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  2. Irresponsible Race Tracks?

    So...I’ve been waiting about 2.5 weeks since TX tracks started racing with fans in the stands to see what came of it. I haven’t heard of a single person getting sick from being in the pits or the stands? Has anyone else heard anything? In most of the country tracks still can’t have fans and may not be able to for months; surely with that kind of restriction in other places many-many people must be getting sick here from going to the track?
  3. Results from 5-25-20 Texana?

    Where can I find the results from CBS?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Results from 5-25-20 Texana?

    CBS too especially since they gave everyone 22 hours notice. STS had a great night too on Saturday.
  6. CBS 5/23

  7. Results from 5-25-20 Texana?

    Helluva car count for Texana!!
  8. Results from 5-25-20 Texana?

    Hell of a Sat/Sun for Tindall and Faulkner winning Texana and CBS!
  9. STS Emod Final

    2500lb 6k chip STS what final are these dudes are running? I ran 6850 with a 6.90 in a 3200 lb purestock years ago. Track was a little different then. I’m just curious about how it translates to emod. Thanks Darenger Nesloney
  10. Yes I still have it send me a email and I'll give you my cell phone
  11. Results from 5-25-20 Texana?

    Thank you and congrats!
  12. Last week
  13. Results from 5-25-20 Texana?

    Texana Raceway Feature Results from myracepass; Emods: Thomas Rye, Cameron Starry, Jaycee Fitch IMCA Modifieds: Dillion Tindall, Jared Maupin, Ryan Slott Street Stocks: Bart Wilcox, Jarrett Barber, Wade Jones USRA Factory Stocks: Dalton Faulkner, Collin Hodges, Cody Leonard USRA Limited Mods: Broc Bowen, Johnny Torres, Jared Maupin
  14. CBS 5/23

    Went out to lend a hand Saturday night at Cotton Bowl, hell of a great show! These folks jumped many hurdles to get this race in dealing directly with the Governor's office to ensure they could. For those that don't know this track sits in 2 counties so rather than what if'ng they went to the source. Well done y'all track was in immaculate shape!
  15. For sale

    What's the price ?
  16. Yes send me an email to the address above and I'll send you my phone number
  17. Shop clean out

    Do you have the 602 assembly still?
  18. For sale

    How much?
  19. $50 each , text 83zero 221 8408 ,
  20. Very entertaining night and great car counts in the top classes. If memory serves me correct 34 Factory Stocks, 28 Sportmods and 15 E-Mods along with the other classes put on a very good show. 2020 looks to be awesome for South Texas race fans. Be sure and go to the track near you and those only 100-125 miles from Corpus when your home track isn't racing.
  21. California racing seen on TV

    might be ok for a couple of times down here .. but I see very late nights .something we already have .plus it gets very hot ..
  22. Was watching Mav TV the other day they ran 2 40 lap races main event in one class, best finish combined in the 2 races was the over all winner What do y’all think of this format. Driver’s would be careful that first race.
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