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  2. We are still putting together the purse, I will get it up here as soon as it is finalized. The classes racing are the same as what T-STARS had scheduled, see below. I am still working on putting the race day together and will shoot that out as soon as it is done. Eco Stocks Legacys Pro Modified Naskarts Outlaws Super Stock Trucks We will be making sponsor announcements starting sometime this week, so watch for those! It is a big push of momentum for you guys to support those sponsors after you read the announcements in some way - like their Facebook pages, Instagrams etc. Interact with their posts by commenting, or liking. Sharing their pages with other and saying why you shared it. Each and everything we are doing leading up to and competing at this event is being measured. The more there is to measure, the more we can keep the momentum positive and moving forward guys. Please help me do this on things I post on social media. Facebook.com/TexasShortTrackRacingSeries and Instagram : @Texas_Short_Track_Racing_HMP We will be having some shows at local Advance Auto Parts leading up to the July 6th race. I am looking for drivers and cars that would be interested in doing this so I will have a list of people to call when Advance may need support from us. Shoot me your info - driver, class and contact information - email to gina@txarp.com. I will be shooting an email to each car owner with info I need to capture from you for myself & Rodney to make sure we get your sponsors a shout out on race day and when you race. Please send this back to me asap. This email request will be coming from taylor@tstrseries.com or mine, gina@txarp.com - keep an eye out. Lastly, for this first race, I am looking for giveaways we can get out to the fans all during race day between races that I can add to the Advance Auto Parts giveaways. I need this in the form of hats, t-shirts, stickers, etc. Do not put a strain on anyone's budgets to get these things for me, it is mainly to enhance the July 6th show and to give back to sponsors and to show potential sponsors in the stands ways the LOCAL racing community gives back. I know it has been a tough road for everyone, Raymond, Amy & Aaron blazed a very brave trail at a time there was NOTHING racing on asphalt in Texas but NASCAR. That takes a tremendous effort. Now, I need to ask for more support from you guys in car count or fan count too. If you cannot race, come watch and bring people to watch. If you are NOT racing because of rules, STILL contribute to the sport you love by talking about the race and coming to the race. I cannot fix anything in the rules if I cannot make the racing happen. I so very much appreciate all the messages of support, support at functions and valuable input - keep it coming. I will have some official posters and lots of handout cards by Thursday or Friday to give to you to put in your businesses or handout. Let me know where you are and I will deliver them personally or have my daughter, Taylor Knowles deliver them. My email is gina@txarp.com. My cell is 713.907.0906. I will get back to you. Thank you guys! Gina Schild Knowles TXARP, Texas Asphalt Racing Promotions DBA Texas Short Track Racing Series PS - Share this message with other racers. Pictured Below - One of our Media Sponsors...we will be chatting racing with them this Saturday in the studio 12 - 2pm. Live on their Facebook page and on ESPN 97.5 FM simultaneously. I will remind you on the series Facebook page and before the show goes live on Saturday I will post a link to tach on Facebook if needed.
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  4. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    When they actually do it to a "named team or driver" only then will I be totally impressed....Just seems like they have an issue with Chastain since this is the second win taken from him since he declared for the truck points...jmho
  5. Hafertepe Regrouping For Dirt Cup After Getting Upside Down In South Dakota by Bryan Hulbert ALGER, Wash. (June 19, 2019) A top five, followed by a top ten finish sounds like a fairly good weekend for most, but for Sam Hafertepe, Jr. that included getting upside down while battling for the lead at Black Hills Speedway in Rapid City. "It wasn't the weekend we wanted. Flipping and having to get a car pretty much rebuilt going into Dirt Cup isn't the way we envisioned starting this trip," commented Hafertepe of the overall weekend. Starting Friday at Brown County Speedway in Aberdeen, S.D., Sam wheeled his Townline Variety No. 15h to a fourth-place finish. "We really weren't good there last year even though we still ran third, and this year we never really got a handle on the car. It felt decent in the Heat Race, but in the Feature, we definitely over tightened the car and just couldn't rotate. That place is such a long turning track, you never really get the car straight and just missed it. Probably the worst car we've had all year honestly, but to leave there with a fourth-place finish, we were happy." Moving to the half-mile Black Hills Speedway on Saturday night, Hafertepe was fast right out of the box. Fastest in Hot Laps, first in his Heat Race, the A-Feature began from the third starting spot with Hafertepe after leader, Scott Bogucki, as the pair hit traffic. Working on the No. 28 for the lead on Lap 12, contact by Bogucki with a slower car sent the lapped machine into the path of Hafertepe; causing Sam to flip through the second turn. Able to make repairs in the work area, a plethora of lapped cars in the running order helped Sam rebound to an eighth-place finish, despite not being able to move the wing, and with damage to the suspension. "The Feature, we just fell into third early and waited for traffic to play its part and it did. It was working to our advantage and we started making up a lot of time on the leader and were able to run him down. I was committed to the cushion to get around the lapped cars when he tried to slide one. He hit him, and that put him into us and took us out of a race that I feel like we would have easily won. We had a really good car, but that's part of racing." Looking to this weekend, the Hills Racing Team will venture to Skagit Speedway in Alger, Wash. for the 48th Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup presented by the Skagit Casino/Resort on June 20, 21, and 22. A race that Hafertepe has topped twice, Sam's history at the one-third mile oval goes all the way back to victory with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car victory. "We've always been fast at Skagit. I have a lot of fans and friends in the Skagit area and really enjoy coming up here. Getting a third win, especially for Pam and Miles would be special, and $15,000 doesn't hurt either." Going into Dirt Cup, Sam would like to thank Greg Hamilton for the use of his shop as the team rebuilds their car, as well as thanking D'Bo and Missy for their hospitality while the team is in town. For continued updates on Sam Hafertepe, Jr. log onto http://www.sam15.com and make sure to find him on Twitter (@samhafertepejr). For news on Hill's Racing Team, log onto https://www.facebook.com/hillsracing/ and on Twitter (@HillsRacingTeam). 2019 Season to Date: Events: 20; Wins -5 ; Top 5 - 11; Top 10 - 14; Top 20 - 15; Coming Up: June 20 - Skagit Speedway (Alger, Wash.) w/Lucas Oil ASCS June 21 - Skagit Speedway (Alger, Wash.) w/Lucas Oil ASCS June 22 - Skagit Speedway (Alger, Wash.) w/Lucas Oil ASCS Sam Hafertepe, Jr. Online: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011628097506 Website: http://www.sam15.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/samhafertepejr
  6. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Absolutely on the money $$ Mr Hi Tech
  7. ISO sport compact for i37

