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  1. October 20th rained out

    Rain out? I don't have Facebook.
  2. the emod crash

    What message? Can you come by about 7
  3. Times

    What time is racing schedule for Friday? For us workers need to adjust what we have to do to get ready.
  4. Race on texas

    Are still sponsored by them? If so do we have season view again?
  5. Sat 28th - sts

    You like Kitty Kat ah ah ah I'll bet you like the chocolate dark ones.
  6. Sat 28th - sts

    Any idea what's going on with plans for the night. Do I bring candys or not.
  7. Payouts for the Big Buck$ $hootout

    Okay thanks.
  8. Payouts for the Big Buck$ $hootout

    On entry fee $75 per night does that include driver and car?
  9. The Chase Heats Up

    The draw is good for only heat races but for feature the same cars start at front. The feature should be a redraw for the whole class or don't run any heats just feature with the draw.
  10. The Chase Heats Up

    Al say invert the whole field.
  11. Oct 28 race

    Could it be An Halloween havoc race .drives can give candy to kids.
  12. WOW ! What a night!

    Talking about race on Texas did ken say we had a free season. If so how do we log on?. What is that pass word? Anybody know.
  13. Practice

    That's a good idea!!!!! -