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  1. Trackside NSB

    Nick, must be those Auto Zone parts lol. HiTech, that's a funny prank unless you're on the receiving end of it. I didn't remember much of Johnny White's racing career but his cars did look good. One night we went to Murdock's and they had his old door hanging on the ceiling. Not sure if it's still there or not but it got my attention. Of course the people I was with were hockey guys, not racers, so I may have been the only one that noticed it.
  2. Trackside NSB

    We have a picture of the race car upside down on top of a parked passenger car at my parents' house somewhere. Believe it was Eddy Biershwald (sp?) That was in the racecar. Think Greg Davidson went airborne there as well and made it a few rows in the parking lot. Johnny White, I think, went over at CCS and landed on someone else's trailer in the pits.
  3. Trackside NSB

    Saw something similar at SAS. Car entered the pits a little hot, hit a slick spot and door slammed a truck parked by the scales.
  4. Luckily, my few years of being a spotter only yielded a couple one finger salutes, a driver completely giving me the cold shoulder while waiting for the field go by as he was being sent to the back, and a driver or two telling me to get away. Sad thing on that driver, I had nothing to do with the call they were upset about, but guilty by association I guess. On the other end, I had a driver thank me for coming by and talking to him after the race he may or may not had a bad call made against him. I also got roosted a time or two which I just laughed and clapped next time they went by under yellow. I always tried to put something between myself and any possible contact with a car, however one night at Shady Oaks, a driver's steering wheel came off down the front stretch and went sliding through the infield. He was close enough for me to see the oh $#!+ look in his eyes as he was reaching for the steering wheel as he went by about 5-10 feet away. He even asked if I was ok before I could check on him. Somehow I was more worried about him getting the car stopped before sliding back on the track with no steering wheel. Funny one, also in Goliad, I noticed one driver giving some love taps exiting the track. As I was running over towards them (and probably the last time I truly ran lol) the driver getting hit looked at me with the wtf look and the other driver stopped immediately. No one else even saw what was going on and I don't know what I would have done once I got to the two cars but was thankful he stopped. It was a young driver at the time so obviously wouldn't confront the driver (actually both were probably under 18 at the time) but his dad gave me a little smirk and didn't have any issues the rest of the weekend. Back to the subject here though, the fights I've seen thankfully didn't involve track officials except one very upset promoter bravely getting in the face of a driver known for being tough to say the least. Thankfully the driver didn't cross the line with the promoter and honestly, wouldn't have blamed him and didn't blame the promoter for being upset but maybe was a little too excited. The fighting people or groups usually didn't involve innocents or officials physically and usually stopped soon after officials or police showed up.
  5. Sames Ford Bash at the Beach

    Yes Nick, I saw a report on that earlier. Didn't stick around for tech and have no idea what it was for and wouldn't say it if I did know. Evidently tech was strict as a Factory Stock driver won his Heat and had to go through a B Main due to a tech issue. So Gould, Temple and Mikulencak all swept the weekend races. In fairness to Marcus, he was challenging Maupin in the latter part of the race so it wasn't like he was a distant second on the track, one slip up and he would have crossed first but those two always seemed like they were racing each other all year last year so no surprise 2021 started the same way and it doesn't matter what cars they're in as both have driven multiple cars. Marcus drove Aramendia's car this weekend and Maupin in a Pollaro car.
  6. Sames Ford Bash at the Beach

    I much rather have it cold or cool than 100s. I did scrape ice off my windshield before work one morning last week. Global warming I guess that's why we've had snow 2-3 times in the last 10-20 years and probably will snow again within the next 10 years. Not scientific guess, just a hunch, there is a Holt that may be able to answer that with scientific data though lol. I'd take ice and snow over another hurricane though. That wasn't fun at all. Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature.
  7. Sames Ford Bash at the Beach

    May I remind you, I'm usually wet while at work too. I like cold, I don't mind wet, but not together add in it was 4 days of making sewer repairs in 40 degree weather. I know the oil field guys are probably laughing at this though. It always seems like the track is at least ten degrees cooler than it is in the city.
  8. Sames Ford Bash at the Beach

    Wasn't too bad last night but light freeze on Friday night wasn't kosher for me after working in it all week.
  9. Sames Ford Bash at the Beach

    Sport Mod A Main Winner 96 Jared Maupin
  10. Sames Ford Bash at the Beach

    Sport Mod A Main Top 5 1. 96 Jared Maupin 2. 79 Marcus Mikulencak 3. 99 Edward Oakes 4. 30K Cody Leonard 5. 03 GW Hessong
  11. Sames Ford Bash at the Beach

    Miller and Leonard try to split Mendoza and finally get around. Maupin starting to check out as Oakes closes on Mikulencak for 2nd. Wilkerson and Leonard round out top 5. Leonard up to 4th and Jennings spins himself to keep off Wilkerson. Maupin, Mikulencak, Oakes, Leonard and Wilkerson top 5 late.
  12. Sames Ford Bash at the Beach

    Maupin and Mikulencak putting some ground on Oakes as they battle hard for the lead. Wilkerson and Mendoza hold 4th and 5th but caution out again as Butcher is spun around and stalled in 3.
  13. Sames Ford Bash at the Beach

    Top 5 of Maupin, Mikulencak, Oakes, Wilkerson and Mendoza on restart with 19 left.
  14. Sames Ford Bash at the Beach

    Still can't get more than 1 lap complete at a time. Maupin, Oakes, Mikulencak, Wilkerson and Buckmeyer top 5 with just 3 complete.