, maybe around $1000. Some guys may have been successful with less. As for the Dwarfs, they are a traveling series. DCRST runs CBS, I37, STS, maybe TRP, and HMP on asphalt. The group that runs Waco is part of the Lone Star Dwarf Car Series and runs the Dallas area tracks with HoT.
  10. My thoughts yesterday when I read the news: As I'm struggling for the right words I realize there are none. However, two observations I've made in instances like this: 1. Children are our greatest warriors. They fight the hardest and have the strongest will to keep on until their last breath. 2. Children can bring out the best in humanity. A child's one simple wish led to overwhelming support from all over the nation. He wanted stickers and he got them, in surplus, most from people that have never met him or his family. He also got to live out a few dreams in the last few weeks of his young life. He got a ride along in a $3 million Ferrari race car that was sent from Florida. He also drove (and won) in a dirt stock car. He won so much more than a race, he won the hearts of many. He won by living life to the fullest. He won by being an inspiration to many others. I saw an article a few days ago about how we shouldn't say someone lost the battle to cancer, especially in childhood cancer. Caleb Hammonds did not lose anything, he won and is in the Winner's Circle now where cancer can no longer affect him. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts as they mourn his passing but as someone else said, this isn't a good bye, it's a see you later.
  11. Unfortunately young Caleb got his wings early this morning.
  12. Agree with everything HiTech said and this post was clear lol. But yes, thank you Nick for everything and all of the people I've met through here, even people I only see here and wouldn't know if I was standing next to them, and the countless reports and info from all around Texas. On a personal note, I enjoyed writing race summaries from tracks I was at and glad to know others read them too. I can think Reb for that, probably the only time I put my English degree to use. It will be sad and definitely different without LSSZ, so thank you for all that everyone has done on here, the people I've met or followed on here, and even to the silent ones that followed everything in this forum.
  13. AOC Auto Parts/ASCS Night 2

    Not pointing fingers at the track one bit, especially if it's a paid sponsor. Think the big classes were or will be rewarded at different times of the year, they're trying to make improvements on the facility so if that means drinking a Root Beer or Tea and have a better track/races, I'll sacrifice DP lol.
  14. AOC Auto Parts/ASCS Night 2

    Well thank you for the compliments and didnt didn't know the bar has DP. Hopefully you guys can figure it out and both cars get back up front.
  15. AOC Auto Parts/ASCS Night 2

    I saw Josh's 360 and was quite impressed, knew they scrambled around him and everyone did a great job to miss him. Unfortunately for Jesse he was the one to find something else to hit. Another rough weekend for him for sure. Yes they do have hot dogs, had one last night. Guess Root Beer will suffice.