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  1. Texana

    Thank you Nick for stepping up and asking somebody to help us out not all of us out there can get to the websites that were posted and a bunch of people at the track were having the same problem thank you Rodney for doing what you did
  2. Forum for All

    Thank you Rodney I know you were the announcer that takes in and you stepped supposed to results after I bitched awesome job that's why I always rely on lonestarspeedzone
  3. Texana results

    Thank you
  4. Texana results

    That little snip was nice but what about everybody else where did everybody else place in the race would like to know
  5. Texana results

    Race pass had nothing at all
  6. Texana

    Somebody tell me where to get results from last night's races in Edna
  7. Texana results

    Can anybody tell me where to find results from this weekend's racing
  8. just some old photos

  9. just some old photos

    Ronnie Geoff dad was Walter
  10. Modified For Sale (Price Reduced)

    This is a brand new awesome car repeat brand new car top-of-the-line everything
  11. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Nick
  12. Rear axel - FOUND ONE!

    Already found one thank you
  13. Anybody in San Antonio have a 12-bolt rear end axle Chevrolet pick up1976
  14. wait what....how in the hell.....

    I agree with you rib what the hell