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  1. Don Fowler

    Has anyone heard anything about him? I had Don Jr # but lost it. Maybe Big John has some info. Last I heard he was living with one of his daughters.
  2. Clarence Lovell

    He would have turned 65 today. Rest in Peace Slim.
  3. need pics

    The season is over which means your race car is part of history. I know you took one or two pictures of your car this past season so please post them on here for us to enjoy. if you have trouble posting them please let Nick or myself know and we will help you out. Thanks.
  4. I'm back

    It's been a long time but I'm back now. Time to catch up on what is going on in the racing world
  5. I'm back

    My house is a mad house. I just got burnt out there for a while. I got the itch again so you'll just have to put up with me.
  6. Race cars

    Nick Can you move parts 1 and 2 to this section? If not then I will re-post them to here.
  7. Clerance Lovell

    Today would have been Clerance lovells 67th birthday. You are remembered and greatly missed.
  8. John Rezek 1979 NASCAR

    Rezek's Superior Automotive 1917 Koster Rd Alvin, TX 77511 (4407) 281-331-3711
  9. John Rezek 1979 NASCAR

    John is my cousin (by marriage). He lives in Alvin Tx with his wife Ronda. He owns his own auto shop in Alvin. Back before NASCAR and ARCA John raced on the local Texas tracks. Here are a few pics of his #57.
  10. Race cars

    At one time I put some pics on here but they seem to have disapeared. So......here we go again. Any info on these would be great.
  11. Update from the Suberg Family

    Im praying for both you guys. Im sorry to hear about the infection but glad to hear that the organs are doing good. Please continue to keep us updated.
  12. CTS Rules

    Hear we go AGAIN! Why does every track want the whole pie? A few years back Nick had a great idea to bring all the tracks together with a common set of rules which would be good for everyone and the tracks didnt want to play that way. I really wish Nick would bring this up again to the very few tracks (Asphalt) we still have. Asphalt racing will never grow again unless ALL involved learn to play nice and together. HMP has done their home work and has invested a lot of time and money to make their program work. Its not perfect but it works. So why not go with their plan? I dont know how to build a race team or manage a race track but I can read and see what works and what doesnt. Wake up people. SAS, CTS and even CCS needs to swallow their pride or what ever and get with HMPs program. Im going back into hibernation again because I cant stand whats going on in racing today any longer. I use to be a paying fan. Not anymore. Not until something local has a show worth going to.
  13. HELLMUND Gustavo Hellmund, loving husband and devoted father, passed away on January 14 after a lengthy illness. He was born in Mexico City, Mexico on August 28, 1946. He grew up in Mexico City and came to the United States to attend high school in Austin, Texas. Gustavo returned to Mexico City to pursue his automotive passion. He was four-time national Trans-Am champion and later promoted racing events that included the successful Copa Mexico races for international Formula Atlantic, international Trans-Am and the PPG CART Indy-Car Series. He ultimately received the promoter of the year in 1980 for the CART Indy-Car Series event. Gustavo was the youngest promoter to receive such an award. Additionally, he founded the Mexican Federation of Motor Sports and sold the company Gran Premio de Mexico de Formula 1 for the successful return of Formula 1 to Mexico in 1986. Gustavo is survived by his wife, Julie Hellmund; sons, Tavo Hellmund and wife, Aryn, Mike Hellmund and wife, Alison; daughter, Cristina Hellmund; grandchildren, Kate and Lyla Hellmund, Olivia and Christian Hellmund; mother, Martha Rosas de Guerrero; brothers and sisters, Guillermo Hellmund, Gerardo Hellmund, Martha Guerrero, Adolfo Hellmund, Alejandro Hellmund, Celina Hellmund, Yolanda Hellmund; aunts, uncles, cousins and extended family. MEMORIAL MASS THURSDAY, JANUARY 17, 2013 1:00 P.M. HOLY TRINITY CATHOLIC CHURCH 20523 HUEBNER ROAD In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorial gifts in Gustavo's name be made to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital . You are invited to sign the Guestbook at www.porterloring.com Arrangements with
  14. Services for Frank Torres

    RIP Frank
  15. SAS 2013

    I dont know the first thing about the difference in these cars. All I know is I want to see and hear these monsters go around SAS. There has to be something that can make these cars equal. There are lots of smart people out there that can come up with the answer Im sure. Use weight, intakes ,carbs, shocks, hell,give the slower cars some nitrous. Whatever it takes. There is a whole lot of $ tied up in those things. Its a shame they have to be parked. So PLEASE...someone come up with something.
  16. Most of us on here dont own or drive a race car but we love to watch them. I know that about 90% of you guys that have cars/trucks/whatever have a phone that has a camera. PLEASE take just a moment and take a pic or two of your ride as it is right now so we can see what your racing this year. We are your FANS and would love to see your rides as you are getting them ready. We dont care what stage they are in right now. We just want to see those machines. Just send them to me or even Nick and we will get them posted on here for you. Thanks PAPA (210)618-2345 aapapa@swbell.net P.S. You can send them to my phone or computer. Either way will work. Thanks again.
  17. Wasnt that "Stylized #3" Richards before it was Dales?
  18. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rick Pollaro

    Prayers sent Rick. I know how hard this is for you.