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  1. Hey look you Debbie downers, the caution clock played no outcome in the race tonite. Take off your aluminum foil hats.
  2. Is HMP circle track dead for good?

    Nope. No new news.
  3. Is HMP circle track dead for good?

    Talked to Graham yesterday, he is working on something
  4. Is HMP circle track dead for good?

    From Graham Hi Kevin, longtime no see. Yes, I'm well thank you. Working hard on several things in the hopes of getting the oval track up & running again. It breaks my heart, after 15 years of my life getting it to where it was, & see it go downhill that quickly. I won't give up until it's running again as successfully or even more than it was. God Bless. Does that answer your question?
  5. HMP Schedule?

    The most current schedule is on the HMP webpage under schedule.
  6. A high performance metering plate on that 2 barrel is not legal.
  7. $12 adults, kids under 12 are free $1 beer, $1 soda, and $1 hot dogs. Pro Mods, trucks, stock cars, bandos and legends Come on CTS and CCS super stocks and late models. This will be the first Pro Late Model race in several years.
  8. HMP Stockcars

    I guess you missed the huge truck full of tires next to the shop building where the drivers meeting is held.
  9. Central Texas Speedway testing plans

    Nick- I am not sure if there is a change in track rental.
  10. Central Texas Speedway testing plans

    Better than $1200 for the day in Houston.....
  11. To Dan & Kandy Monroe

    Dan, Thanks a bunch for keeping CCS a alive. My pops took me there back in the 80's when I was a little guy and I have brought my little ones there twice, once racing and once in the stands. If you have a pro mod race there next season, I am in. Kevin Wiseman
  12. Videos?

    Arob, my frustration lies with keyboard racers who comment but don't show up and compete.
  13. Videos?

    All I am getting at is that those who throw stones are those who don't show up to race.
  14. Videos?

    So what you are saying arob is you will be at HMP on the 19th to compete in a particular class?