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  1. Thank you from Mission Auto Parts

    2015 has been a great year for so many. We would like to give thanks the many people that have helped made it a success. Congratulations, Anthony Gordon 2015 Cotton Bowl Street Stock champion. John Heil TALMS 2015 champion car owner Rick Pollaro. Brent Ritter 2015 San Antonio Raceway Top Eliminator track champion. Robert Barker second in points Central Texas Speedway and current Street Stock record holder 15.727 Jake Kruger Pro modified current record holder Central Texas Speedway 15.022 and for the last race win. Jake also had won all the HMP 2015 Pro Modified races in 2015. Car owner Rick Pollaro. Thank you to all our customers and for all those special people that supported these race teams.
  2. Congratulations Anthony Gordon 22

    Congratulations to Anthony Gordon for a hard earned Cotton Bowl 2015 Street Stock Championship. From all of us at Mission Auto, job well done to you all. Thank you Anthony and Russell for all the years of your support.
  3. Congratulations to Kruger - Pollaro on three strait Pro Modified wins at HMP. What a start to 2015. Kruger not only wins the Pro Mod event but also wins the pro late model race. With a group like Kruger Pollaro John Bill all working together they should be hard to beat this year. Congraqtulations to all those that have made it happen from Mission Auto Parts.
  4. Congratulations to Rick Pollaro for #1 pole setting qualifying run and setting new Pro Truck track record in Pensacola, Florida today. Mission Auto Parts wishes you and all that help you the very best in the race later today.
  5. Congratulations Wild Child Motorsports Rick, family and crew three championships in two weeks must be a dream come true. Something no one can ever take away is being a small part of your awesome year. Thank you for trusting and allowing us to provide motors for you. From all of us at Mission Auto Parts Thank you and God Bless you. 2013 NASCAR BWFS Coke Truck Champion Rick Pollaro 2013 SAS Truck Champion Rick Pollaro 2013 SAS Pro Modified Champion Jake Kruger
  6. Official Point Standings for 2013 Season

    Congratulations championship winner 41 Wade Jones and race winner 118 Anthony Gordon from all of us at Mission Auto.
  7. Wild Child Motorsports AWESOME 2013 @ SAS

    Rick and all those that have worked so hard to help win the truck and modified championships well done. Congratulations and thank you.
  8. Thank you and congratulations on your success at the last SAS race. Would like to thank 96 Rick Pollaro(track champion) 97 Jake Kruger(track champion) and race winner. 17 Robert Barker street stock race winner. Great runs from Modifieds 05 Bayley Currey and 14 James Cole Jr. second and third place. Also great to see 3 Mike Reininger win Pro Late Model. We appreciate and congratulate you on a great year. From very one at Mission Auto, thank you.
  9. Would the Obama machine bail out the track if they would power it with solar panels?
  10. COTA isn't happy with its tax bill - Going to court

    The greed mongrels at it again. Do government employees need more paid vacation days more pensions, more sick days, more medical and dental care?
  11. Loss of Donny Horelka

    To the Horelka family our thoughts and prayers go out to you. Donnie will be missed by us all. From all the people at Mission Auto Parts you will be missed. Danny,Amelia,Tom & John.
  12. WE would like to thank all the race car owners, teams that have been so good to work with in this past year. Not only have they been special to work with but have become good friends. Rick Pollaro and all those that work with you including Barker, Heil, Kruger and so many more having many wins in several classes at HMP and Thunder hill. The latest being, Sept 22, 2012 Thunder hill Raceway 96 Rick Pollaro Sport Mod Feature Race Winner. 96 Jake Kruger NASCAR A-Line Modified Race winner With a second place in the truck with Rick driving at S.A.S in its opening race. Congratulations to Russell Gordon his son Anthony and team for a great year running the Sport Mod and Street Stock many at GAP I-37 Pleasanton TX. 2011 Street Stock Shoot out win. Also to Trey Votion for winning the Dirt Limited late Model championship at GAP I-37 Raceway, Pleasanton TX. Two years in a row. And to Wade Jones for winning the 2012 Allgayer's, Inc. South Texas Street Stock Shootout. Thanks to all car owners, drivers, and pit crew for all your hard work and sacrifice that made 2012 a great year. Wishing you all a Blessed 2013. From every one at Mission Auto Parts.
  13. Anthony Gordon

    Congraulations on your street stock shootout win. To Anthony, Russell, Jim, and all the people involved, great job from all of us at Mission Auto Parts.
  14. Congratulations from all of us at Mission auto on your 2012 Limited Late Model championship. Considering you have been 250 pounds overweight and still running an old SAS late model Ford motor from 2006 and to top it off having a bad wreck early on you all overcame a lot this year. Keep up the good work. It has been fun. Tom
  15. Congratulations, Rick Pollare (sport mod) winner Jake Kruger (modified) winner Also would like to congratulate Beau on your truck win race one last week at HMP. Also what a great run by Robert Barker in his first modified race. From all of us at Mission Auto Parts