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  1. South Texas Speedway announces 2018 schedule

    Just saw USMTS Banquet is at the end of January but regardless I'm sure the info will be available with time to spare.
  2. South Texas Speedway announces 2018 schedule

    If I remember correctly, USMTS picks the support classes and they just wrapped up their banquet and convention appearances. If that's the case, I'm sure word will be put out soon. I could be wrong. If it's up to the track, they may be waiting on the rules meetings they're holding to find the best fit. Usually they have Limited Mod and Pure Stock as support when I've seen USMTS but who knows. I'm sure we'll get answers sooner rather than later.
  3. Sutherland Springs - Kris Workman

    One of the San Antonio area racers is among the injured. Thinking of him and everyone else involved.
  4. It's Championship Night at I-37 TONIGHT, Oct 21

    Showed up on a whim but really enjoyed the night there. Had a little of everything. Show ran smooth and was cool to see the track honor their champions on the track after the features. Even got to hear a familiar voice with Owen guess announcing. Pure Stocks were outstanding. Great job by the I37 staff and hope 2018 will be a great year for them. May come back up in a few weeks for the two day show.
  5. Adam Perks and Shawn Kline

    Naw I got you STP. STS doesn't seem to have been as bad as some of the other tracks but STS has traditionally been a physical track. There will be bumps but nothing too out of control at least not the few nights I've made it out.
  6. Adam Perks and Shawn Kline

    Job well done by all of the local classes, stepping it up with ASCS in town and SRO in the stands. Kline and Perks definitely set the stage on a great night of racing. ASCS was probably the most uncontested race of the evening but that just goes to show you how good it was and how good the drivers and races are at STS. Congrats to Kline, Laven, Sandoval and Butcher on their wins and of course Kulhanek. Great to see Sprints back on STS surface again, they still haul the mail.
  7. ASCS Night

    She was sitting sideways in 3-4 and another car slid into her door to door. I saw her walking around after the races, arm was taped and iced I believe.
  8. ASCS Night

    Rumblings walking through the pits after the show, there will be some penalties accessed so these results will vary from official rulings but will leave that in the hands of STS officials when they post official results later. Great night of racing, full house, and everyone worked hard to put on a great show.
  9. ASCS Night

    Pure Stock Top 5: 1. 33JP 2. 34 3. 7 4. 38 5. 58
  10. ASCS Night

    Walters pulls to the infield with two left.
  11. ASCS Night

    Brodnax and Sewell in a good battle for fifth. Miller and Westfall right with them.
  12. ASCS Night

    Carlucci catches Walters sleeping on the restart and takes second. Top four nose to tail.
  13. ASCS Night

    Under red as they check on Ciara Smith, hope she's ok.
  14. ASCS Night

    Smith, Wilson, Hendricks, Dudley come together in three, yellow back out.
  15. ASCS Night

    Wilson spins in two and I don't know how they missed him, Stat green. Castaneda breaks exiting four and Westfall spins in four, back under caution. Parks, Walters, Carlucci, Sandoval, and Brodnax top 5 now.