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    Blessings your way Mr Hi-Tech!!!
  2. NASCAR going hybrid in 2024

    Agree, leave the current engines alone. If NASCAR wants this, start another series and see how it goes.
  3. This happened at Oswego Speedway

    I agree with this 100% . Well said Rails
  4. This happened at Oswego Speedway

    IMO he’s the best. I have choices and I choose LSSZ, the rest are just noise
  5. This happened at Oswego Speedway

    I'm with you Mr Hi-Tech....no politics, we have enough of that and sadly I bet his Daddy told him to say that too as it was well thought out
  6. Yes, correct on that point. They showed the clip several times. She just runs through the wreck and blasted into a car, can’t remember but probably the 02
  7. Talladega xfinity winner

    I like the spring race too.....Been attending since 1991but not "loyally" as I've missed a few here and there. Fall races have a lot more on the line. I got hip to this a few years ago and moved my seats lower to the track in Ivey section (from Lincoln) since they don't stand on the seats for 4hrs there which is annoying IMO
  8. The trucks don't race again for awhile until like the end of the month....alot of payback is coming due
  9. Talladega xfinity winner

    Great Pics Rails, I was about 200 ft before the start finish line 4 rows up from catch fence. Couldn’t go back Monday so using my tickets on weather protection plan in April 2022
  10. Talladega xfinity winner

    Ha Ha......That was funny too and wondered what NBCSN would do to cover it up. I was at the Cup race yesterday and after about 3hrs of waiting out the rain out we headed to the parking lot and some college kids started it up and everyone started chanting it up for about 5 minutes, last night someone posted this: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/paulcrespo007_nbc-reporter-attempts-damage-control-as-nascar-activity-6850583234686812160-icXy
  11. bush

    He was evidently Mic'd up before the Darlington race, interesting feed here
  12. bush

    IMO the only way to make this particular incident right would be to PARK HIM. That would hit hit him back in money, points, and having to be a spectator. In thinking more about this I have to think M & M's couldn't be too thrilled with the poor example and sportsmanship he displays. Maybe they don't care (??)
  13. bush

    That's correct and if not mistaken it cost Ron Hornaday a title as well, KB intentionally hit him They fined him $50,000 which is CHUMP CHANGE to him, no loss of points. All points you made Mr Hi-Tech are correct. That could have been bad on so many levels. I wish he'd grow up some like his brother Kurt did.
  14. D L Wilson ARCA

    For the life of me I can't remember this guy...I do recall Donnie Wilson from Oklahoma I believe, maybe a relative (??) Looks like a nice piece in the pictures.