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  1. late models

    hey guys can somebody tell me what happened to the latemodels at HMP. just started looking for a good roller and checking the schedule but no more races.wats up with that??? thanks kenny
  2. hey yall what happened to the truck series when are they running here at cc speedway?
  3. holley carb question

    thanks for the reply, i agree with you, i was try'n to save a few bucks here and there. i always try to pick up spare parts to put on the shelf for later use. but your right on some things its better to just order from the catologs. thanks for the input and congrats on last saturdays race. Kenny
  4. holley carb question

    hello, i know this might be a stupid question but here goes. i've been looking in the junkyards lately try'ng to find a 4412 carb off of the old fords. so far ive found a few carbs out there but im not sure how to identify which is the right ones to buy. some of them look like the fuel bowls look a little different with a power valve next to the fuel inlet and they dont say holley on them. if some of you guys could help me with some details on how to recognize the right carb without having to pay 300$ for a new one from the dealer i sure would appreciate any help. i wanna build a truck, im a pretty good welder and cant afford to pay 8-10g's for one already built. thanks kenny