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  1. For those who love the Chili Bowl this is going to be an excellent addition to the activities for the week. Fans can buy a ticket to have breakfast with one of the Chili Bowl Midget Nationals winners. We are expecting all champions to be involved in this Legends Day type event. Tim Clauson and Eleanor Vogler will be there to represent their sons. Proceeds from the event are going to Bryan Clauson's Racers For Autism. This is a WIN-WIN deal. Tickets and more details at www.ChiliBowlBOC.com. Friday Jan 12, 2018 9-11am Tulsa Expo Square $100 per/person Bart
  2. The auctions starts tomorrow and will continue on Saturday. Many more photos are now posted at www.RadiusNation.net. Bart
  3. I spoke with Kevin Olson today. Kevin is a 10 time midget champ. He is coming to town to be the Emcee. He is a blast and full of stories. The great part will be when people like Cary Agajanian, Emmet Hahn and Rutherford start telling Olson and Stan Fox stories. Bart
  4. Thanks Nick! We are getting close!! I went to Wichita Falls last week and spent some time going through Ruby's trophies. We will have a few on display as part of the memorabilia section. We'll have early cycle racing, OK City midget and even Daytona trophies. Sure hope you can make it this year. Bart www.RadiusNation.net
  5. We are one week away from what appears to be another amazing gathering of racers and race fans at the 2014 Racers Reunion Banquet on September 27th. You have just a few more days to purchase your tickets for an full day of racing related activities. There will be vintage race cars on display, a silent auction of racing related memorabilia and tons of bench racing throughout the day. Multi-time midget champion Kevin Olson will entertain as he makes his first appearance at the Racers Reunion. Kevin will bring his keen sense of humor and race track wisdom as he will leads the day as the Master of Ceremonies. Historian Bill Hill will share racing stories from the road, from the corporate board room and from behind the scenes marketing departments of race tracks and organizations in the afternoon breakout session. Surely not to be missed is the man who has been described as a master of publicity and public relations. Blue Max Racing team mate Waterbed Fred Miller is going to lead the group of first hand stories and antidotes about life with the Blue Max Racing team. Raymond Beadle and other team mates will be there to keep Fred in order and to share their favorite stories. We are honored that Emmett Hahn is taking time from his hectic travel schedule to be with us on Saturday, September 27th in Los Colinas area of Irving, Texas. Emmett will tell some of his favorite stories and then take questions from the group, which should be quite entertaining. You must purchase your tickets but Monday September 22nd to reserve your seat. Don’t miss out! Get your tickets now! DETAILS Saturday September 27, 2014 1:00 PM – Model Contestant Registration & Set-up 2:00 PM – Model Contest, Bench Racing, Silent Auction & Special Presentations 5:00 PM – Autograph Session 6:00 PM – Dinner & Feature Presentations 1551 Corporate Dr. Suite 125 Irving, TX 75038 Friday – Shop Tour 3:30 pm (email to RSVP) Friday Dinner 7:00 pm at Sal’s Italian Restaurant Purchase tickets by Sept. 22nd HERE. All-day Pass $35 Or mail a check payable to RADIUS NATION. Send to Greg Scott c/o Racers Reunion 8004 Chancellor Row, Dallas, TX 75247 Groups of 6-8 can reserve a table. Identify your group name when you order tickets. Host Hotel SpringHill Suites by Marriott (972)580-1120 www.RadiusNation.net
  6. Trying to locate 100" Super

    Mike, Did you talk with David Hestand out of Houston? Bart
  7. Trying to locate 100" Super

    Has this car been found? I was talking to John Layne at the Chili Bowl and was looking around for cars he owned. Hey Randy Coons, you are in Houston and seem to know everyone there. Any ideas? Bart
  8. Paul Jett

    Gald to hear is is home and getting around. I got to see Paul and his wife last year at the Racers Reunion Banquet in Irving. I got to first meet him in the late 90s in San Antonio. Get Well! Bart
  9. Quarter Midget Racers from Late 50's/early 60's

    Thanks Randy! There a couple reason why we chose to feature Vintage Quarter Midgets and one of them was the stories I have read on this thread over the last couple of years. We are looking to have a great time and all who have participated or just love this type of racing are invited to attend. We still have room for a few more Vintage Quarter Midgets to display. They can be survivors or restored cars, just needs to be a roller. There will also be an assortment of other vintage race cars. We have a Larry Rice Champ car coming from OK and a sprint car coming from Kansas. Please contact me off list at bart.stevens@verizon.net with questions. Did I mention this would be a great time to get a picture of Johnny Rutherford with you & your own Quarter Midget! Bart
  10. Things are coming together very well for the car show. I have recently got commitments for vintage cars from Oklahoma and Kansas that will be on display at the show. BTW this is part of a family festival so you can bring the whole family. There are lots of free kid games, activities and a coloring section. Bart
  11. Registration is now open for the Manifolds on Main Car Show. If you have a vintage race car that you would like to display as part of the show please contact me. Our focus is vintage non-winged cars; roll cages are fine but no downbars. We had an amazing assortment of cars last year and expect the show to grow this year. Here are some of the past participants. 1927 Miller Offy Big car 1934 Plymouth Coupe 1935 Dreyer V8 60 Midget 1935 Dreyer Offy Midget 1936 Fredricks Elto Midget 1937 Boyle V8 60 Midget 1938 Wetteroth Offy Big car 1939 Hillegass Offy Midget 1939 Wetteroth Midget 1940 Richter V8 60 Midget 1941 Hillegass V8 60 Midget 1946 Kurtis Kraft Offy Midget 1954 Kurtis Kraft Offy Midget 1954 Luther 1/4 Midget 1957 Tiny Mite 1/4 midget 1958 CAE Chevy Sprint car 1958 CAE/Henry Chevy Sprint car 1959 Hank Henry Offy Sprint car 1959 Taraschi Formula Jr. 1961 Elder Offy Indy Roadster 1966 Lindsey Chevy Super modified 1967 Edmunds Ford Midget 1967 Lotus 51 Formula Ford 1971 Maserati Sports car 1972 Murphree Chevy Sprint car 1974 Nance Chevy Super modified 1984 Leffler Chevy Champ car We have added a Racer Reunion on Friday night September 24th. Ticket info is at www.ManifoldsOnMain.com. Bart Stevens bart@tmtel.com
  12. The Car "The Man" himself is building!

    I had heard about this project but this is my first time to see the photos. Amazing!! Keep up the good work. Bart
  13. I talked with some of the Oklahoma guys yesterday and found out a group of drivers are going to be coming to the show. Bobby Brummett, Doc Parsons & Buddy Cagle will be at the show. Bobby & Doc will both have cars in the show. Bart
  14. Nance Super Modified registration just came in today.
  15. Last year we ended up with over 180 cars total. This year the pre-registration is about double so far compared to last year. The goal is to have 2 dozen vintage race cars and we are on track to meet the goal. Mark September 26th on your calender. Bart