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  1. Supermodifieds?

    The closest things to the old -school supers are the asphalt sprints run in Florida. There will be a race at HMP this year.
  2. Interesting

    Like I have always said" these people would complain if they found a $20 bill on the ground that it wasn't a $50." I have seen the sprints in Florida,they are monsters !!
  3. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Your right,Nick. Trying to slide something by tech means the crew chief either wasn't paying attention or the shock guy wasn't telling the truth about the rebound reading. Just my opinion....
  4. Exciting project.

    Great !!
  5. Rat Lane

    Just read on another site,Rat Lane who was one of the best old school drivers back in the day, has entered hospice care. i have no information other than that ,he was one very fast, colorful driver,drove the Bill Hite "slingshot" supermodified at Meyer.
  6. Revved Up-HMP Announcement

    What are the dates???
  7. Freddy Fryar Interview Replay

    Great interview !!! Brought back sooo many memories !! Several years ago, my son asked me who I thought the best late model driver I ever saw ...took me about 5 seconds, Freddy Fryar. He said " he must have been something, we have been around some really good drivers".
  8. Prayers for Tom Taylor who lost his son

    So sorry, prayers sent for family.
  9. Picture update

    Thanks for putting these up, bring a lot of smiles !!!
  10. HMP results

    Any results of the races last night? I wasn't able to make it,had family emergency.
  11. Supermod video

    About 3 weeks ago I found a video of the restored 99 supermod of Niedecken (or Hood) that showed it running around a track somewhere. Has anyone seen it? My rememberry isn't what it used to be !
  12. RIP M J Burton

    M J was my first hero at Meyer Speedway. I always looked for the red 5 ...usually going fast!!!!! Sorry to hear about this!
  13. no, no and NO!

    For years some fans have said one way to make a race weekend more exciting would be to have qualifying races for the top series,just like most if not all short tracks around. When asked about it one lead official stated that if that were to be allowed some of the top drivers ( best sponsored) might miss the race. That would disappoint their fans,I agree that exposure is the trick with sponsors but at what cost? This is just my own humble opinion.
  14. Brooks busts Bell/Busch......Again

    At this level any crew chief would love to have 8.25 pounds left side advantage. I helped a late model racer for several years and we would hunt all over the car trying to lose 2lbs....no matter what the guys who don't believe or understand that 8.25 lbs will make a difference .
  15. Woodall Pictures

    Great pictures!!