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  1. Daytona Road Race Ending

    Josh Bilicki's RF Brake Rotor caught fire on the last lap of the race today, exploded ,and sent pieces into the grandstand but no injuries are reported since seating was limited I guess? Glad everyone is OK This is a picture of the car (owned by Rick Ware Racing) that I snagged,
  2. Trackside NSB

    Watch out Hi-Tech....Nick reads this stuff and won't pay you full price anymore when you work on his truck
  3. hello

    LMAO 😜 now THATS FUNNY Mr Hi-Tech!!! I do the same thing at my house, neighbors come over all the time with stuff needing work from lawnmowers to golf carts and cars in between. When done I just ask for the cost of parts and provide them with a receipt. I call it giving them a hand up rather than a hand out. This gouging stuff is just greed and it’s wrong. The horror stories are starting to come out now (and others even Nick shared one)and it’ll be weeks before the true death toll is revealed .
  4. Any update on the racing facility in n NW San Antonio

    I recall a few...the main ones that come to mind was the one near Alvin Tx and of course Longhorn (more than once) and the last guy who had a middle eastern name and even hired an employee for PR work (she was really young too I believe) . Everyone got real excited and started giving the guy a list of things they wanted, some half mile, some 1/3 mile and some wanted 1/4 mile like at Longhorn. Then suggestions for rules, car classes, heat races, lineups etc etc started ....what a nightmare! After about 6 months it all vanished from the forum....had to be in the last 5 years I believe. Nick...put on your thinking cap from when you were 25 and try again LOL
  5. hello

    Nick, sorry for your troubles there. A friend of mine who lives alone in Lewisville Tx had a similar situation and when it got below 50 in the house he hoofed it to his sons house 20 miles away for the balance....all told it was 80 hrs for him (and his neighbors) without power. As for the guy selling green wood for $75 a stack, another friend in Red Oak told me that a guy was selling 1/2 (yes half a cord) for $800 and people were actually buying it. I have no tolerance for people who GOUGE and that's a big one. Similar to hotel rooms going for $800 and up during big events---despicable
  6. Any update on the racing facility in n NW San Antonio

    Whatever happened to the guy building a new circle track there (San Antonio) a few years back now ? Looked promising but as usual nothing happened
  7. hello

    God Bless all of you out there with no Power and I hope it comes on soon for you. I’ll pray for y’all tonight 🙏🙏
  8. I agree 100%, that was really terrible they couldn't have interviewed him. Probably because they have NO relationship with him because they interview the top tier week in and week out. Its like they do the same old mundane interviews with the same guys that just know the routines and give them talking points. Had they interviewed him, he'd be thrilled and so would the fans. Look at Michael McDowell at Daytona for confirmation. The fans loved him winning his first race (after 14 years) and he gave one whale of an interview IMHO.

    I used to get tired of seeing him or Jeff Gordon win every race.....now that I'm older I shouldn't have done that
  10. So happy for TEXAS teams. They represented well at Daytona!!
  11. Trackside NSB

    This is a really freaky accident here: This leaves me wondering "who is responsible for fixing the guys truck?" Does the track?? , the racer whose car it came off? SOL and guy eats it? Just wondering
  12. Ken Shrader's Old Race Shop

    Drifting must pay great money then....thanks for the info Dubblockerii !!!!
  13. Progress on Bristol Dirt Conversion

    Agree, that cost a ton of greenbacks to do! How thick is that dirt you reckon? What if the ruts go down to the concrete if too thin? I believe those high banks are 33 degrees and I worry about them. I guess they have a company that figured all of that out already but I’m a “big picture” guy.
  14. Ken Shrader's Old Race Shop

    I’ve never heard of him Hi-tech. Maybe someone on the forum can enlighten us who he is?
  15. Here is a short little video on progress at Bristol as viewed by a drone that I thought the folks here would like to see: