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  1. CC Speedway's #11

    i started going to the races in the late 70's, Monty Nichols was pretty quick for a couple of years there, and he had the best car, but to say he is the best ever out of CC, that's stretching it too far, most fans from CC will tell you who the best was simply by asking what era you want to know about, but make no mistake Rick, Slick, and Lawerence Mikulencak were the best ever from CC area. cause they won everywhere including the dirt tracks. I will add that Lawerence has probably won more races than all of them.. although mostly on dirt. and to the Monty Nichols fan, Monty's son races every now and then, and is excellent driver, you should check him out sometime.
  2. Best Late Model Race I have seen in a long time.

    its been along time since i seen so many passes within the top 5, but my impressions are this...22 car is not a very good driver, twice he nearly spun the 05, he drove over a lap car, spun all by himself, moved the 51 out of the way. other than all that, very entertaining race to watch. thanks for sharing
  3. August 10 Mid Summer Classic

    last time out, CCS had the Pro Latemodels, only 5 showed, even though over 20 said they were coming. ....this time around they had 3 trucks, and 6 pro mods. yet the CCS drivers have been going out and supporting the other tracks on there big events. Next out of town race i guarantee their will be double digit car counts in all classes. Like Arob said, whats the deal with these asphalt drivers boycotting CCS? is it the purse? are they really scared of a 1/4 mile track? (this is the best asphalt track in Texas, even Brandon Bendele said that last night) maybe some of them can respond. Will CCS continue and try to get these guys to come race down here? personally im not going to anymore out of town events this year. ill find something else to do.
  4. August 10 Mid Summer Classic

    Pro Mods 1. Brandon Bendele 2. Bayley Currey 3. Matt Merrell only 3 trucks showed 99 truck Stapp won. sad that CCS tries hard to put on these shows and car counts are very low.
  5. Pictures from Corpus Christi Speedway

    I think CCS did the best they could to host a big LM race, the latemodel class is almost extinct in south texas, last month in SA they had 10 or 11, CCS had 7 or 8, its really up to the drivers with these cars to show up and keep this class alive. I hope Abel and CCS continue to keep building off this past weekend, and the car counts continue to grow or else these tracks will suffer and gates will start closing again. Congrats to Fryar in winning the race, and a big thumbs up to the drivers that participated last night.
  6. Saturday May 11,race

    any results from saturday?
  7. great job Abel, there is no better track to watch latemodel racing than CC Speedway!! not even SAS
  8. Spencer Davis #29

    my hats off to the kid, he drove a great race, but...lets see him come down next month to CC Speedway and try his luck in the bullring.
  9. whos the driver to be announced?
  10. RESULTS 4-6-13

    i thought Wade Jones won the street stock feature, i know i didnt drink that much lol
  11. can we get an idea who is all entered so far?
  12. ohh Brandon?? where are you? Brandon has always run good at CCS, suprised his name isnt on the list.
  13. She should have gone with two to go...

    you mean Biffle shouldve went, he is just as big of a chicken than anyone. Im sure Danica wouldve went with him.
  14. Pics of CC Speedway's newly painted walls

    what exactly are they going to do to the surface? seal it? re-pave some areas?