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  1. Get Well Soon Nick!! Hope you feel much better!
  2. Oklahoma Racing

    Paul White from Waco won the Silver Crown one year....can't remember when but was around 2000. That was an awesome show!
  3. lol - Harvick

    I was watching that night and up until Rodney mentioned it, I'd forgotten all about that.....They have a history but then again, so did Brad and Carl Edwards. I remember Brads Dad (Bob) telling the officials on TV that if Carl didn't knock it off he'd (Carl Edwards) kill Brad on the racetrack wrecking him.
  4. lol - Harvick

    Harvick didn’t lift whether or not Bad Brad was loose or not. He sure could have
  5. Nice car counts! Way to go HMS and all the participants
  6. lol - Harvick

    I guess Harvick doesn’t lift either
  7. RUSS Joe Spillman

    and there you have it....another festivus miracle! Joe says it when others won't. "How to kill a track with a negative post or text 101". Negative post get drama and attention...Positive Post get overlooked until the track closes. Then everyone can't figure it out because "it was such a great track".....key word is WAS. I work as a manager for a company and the employees who whine and complain about their jobs and the pay and the this and the that are the ones who will fight the most to keep their jobs when the reaper comes around and fires them. Its the same with racers...WHY??? Discuss that please!!! Would love to hear the answers, I'll bet others would too
  8. Do you use VP Fuels? Better read this....

    VP needs to pay the fines and settle any lawsuits brought forth and then switch it back to the original formula. Then they'll need to rebuild/regain the trust that has been lost. Just my .02
  9. OK, soap box time again

    Someone mentioned curved fencing.....this happened at Richmond a few years ago...you can't fix stupid Reb!
  10. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    True True True......ALL OF IT......Learn so much from this site!
  11. RUSS from Monday

    Great Show.....Bobby Joe was a legend. Watched Ronnie grow up. We pitted next to him (me and Dave Cooke) at Longhorn, Junior Medlock behind Bobby Joe in the panel truck and Shawn Grimland behind us. Lots of good times. Luther (Papa) always sat and talked to me and yes, they drove the car about a mile north to Southside Jeep after the race, Can confirm. I miss our times together on Saturday nights but stirred up great memories from hearing this. I remember when Bobby Joe first started Southside wrecker and had about 2 trucks. He worked for SW Bell before that as I recall. He built the business and they grew and grew. I guess Ronnie has it now. Jim Pallas built the #1 car for Ronnie and they used Joe White to build engines. Great times...Really enjoyed this one Bobby + Rodney...Thx
  12. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Howdy Texas Tornado....Beg to differ, we aren't ganging up on Tim, merely having a discussion about shocks and what they cost (and what they do) We're somewhat perplexed and confused because we know what shocks do and simply disagree with what Tim says. Most of us are over the age of 60 (me) and been around long enough to know what they do. When our knowledge is questioned, we rely on smarter and more knowledgeable people than ourselves (Nick) and that's as nice as I can put it. I am simply fascinated at the technology and the cost of speed (as Josh42 states above). Please don't read into this as an attack on Tim, it isn't. We just won't be told that a duck dives under concrete when we know it flies. Stirring the pot on LSSZ will be challenged by facts...that's my attraction to this site
  13. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Nick, could you enlighten us once more to what a "competitive" set of front shocks cost these days? You told me the number a couple of years ago and it was in the thousands if I'm not mistaken. I guess the $5.00 a piece ones I bought as a teenager at Sears (guaranteed for life) won't cut it anymore. One more thing after you tell us the price; Is it the engineering or the materials that make these shocks out of reach for most people?
  14. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Whitey741 and Mr HiTech....well said
  15. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Who do we want it done to? At this moment I want it done to nobody but lets hear the others tell us differently