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  1. lots of great racing

    It's not THR fault but they can do something about it. Each driver comes to race on THR grounds and i'm pretty sure every driver got a copy of the 2011 rule book. If a track doesn't punish the out of control drivers, then it will continue. Make the punishment worse if they have been warned numerus times or put them on a "probation period" just like nascar does.
  2. lots of great racing

    I feel bad for some the THR staff. It's just why in the world would a driver want to screw their high dollar car up when it could of been avoided? When i put my car on the trailer the way it came to the track, i'm happy even if i didn't do that great. That's always a good night for me.
  3. lots of great racing

    Thats a pic of cars in volved in crashes, even the fire trucks weren't left out!!!!!!!!!
  4. lots of great racing

    Negative. Thats not what was ruled. If you spin in the infield, you were out! Doesn't matter anyway, the fans want what they wanted and they got it.
  5. lots of great racing

    Great job also #28 Jeff.
  6. lots of great racing

    The Allison Legacy's had NO cautions cause they payed attention to penalty's that were supposed to be enforced, the late models had at least 8 cautions. Great job Robert Barker, Mike Reiniger and Jason Stanley hope one of you guys gets the next win. Tough luck for Taylor Brandes and Stanley. Both had great cars and were leading when they had small engine or ignition issues both at the wrong time.
  7. lots of great racing

    For last nights race, i was understood that if anyone spins in the infield would have to stay there and not attempt to enter back on the track due to mud and you were done for the night. If you did, you were black flagged. I guess that rule didn't apply to the pro's but some mini stocks even followed through with that. 4 late models should have been black flagged. Everyone was aware of that in the drivers meeting.
  8. Shows no rain today or thunderstorms and just a little cloudy, but high of 92 and 94% humidity. Ouch. Going to be a sticky day.
  9. Bounty Increased to $3000!

    Now does someone have to chase him down and beat him and get the money fair and square, or if Hausler spins, gets taken out, has mechanical problems, wreck, etc. Does that still apply on the bounty? I would think so.
  10. To me, if we didn't have the best car which i'm sure we don't, to run up front cause of lack of funds, it wouldn't matter to me anymore. I still had fun being out there on the track. Could be worse not being on the track at all. But, it would be nice to afford those expensive parts to have a chance to run upfront with the guys that have the bucks every once in a while if we could. I still have fun either way.
  11. pure stock class

    Yea I'll second that Jhonny!!!! Ok it's dropped. I'm wrong. Gosh, i was just giving my opinion on sportmods and didn't say i was right. I like the class. Didn't think it would offend someones car. WOW. Sorry if anyone got hurt.
  12. pure stock class

    Either way, sport mods are a great class to race in. They are faster cause they are lighter. I'm not bashing the class, just saying they are similar is all. Calm down people. Jeezzz. Over the years they are getting faster cause of rule changes, but in my opinion, the foundation of the car isn't that far off. Some of you guys race them so thanks for correcting me if i'm way off on this. I dont know how we got on a dog subject but ok, and i would never compair my dogs crap to my neighbors, kinda creepy. LOL.
  13. pure stock class

    Yeah i do actually. Pretty sure at one point i taught you how to do brake work! Some similar parts: 10 bolt rear auto trans or saginaw stock location suspension full stock metric frame and so on What kind of imca legal sport mod you race then Johnny? This kind? Oh ok.
  14. I'm with you on this one Nick. Thats what what i been thinking the past 4 years. The shock rule is so out of the ball park it's unreal. Having $10,000 shock packages on a 3/8 mile track on Limited late models. Watching the race isn't fun either when you know who will when every weekend cause those teams have the money when others don't, and thus giving horrible car count=empty seats in the stands. I have "heard" of guys having over $20,000 in a late model motor. How the heck does that happen with the rules? Motors and trans need to be torn apart more often, not once a year. I wouldn't blame anyone thats cheats in a late model or modified class that doesn't have high dollar shocks! LOL. Hell, i would do it. Whats the loss? Either way you loose but you had fun up front. Would you want to see 2 or 3 fast cars racing or 16 cars racing that are 1/2 sec. slower? The 16 cars.
  15. pure stock class

    Thats what a "sport mod" is, a pure stock with a modified cage and body on it. The price isn't a whole lot difference even though drivers or owners want $10,000 for a sport mod just because it's a "sport mod". Crazy and funny about how alike they are in many ways.
  16. Thunder Hill Results

    I was there right by them in the pits when they took the car in his stall. They just put the RR spring back in and he went out there to finish the race. Thats a true racer. It looked to be the front bumper was actually bent in to a V and thats all that was wrong. He was already getting strapped back in the car when it was still on the wrecker! Great job #10 team.
  17. Saw that happen in Legacy's and Late Models. HMMMM? It just sets examples for everyone else to start doing that. If you think about it, they have spotters in these classes. They should have been black flagged for that by far!
  18. 2011 Street Stock Shootout of South Texas

    I don't think sprint cars can race in the shootout! LOL. Hey, maybe????
  19. 2011 Street Stock Shootout of South Texas

    It's dirt racing. What rules????? If a track has a big shootout and big purse for a class, then wouldn't you think EVERY car entered should go by that tracks rules? I wouldn't be to happy if some other car from another track was outfitted with their rules and won the race and the officials grant the winnings. If a car is way out of the classes league, then dont let them race. If a car has engine set way back, shorter wheel base then specified, tube frame, some out of the park mountain motor, then dont let them race. If a car has shocks, trans, carb, and location of parts on the frame that are not correct, then you have plenty of time to change it if you want to make the race so bad under the rules of the class for that track. Fair enough? Just my opinion. Thats how it should be anyhow. What if there are asphalt cars that want to run? If you let other cars come race with their rules, then the excuses will never end! You would hear, "Oh he only won cause he had this or that and i was better all night". Not to mention the drama created after the race if a out of towner won it. The last track a driver or owner wants to go to is a "run what ou brung" track. Seen this happen soooo many times and i still dont get it. It is never a fair race when this is created with other rules from different tracks.
  20. TBS in Killeen

    What braggin rights! You got beat by a girl! Dont know if I would be braggin much. Bill "Sarge" Masom LOL. Thats funny.
  21. TBS in Killeen

    Winning is bragging rights. LOL.
  22. No New News, just questions on SAS

    Guess that tells everyone that the track is DONE.....OVER! No one in there right mind will spend millions to open a run down track in San Antonio. You can dream all you want but not going to happen.

    Westbrook is where i go all the time for metal. They have EVERYTHING! And it's close by.
  24. Jim Knudtson talked to IMCA this morning

    You can run USMTS mods and an IMCA sport mod, just can't run IMCA Mod and IMCA sport mod together. As i read the book. I like the rule, it prevents the big mod drivers from dominating in the sport mods. Thats the way it should be for all racing sanctions. NO SAND BAGGING!
  25. 2011 Rides

    To get colored chrome wheels, you buy the chrome wheels, then powder coat them to any chrome color you want. Thats the only way to get the chrome effect is to powder over the chrome with your chrome color. Cant do it over black or silver wheels. you wont get the effect. This is the best, quickest and cheapest way and it lasts. Takes around an hour to do 8 wheels.