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  1. We lost another one....Bad news, Good news

    Lanny Edwards bought the track. New website is rpmdirt.com
  2. Anyone have these for Saturday? Any idea where to get them on a consistent basis? Web page is use less at this point.
  3. To bad they didn't give you the SST results. This group is non existant in PR. Hard to believe since they were the founding fathers of the 305's on Texas. Jim
  4. Can anyone post the top 5 or 10 in the sprint feature? Thanks in advance.
  5. We also have Lubbock in this same category. At least they have an email listed but don't answer it.
  6. Rather unbeliveable, only sanction or track that does't post there result somewhere and they have a good website. I do all every week, check out sprintsource.com and I guess you get what they want.
  7. Anyone know where to find their results. They are not on their web page.
  8. Other than Jason Howell winning, anyone seen any full blown results?
  9. Thanks, don't do Facebook due to security breaches.
  10. Anyone have the following: Complete sprint feature results. Email address for this track. Know any place they are posting results. Thanks Jim
  11. Friend way smarter than me got this off facebook. Fri-Tony Bruce Jr, Preston Peebles II, Kolt Walker, Josh Baughman, Brandon Williams, John Carney, Eric Williams, Leighton Crouch. Sat-Peebles II, Walker, Chris Douglas, B Williams, Crouch, E Williams
  12. Anyone have any results from Lubbock last Friday and Saturday. Web page has no way to contact the track. Thanks
  13. Where do you nomally post your results. I saw some on speednetdirect.com last year. Looking for Saturdays sprint results. Thanks in advance. Jim
  14. You do an outstanding job reporting. Thanks.