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  2. well

    THANKS NATHAN … YOU have to really want something back you have to stay on the law a44 .you have to keep your eyes opened . pay attention to little details .take pictures of poeple you dont know driving or hanging around your area . I dont let anyone to just hang around my home area with out finding out who and why they are here .some get mad and I say tell me or the police . or get the heck out of here .even at night where I dont know if they have a gun .better me shot than let them do no good around here … ANd as much as I bitch about poeple and their cell phones .it was a cell phone call and pictures from a friend who helped us find my truck social media has its good when used like it should .. . I was really mad at my local police first LONG STORY so I wont go that far . but we had all four thieves at one spot at autozone and they let three get away .. wow my ex boss stopped me from hurting one or more of them he knew what I was going to do luck for someone .. them or me I was willing to go to jail .. then to find the truck touch the truck only to have the police take their time I lost it again .wow I was mad as hell ..my wife was my savior . .but that second time .I told the police I will not let this truck get away again not no way no how .very adamant on my intentions .. I suppose that got the message and 5 patrol cars joined in after we gave them the directions as we followed . this idiot drove not 60 feet from where they stole my truck . my drive way ...I know many people looked for this truck and I thank those who did and are silent . finding the truck earlier that DAY got my wife and I out that night checking on a lead ….dont give up I wasn't ..I knew I would get the truck or the thieves or both .
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  4. Dega Baby

    Amen to the above about DW. Personally I like Alan Bestwick and Dale Jarrett.
  5. Dega Baby

    Darrell Waltrip has given as much to this sport as anyone and it will be a very sad day when he is no longer in the booth. He brings a racers perspective to the broadcast. And Michael is a passionate salesman. The guys who bring in the money are very much appreciated and Michael is one of the best. But, if you dont watch it, how can you be annoyed or sick of it, and you will never know they are gone.
  6. Dega Baby

    I like Mike Joy - but I'll be glad to see Waltrip gone. Can he take his brother with him? MW's "pit walks" are as annoying as DW's "boogity boogity".
  7. well

    thats an awesome ending
  8. Dega Baby

    I agree with Mike. it will not be a sad day when Waltrip is gone.
  9. Dega Baby

    will be one happy day when waltrip is done . sick of his lets go racing boys .and take mike with him ..two of the most boring poeple one tv .. heck I just may watch next year ..
  10. well

    loto winning isnt a problem . so whats next .
  11. Bandolero and Legend Car racing this weekend at the 1/5 mile at Texas Motor Speedway. Pits open at 5 on Saturday, practice at 6, races start at 7:30. Admission to the grandstands is free. The 1/5 mile track is located on the east side of the speedway behind the back straight and across from the dirt track. Come out for some great racing!
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  13. Holley 4412 carb and spacer $60.00 361-946-8485
  14. well

    yep and lost …...nick we know if you want a job done .go do it yourself ..but in this case a lot of things had to come together and all the investigation we were doing was going to take awhile to catch them . or find the truck but with help from my friends we really got lucky not once but twice in one day .you dont get many chances from the start ..I was lucky ..good timing research check this area and that area .having eyes looking for it on a daily bases helped ..I cant expect for our local police to have time to do the job .. chasing my truck full time .. nick you cant leave it up to the police to find
  15. Porter tx it’s just frame body and interior sheet metal Just haven’t had a chance to take pictures of the car as it sits if you want it as in the picture I’m asking 3500
  16. Applicants interested in applying for the Aaron Hudgeons Scholarship can send their resume, and a letter of acceptance to a school they wish to attend for continuing education to: PO Box 1353 Victoria Texas 77902
  17. Applicants interested in applying for the Aaron Hudgeons Scholarship can send their resume, and a letter of acceptance to a school they wish to attend for continuing education to: PO Box 1353 Victoria Texas 77902
  18. well

    Glad you got it back HiTech...👍👍👍 now its lottery time...
  19. well

    You should change your screen name to Sherlock! LOL Glad you got your truck back!
  20. Where are you located? Does it come as a roller like the picture or is it just a frame and body? Thanks, Matt
  21. well

    thanks to jesse for trying to help me find it ,oh did I mention .where the truck was located the first time .was right where jesse and I saw the other truck like mine earlier ..go figure . thanks to pete for finding it the first time and getting the plate number that got my wife and I out of the house at the right time . thanks to strips for having an issue other wise we would have not seen the truck again . AND FRIST AND FOMOST thanks for our local police they did a fine job and now have two new racing fans who have never been to a race .hope to honor those two cops when they show up to our race ...
  22. well

