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  1. 01 Sierra 5.3 Chugging

    So, after new fuel filter, plugs wires, a new O2 sensor, cleaned EGR and plenty of cussing and head scratching, both Cats were clogged... thanks for the help!
  2. 01 Sierra 5.3 Chugging

    Ok,I'll try that. I do that for the past 6 months if i floor it past 4k, i hear rattling in the exhaust. It's also smoking pretty heavy out the exhaust
  3. 01 Sierra 5.3 Chugging

    Hey guys, having some issues with my daily driver and could use some help since I'm running tight on funds. On Friday I ran codes on my truck, came back with O2 sensor(B1,S1) not working and a EGR code. So I found the sensor unplugged, so plugged that in, and cleaned my EGR valve, cleared codes. Saturday I went to drive around and found that if I try to accelerate with any hopes of going somewhere the truck would chug and would not go over 2500 rpms, but if I ease into like Oldtimer, it will gain speed smoothly but still bucks if I try to take it over 3k RPM. The SES light would only flash occasionally while driving but wouldn't stay on, finally yesterday it stayed on long enough for me to take it by Auto Zone and get the codes ran. Here are the 10 codes it pulled, P0265, P0251, P0246, P0242, P0252, P0245, P0241, P0134, P0135, P0300. I looked up all these codes and most of em are Turbocharger related, which I don't have, so I'm totally confused. I know the p0300 is a random misfire but doesn't really help. The codes cleared yesterday after I had them checked and drove home and I'm currently SES free, but the truck still runs like hell. I'm thinking maybe the fuel pump is going out and not sending the PSI out? 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 with 5.3L 2WD 245k Miles. Any input would be appreciated guys.
  4. Another Bomber Ready

    looks good
  5. thanks...

    It was a rough night trying to get my damn car to stick, but I still had a blast being back behind the wheel racing against a great class of guys, and also watching that TALMS race. Mark you did a hell of a job, I got to watch your wheeling a little while trying to save my car every other turn, lets hope I can do as good on dirt as you did on asphalt. Mike and Josh, gladly guys! What fun is it if one of your favorite competitors isn't on the track? Not much. Plus after all the work Josh put into pushing for the extra sponsor payout, contacting as many drivers as he could to get a big field. I'd of felt bad if I didn't help and could have. Respect goes a long ways, eh?
  6. LETS DO THIS !-2

    Don't think I wouldn't have a hand in this. Just talked to Mr. Patrick Limerick, he wants lucky #13 for $50. That leaves Late Start Racing with #16 for $50! BOOM! 20 places with extra pay, now lets go play!
  7. no bombers ?

    To fast.... prove it!
  8. no bombers ?

    Well look what we got here, a meeting of my awesome competitors! Oh Josh, you know you can count me in! No reason we cant pull our same numbers from last year. Im assuming the #46 and #24 would run if got everyone back. Lets get back on the track ladies and gentlemen! That means we need your woman to run too Joshie Pooh...
  9. Racing this Saturday night

    Ok so I just got off the phone with my teammate and just learned about the schedule change. This is twice now I'm gonna be getting screwed. The first time would be the make up race but if was a make up race and not a reschedule. But I had already made other plans earlier that week because I knew we were off, but I just didn't check SZ enough to realize we were doing a make up race, totally my fault. No harm done. Now as for this new reschedule, I specifically had waited till our schedule was posted this year to make my reservations at my cabin up at the Frio River. So that would be the weekend of the 14th, now I'm gonna have to miss that race cause I'm sure as hell not missing my Frio trip. Just wondering what the point of putting a schedule out for your dricers and fans if your going to change it? Granted your giving us two weeks time, but its the principle. Ill always be a CCS supporter before anything else, but your hurting us more then helping us with this move in my honest opinion. This post was not intended to offend anyone or any track, just stating my view from an every week driver. See everyone this weekend!!!! But not next..... Or the one after that.....
  10. Videos and Bomber Points

    No announcement of it being a double points night really helped some people I guess. It would he nice to know when they plan on having double points nights though Don't worry Josh, they announced dash for cash and that didn't happen... yet it gave me double heat points so I'm really not complaining.
  11. Videos and Bomber Points

    Well I was happy with the points before, now Im really happy! Thanks for all your hard work Donna!
  12. Results & Points & Videos

    Thanks Donna! Now I have proof that some people have no reason to be on a race track.
  13. CC Speedway practice dates

    What was that Cody???
  14. Troy need a wheel man?!?!
  15. POINTS AS OF 8/28

    Well if we get some new surface, ill gladly drag my ass and paint sprayer up there afterwards and repaint the walls and what not.....im a jack of all trades and would gladly help give the track a face lift in any way. lemme know!