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  1. Fox 29 in San Antonio had a story tonight on ACM and the future plans for the facility. Said it included an asphalt oval, a dirt track, and shopping centers and hotels in the future to turn it into a huge destination.
  2. I-37 Speedway live updates 4-22-17

    Did something happen with the Sport Compacts?
  3. CTS Update

    Im not sure if there have been any lawsuits against the track or landowner in the past, but it seems like this one pushed him over the edge to say its not worth it, combined with the increasing value of the land.
  4. Asphalt car count in Texas right now.

    #47 Hartwick and #71 Wetz Sport Compacts are planning on being back.
  5. 31st

    Someone streaming on Periscope passed Central Texas Speedway a few minutes ago on I-35. You can see the Hyundai dealership at least. You should be able to view the archive of the stream by clicking on the link and pressing play. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1ynKOQwQQNOJR
  6. 31st

    Not sure if there was very much damage from the tornado in New Braunfels. I know there is some power lines down. Flooding is the major problem now, listening to the scanners it sounds like there are a lot of high water rescues going on, and the Comal River is shooting up pretty quick.
  7. CTS Budweiser 250 schedule Aug 1, 2015

    I agree with Medusa, it was very hot when we did it last time and the weather forecast is calling for higher temperatures for this race. It might be more enjoyable for other drivers and fans as well if the meet and greet is more towards the middle of the show rather than the beginning, giving time for the temperature/asphalt to cool off a few degrees for this weeks race.
  8. We are gonna be running a second Sport Compact along with the 71. Not sure on the number yet.
  9. Sport compact finish

    I technically didn't wreck out, I limped it home to the finish lol. Me and the 4 had a nice battle going in the last two laps.
  10. NASCAR Owners Form Race Team Alliance

    I believe this is how the CART/Indycar split started.
  11. If I remember right its: 1. 32 2. 29 3. 28 4. 27 5. 26 6. 25 7. 24 8. 23 9. 22 ..... And I think there is a bonus point for leading a lap.
  12. Registration Form

    That is me. Thank you.
  13. Registration Form

    Do you know who has registered because I sent my registration in last week for the #71 Sport Compact and I just wanted to confirm whether y'all got it or not?
  14. I'd like to run but with all of the problems we've had with my car we probably won't have it running by then.