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  1. carmen

    Sorry to hear Mike, our thoughts are with her family and friends.
  2. Championship Night Rescheduled Date

    Even better, won't be on call the 17th.
  3. WOW! WHAT A NIGHT at Texana!

    Oh I wanted to go but didn't want to walk in the door at 2 or 3 am then get called into work at 8.
  4. WOW! WHAT A NIGHT at Texana!

    Been checking for 2 days lol. Patience? What's that?
  5. WOW! WHAT A NIGHT at Texana!

    Nevermind just checked again and they're up now.
  6. WOW! WHAT A NIGHT at Texana!

    Anyone have the rest of the Limited Mod Feature Results, they never got posted on myracepass? Was following on that since I went on call this morning and sure enough, awake about 5 minutes before the phone rang.
  7. STS posted this just awhile ago:
  8. Unfortunately

    Mother Nature claims Tecate Championship Night tonight but will be rescheduled per STS Facebook page.
  9. AOC Auto Parts Championship Race Night 2

    2011 GMC Sierra with the 5.3. He thought a/c may be a switch, actuator, resistor...my mother-in-law's SUV had something similar with her a/c and it was the evaporator. When the mechanic looked at it, the blower will kick on but the compressor wasn't getting power.
  10. AOC Auto Parts Championship Race Night 2

    A/C is out and something up with the brake system. They work but they light up the warning lights about the ABS, traction control, service brake system. Mechanic at work said the booster is sucking up the fluid. As for the a/c, he wasn't sure. The blower will kick on but not cold. It's not a freon (or whatever they use now) leak. He thought it could be something as simple (but not simple to get to) as a switch or a compressor or this or that.
  11. AOC Auto Parts Championship Race Night 2

    I'm grateful to keep my job and still working so can't complain too much. I know others have it much worse. The extra money would help make the repairs I need on my truck.
  12. I-37 Speedway updates 8/29/20

    I wasn't there but saw the video and was wondering where he jumped the start. Did he get going then slow down, then back on the gas? Jesse did get screwed though, had a solid second place run and possibly a win if the leader somehow jumped a start which in itself is interesting since I thought they controlled the restart. Almost every track I've been too let's the field pass then throw the yellow on the backstretch in these situations, especially in the era of raceceivers and a good race director getting on it where everyone has a good chance to slow up and reset. Sounds like a bad deal for everyone involved and hope it wasn't intentionally done.
  13. Texas Trucks $10,000 to Win TSTRS/HMP

    They've been getting good car counts for the most part.
  14. AOC Auto Parts Championship Race Night 2

    A raise would be nice since Covid took that option away at work at least temporarily (5 months and counting) but at least I can still get a check.
  15. AOC Auto Parts Championship Race Night 2

    Track looked great from the stands and the few drivers I talked to afterwards had nothing but good things to say about the track surface.