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  2. https://speed51.com/outlaw-stock-driver-wins-his-own-snowball-derby/ The Outlaw Stock race at the 52nd Annual Snowball Derby was just exactly that: a derby. Multiple red flags marred the 50-lap feature, trimming down the field from 32 at the start to just 14 by the time the checkered flag was thrown over an hour later. Gary Sutton took the lead at the onset of the race and dominated most of the feature before the slew of wrecks caught up to him. He was passed for the lead by John Heil on a restart with 16 laps to go and proceeded to free fall through the field. He would eventually recover for a top 10 finish. Meanwhile, Heil was on cruise control from the moment he wrestled the lead away from Sutton and would go on to score the win. The Texas driver set fast time out of 42 cars who made the trip to Five Flags Speedway earlier in the day, but would not taste the lead until lap 34. With the high attrition rate, Heil was more worried about finishing the race than finishing first. “I knew we had a good car from the start, I just didn’t want to tear it up. You get around, you cut a tire, but hell it was getting down to the end and I had to make something happen,” Heil said on the Speed51 broadcast. “I got lucky and made it happen.” The win was the biggest one of Heil’s career to this point. While it may not have taken place on Sunday afternoon, he will still call himself a Snowball Derby champion. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I know it’s not the Snowball Derby but it’s as close as I’ll ever get to it.” Joe Bethea Jr started ninth and survived the attrition to finish second after a daring three-wide move on the final restart. Considering how qualifying went for the team, it was a successful night for the Alabama driver, who finished runner-up in the Outlaw Stock feature for the second year in a row. “I hate to see all those good cars get tore up, I know everybody puts a lot of time and effort into them,” Bethea said. “I kind of put my guys behind the eight-ball today starting ninth, didn’t have a good qualifying effort, but we had a good race car. To finish second from ninth is pretty good.” Former Five Flags Speedway track champion Kody Brusso finished third, followed by Cameron Henderson and George Gorham Jr. Outlaw Stocks Results: Pos # Driver 1 96H John Heil 2 33 Joe Bethea Jr 3 7B Kody Brusso 4 92 Cameron Henderson 5 03 George Gorham 6 1 Donald Crocker 7 9D Brooke Storer 8 93 Paul Jean 9 21H David Hodges 10 00 Jeff Belt 11 16 Bubba Winslow 12 23 Gary Goodwin 13 5C Chase Oliver 14 407 Jason Vail 15 40 Stephen Nasse 16 31 Wayne Niedecken 17 151 Gary Sutton 18 26 Corbitt Moseley 19 3C Casey Caudill 20 32 Stuart Dutton 21 91 Chris Cotto 22 96D Greg Davidson 23 71 Jody Henderson 24 4J Todd Jones 25 21F Jason Furrow 26 6 Nathan Henderson 27 21W Jason Welch 28 84 Doug Thorp Jr 29 8B Justin Beck 30 10 Patrick Thomas 31 51F Jake Finch 32 54 Connor Sutton -Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51.com State Editor (IN/MI) – Twitter: @kgeyer3 -Photo Credit: Speed51.com
  3. Outlaws Motor options

    Ok I have no experience with those. Just in the imca modified and southern sport modified.
  4. Outlaws Motor options

    The Asphalt outlaws that are running at HMP
  5. Outlaws Motor options

    which outlaw class? factory stock, street stock, asphalt or dirt?
  6. Snowball Derby rain delay

  7. The Derby will run at 4PM tomorrow.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    How about that lower ball joint placement!
  10. Does anybody know if anyone is running a crate motor in the outlaw class? Just Curious how they do against the opens.
  11. SAS Late Model

    Interested. Pm sent
  12. Dynatech # 701-19810 Modified Headers. No Holes or Dents just surface rust. Located in New Braunfels, can deliver to Austin or San Antonio. $ 100.00 Call or Text 512-633-3551.
  13. Small Block Chevy Crossover Headers Stainless Steel.Ran on a Crate 604 in Asphalt Modified.Located in New Braunfels can deliver to Austin or San Antonio $ 100.00 Call or Text 512-633-3551
  14. PowerMaster Racing Alternator New in Box.No Pulley included.Located in New Braunfels can deliver to Austin or San Antonio or ship Buyer pays freight.PayPal available. $ 195.00 Call or Text 512-633-3551
  15. ATV / UTV TIRES----27-11-12 (12 inch wheel) -----2 TIRES--- NEW---Never mounted--- $120.00----(offer?) Call or text me John 210-587-5068
  16. Tires like new----24-8-12 (12 inch diameter wheel) ------4 OF THEM-----Came off of atv/utv $175.00---offer?---- Call/text me for more info John 210-587-5068
  17. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    About all that 16 volts does on an HEI is extend RPM potential...as coil saturation time is dependent on voltage. That is, more voltage = less time to charge coil = higher RPM potential. A stock HEI, in good condition, will function adequately to 7,000 rpm. So, 6,200 for a stock HEI shouldn’t be a problem The increase in spark energy is all but negligible. In other words, there is no HP advantage to 16V. The cylinder either fires, or it doesn’t...there is no magic. If your HEI isn’t misfiring...you will NOT make more power by adding voltage. Again, you will simply extend RPM capability of the ignition. 16V would be useful if you wanted to turn 7,000+. All that being said. Yes it is illegal for Sport Mod!! I am not arguing that point. Just stating it should not be a performance advantage in a 6,200 rpm limited class. However, per Sport Mod rules, OEM alternators with internal regulators are allowed. If you want a legal 16v (or 17v or 18v) ignition...you can run an alternator...very easy to achieve these voltages with OEM type setup.
  18. Snowball derby

    Didn’t keep the fans away
  19. 49 cars within 1/2 a second of each other. That’s crazy.
  20. Texan John Heil wins Outlaw Stock feature at the Snowball Derby. Courtesy of Speed51 Results to follow..... in a bit.
  21. older mod chassis

    i have a holley 4150 850 CFM double pumper. its casting number 4781-8 just laying around. it was working great when removed from a running motor.
  22. 1 7 Jarrett Parker Molino, FL #46P 2 4 Kody Brusso Pensacola, FL #7B 3 2 Joshua Hicks Senoia, GA #56 4 8 Jackson Boone Franklin, TN #3 5 10 Chad Robinson Mobile, AL #10 6 5 Logan Boyett Pensacola, FL #9B 7 15 Hunter Johnson Griffin, GA #88 8 12 Daniel Bradford Huntsville, AL #67 9 11 Brandon Burks Milton, FL #12B 10 16 Anthony Monroe Corpus Christi, TX #82 11 6 Steven Davis Theodore, AL #95 12 13 Trevor Bowen Mobile, AL #51B 13 17 Devin McLeod Zephyrhills, FL #26 14 14 Darryl Rudd Chipley, FL #56R 15 19 Jonathan Langham Irvington, AL #2 16 18 Howard Langham Irvington, AL #1 17 21 Okie Mason 8-Mile, AL #6 18 20 Joshua Stephens Murfreesboro, TN #4 19 1 Cody Haskins Marietta, GA #38 20 3 Grant Thompson Mobile, AL #54 21 9 Donnie Hamrac Semmes, AL #64
  23. Last week
  24. One more night!

    Beautiful day for a drive to South Texas Speedway if you are 125 miles in. Come on down and see some "big boy" racing! BTW the main event will be 50 laps!
  25. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    Yea I guess they need to do a better job teching carbs too lol .
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