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  1. Emod - SOLD!

    Not a bad car for the price.... Good luck with the sale boss.
  2. Looking for an MSD 6AL box in town if possible... Thanks in Advance I have just the MSD 6A but want the 6AL with Rev Limit Located in Corpus Christi
  3. 1986 GMC Sierra 2500

    $3800 Need gone asap
  4. Racing tomorrow (8/17)

    Ok, so can anyone point me in the direction on how to get my bomber car on the track tomorrow night??? I dont think i need to register it since its so late in the season and i just want to race it and see where im at. Thanks in advance.
  5. next race?

    X2 ^^^^^^
  6. Practice 9-10-14

    Will there be practice available on this Wed.?? I really need some seat time...
  7. Track Decision

    Just went by, it's pretty bad in the pits!! There are bout 6-8 guys working there tail off. Hats off to them...Thanks
  8. rain

    Were getting a little drizzle here off Old Brownsville road.
  9. Swap Meet

    I'm in
  10. permanent practice days

    Yes Please
  11. Sport Compacts

    I'll race one lol
  12. swap meet

    Hey Doug text me if this goes through I got some parts I will no longer need , thanks, Sebio
  13. 2013 purestock rules meeting

    There is nothing wrong with running 4 barrel carbs!! I ran one all year long and kept up with the rest of the 2brl guys! just sayin!