    That is a damn fine happy ending hi tech. I knew since you were quiet today that something was going good for you. Congrats and so glad you got the truck back !!
  23. well

    NOW I just got home and you can not script this is no lie .. start of movie .jesse nice enough to take me across town to check on a truck I saw the day before .turned out not mine .as we drove down airs we noticed a truck looking like mine but still not mine .so I told jeese its gone and Ishould just buy lisa truck ..commercial time now ... went home moped around and then went to work on a customers truck till just before 5.00pm ... commercial over .. I GOT A CALL FROM PETE WHO LIVES NEXT DOOR .HE REITRED AND NOW UBERS .he picked up a fare and right in front of him was my truck .he called me as my wife was pulling up and sent pics as we headed to where he was … we pulled into the parking lot and right off I knew it was my truck and call the police at that time two men got in the truck as pete was blocking them with his rider who said go for it .lol . the police told me to let the truck go and pete did .and he followed it for a time till he lost sight .we told the cops every turn they made . at the same time the rider was looking at a truck who was following them following my truck .so he took pictures .lol. we were told to stay put for an officer .an hour later we had to flag a officer down and give them the new info on the truck .and went home . COMMERCIAL TIME AGAIN …. time over .third part of script. LATER ON we called Joshua to ask a TJ if he could find out who owned the plates that were changed on my truck .. LOW AND BEHOLD the truck the plates came off was just like mine was one block from my house .what a laugh .so the wife and I checked out and found it was just the front plate after freaking out that truck had the same plate on the back .I guess the guy didnt know his front late was missing .so we headed over to strips to buy me some smokes and they had a problem and lock the doors .. here is the kicker as we turned into our next store .walla my truck was sitting at the pump .how lucky twice in one afternoon ...we called the police and waited again seemed like for ever and no cop .the truck took off down towards where we live and we followed its dark now . that driver I kid you not turned down the street that runs right beside my drive way .I said what is he taking it back to my home lol ..we made a block around and met up with him at our four way stop I can see my house ..we followed him down to the next main road .turned right and just before the red light a police car came around us and in front of us at the light was two more and they pulled the man out under pointed guns ..after two hours of them dusting the truck and clearing most of everything that did not belong to me I drove off in the truck …...dont you just love happy endings .. now wipe the tears from your happiness of this great enjoyable cant make this up true story movie ..a gold globe award should be heading my direction ..
  24. well

    .. tps 48 .. in 1999 I had Lalo put a new 350 in my truck I hated that 305 and burned it up on purpose .. drove from Zapata to petronia with out a drop of water .long ways ..news years night someone stole it .my wife heard it start up and drive off .this motor wasn't even broken in yet lol..2 am the police was heading to my house and ran into the truck at airline just a few blocks from my house .I listened as 7 police cars chased that truck around .I said honey that is one bad ass motor listen too those tires smoking through three gear ...the cops arrested one out of three .the hit a post hard enough to keep the truck from going left … my insurance wrote me a 3500 dalor check .spent 1800 fixing it .not a bad payday . two weeks later I hit a deer .same agent wrote me a 4400 dallor check and as I did last time fixed myself again and made 2800 ..I think it worked out ok ..I told the agent the first go around to total the truck and if cost him dearly for not doing so .I sure liked that man .lol I got the last laugh ..
  25. Dega Baby

    If not mistaken, that was the fall race of 2003 or the spring race of 2004 and was a Pepsi car. Junior won the spring 2003 race because I was there. Talladega is one of those races I watch "live" because its an event. I'll agree with you and Toyota Tim about this one
  26. well

    No truer words were ever said TPS48. A very old friend of mine (since 10 years old) bought our Sunday School teachers Fiat 850 Spyder for $500 and it spent more time broken down than running....He was over at my house every weekend seeing if I'd help him fix it. Not being a foreign car repair guy, it stayed broken. If it wasn't bad enough that he got sucked in on that deal, he sells it and bought a Fiat 124 Sport (an even bigger piece of junk) . Mr High-Techster is being suspiciously quiet today/tonight.......maybe he has a posse and is leading them through the pass to surround the varmints that stole his truck.
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