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  1. IMO he (David Ragan) must be really strapped for cash...whats everyone else's opinion? https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2022/01/12/david-ragan-to-run-daytona-500-for-rick-ware-racing/
  2. they need to attend one of your suspension seminars so you can sell them a book or two and get some of your $$ back
  3. Watch Terry James on RUSS

    I remember him well, if not mistaken he was the first guy I saw at Thunderhill with a Nascar like toolbox, very cool. Him and that guy out of Houston who drove the bright yellow #6 car in ROMCO series(Think his name was Doug Lege?) I just got done listening to Bobby Joe New and it was excellent. I was standing next to Papa New in the spectator stands in the pits next to the fence and saw Bobby Joe stop his car and get out and throw the steering wheel. Papa was holding a coke can and smashed it into the chain link fence, He then picked up the can and smashed it again and it went thru the fence and onto the track...funniest thing I ever saw him do. He was HOT is an understatement. And yes they did drive the car to Southside Jeep back home some times north on 183, I watched it leave. Dave Cooke used to "test" his car around the 3M plant on 2222 and then drive it back to the shop on Saturday mornings, we used walkie talkies and headsets because I'd be his lookout . Good Times Thanks again Rodney for digging this up from your archives for me and Happy Holidays to you and Family as well!!
  4. holidays

    You have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year yourself Mr Hi-Tech and Family
  5. Watch Terry James on RUSS

    I do too....I recall in the early 90's you had a choice of red or green fuel and we used green ($5.00 a gallon) if not mistaken. I can smell it right now and Sunday mornings I had a headache when I woke up from it. So many memories and good ones too from there. Stands were packed and everyone had a good time. Thanks for the Bobby Joe interview, I completely missed that one. Thought I had heard them all. guess not.
  6. Watch Terry James on RUSS

    Great Interview, I'd never heard Terry talk so much but it was great and brought back big memories for me. I recall his biggest rivalries were with Stormin' Steve but IMO the bigger one was with Ralph and Calvin Cantwell, some escalated to the extreme at times. Memories at Longhorn were parking next to Bobby Joe New and Junior in the 5 were next to the News. I can recall Keith Sandefur was sponsored one season by Louise Epstein who was running for Austin City Council. Can recall local TV and radio personalities racing one night, Bama Brown stands out. He drove Shawn Grimlands car if not mistaken. Shawn (RIP) used to bring the girls from the Red Rose and the bouncer to the races and a couple of years sponsored the fireworks at 4th of July...great times. I crew chiefed for Dave Cooke (RIP) in the 7 car we affectionately called "Cupcake" since Dave won like 14 races in 1993 if memory serves me. Our competition was Bobby Joe, Jimmy Meredith, Ron Chambers, Larry Houston and probably more I'm forgetting. My heroes who I always enjoyed talking with were Luther New and Junior Medlock. Those guys enriched my life and filled me in on a ton of stories and backstories. Thanks Rodney and Bobby for doing this interview....I'm glad I finally found the time to listen to this! You guys should try and get Bobby Joe to come on the show.
  7. help

    Wow....you folks are INCREDIBLE......Tis the season for humans to help humans . GREAT JOB!!!
  8. Snowball 2021

    Thanks Rodney for the updates! We appreciate your efforts. Question, Casey Smith was entered in the Snowball and Greg Davidson was entered in the Outlaws. Did they not show or did they fail to qualify? Asking for a friend LOL 😂
  9. Lone Star Speedzone needs help

    Thank you Rodney and Bobby, I enjoy your show, guest, expert insight. Always enjoy the dialogue and history!
  10. I used to say it was good night at the track when we put the car on the trailer with the front end forward rather than put on backwards by the wrecker.
  11. Lone Star Speedzone needs help

    That is stepping up for sure!!!! Great News!!!
  12. Lone Star Speedzone needs help

    Has help been extended thus far? There are zero responses to your post. I’ll be the first to ask? I’m in the same situation as you Nick and have cars over 14 years old. I’m not losing what few things I have left like LSSZ. I’ll do what I can . Send me a DM with your address
  13. Driving Skills overcome performance issues most times Mr Hi-Tech , why worry?
  14. This was the Saturday Night race at Senoia Ga and paid $52K to win
  15. Senoia Racetrack is running the Peach State Classic this weekend. The race last night paid $10K to win and 63 cars entered. Tonights race pays $52K to win. Here is the $10K feature race from last night and you'll want to keep an eye on that 40 car. I'm not saying he's Kyle Larson but he is pretty darn close....What a race and under 8 mins, no cautions so don't blink