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  1. 2016 South Texas Nationals status

    Agree or disagree with the call its done . We all learn from it JJ&s gotta move on.Thats what I'm gonna do MOVE ON
  2. South Texas shootout

    Are the sport mods running all the IMCA rules, or the rules we normally run?
  3. Pure Stock

    Can you run a MSD module in a stock HEI?
  4. Pure Stock

    Can you run a MSD module in a stock hei
  5. Memorial day race

    What's about the rest of us ,are we not eligible ?
  6. April 30th races

    I accept your apology ,it turned out pretty good.
  7. Southern sport Mods

    WTG Hobbs
  8. Please explain/clarify these rules

    Some cars spin a lot more then others,and i don't need them in front me every week just to give them an advantage to win.
  9. Please explain/clarify these rules

    I pay for cars that get torn up also and tires that get burnt up. You guys that want invert the field need to get cars so we will have a full field and we can get a full purse.
  10. Need your Help

    Your right Broc and that was about 1980
  11. Need your Help

    Yes that's my dad james
  12. Please explain/clarify these rules

    I would like the rules clarified also $325.00 to win sport mods , $ 500.00 to win pure stock. I think I want a pure stock .

    Not interested in building a new car

    I like the rules from last year.
  15. E Mod Spoiler Option for 2016

    All the asphalt pull offs that we've been running rollout about 82 to 86". What do the Southwest Speed rollout ?