    $1900...new motor.... Justin ... 361-658-2042
  8. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Your right,Nick. Trying to slide something by tech means the crew chief either wasn't paying attention or the shock guy wasn't telling the truth about the rebound reading. Just my opinion....
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  10. Starting to see improvements

    For those outside of Corpus, the bridge construction has fallen a little behind. Not sure what that means for the track and won't speak on that other than they may exercise that option. Also heard rumors that are beneficial to the track but again, I won't speak on that either. I know Dan has been supporting other race tracks so the passion for racing is definitely still there and feel comfortable saying CCS will be back eventually. Hopefully HMP will be successful and the asphalt guys will have another place to play in the next few years and the Marion track will come to fruition and all three will do well.
  11. Starting to see improvements

    I am always available to let people know the status of CC. All they need to do is call me or catch me at a track in the area which I am at almost every weekend. I go to S.T.S, I37 and was at Houston. The track was rented for four years with a option for one more. That was almost four years ago. Yes the grass is not mowed but that is their job. Also I keep my horses there so they eat good! Rodney I am sure Ill be racing in Houston so if you want to talk come by. We've always had no problems talking.
  12. Lone Star Legacy Published by Jason Simental · June 16 at 9:22 PM · Summer Fun Run top three! 1st #82 Cade Mckee 2nd #14 Brian Benedict 3rd #23 Peyton Michel
  13. Starting to see improvements

    Obviously, this is a very emotional topic for many in the CC area and beyond. I know it is for me. But pointing fingers and getting into heated, non-productive "debates" is not why we keep this CC Speedway forum section open. We keep it open because the track ownership has indicated that they intend to re-open the track at some point once the new bridge construction folks no longer need the facility to store stuff. Let's be optimistic and civil while we wait! Nick
  14. Starting to see improvements

    SEEING YOU WANT TO BE AN AHOLE .GO BACK TO SLEEP .YOUR TRACK WONT OPEN .AND YOU JUST SHOWED EVERYONE YOU ARE NOT WORTHY .I wasn't being an ahole and I supported you and your dieing track up till your track died .. a person asked a question .and I suppose you were asleep and did not think to answer it or care too .your good at that . unless someone who supported u up till you shut down has anything to say that does not fit your happiness … did I hurt your feeling because I said it looked like a junk yard .sorry but it does and still hope you can reopen it .
  15. Ford 2.3 distributor

    IF YOU COULD FIND A 2.3 DISTRUBTUOR POINTS .IT WONT BE FACTORY . .raced those motors for 25 years plus and never saw one with a points factory distributor .now 2.0 and 1.6 had points .from 70 to 72 and 73 when a few 2.0s were left over for that year before .after that in 1973 ford came out with the 23 electronic distributor .. never found a 2.3 with a points system unless you went to Mallory ..duel points ..but I would like to see that distributor if one is available . .
  16. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    … FUNNY A SIDE CAR RIDER who thinks he knows what he is talking about .going up against A man who knows what he is talking about …. I just bet the side rider has many championships under his belt .. that is questionable at best ..the one who I wont question but will always rely on truth and experience with well mannered insight moderates this sight . .. its about time for dq in nascar .. needs to move up the highest level .
  17. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Suppose you order a 200 rate spring. You rate it and it's 200 pounds as advertised. You put it in a race car and run it and then take it out and rate it. If it no longer rates at 200 pounds, it has lost it's rate. This is what is commonly known in the racing world as a collapsed spring. This could have happened in the scenario we are discussing here, but I don't think so. Teams at this level don't purchase cheap springs that are susceptible to loosing their rate. What I am saying is entirely different. Same 200 pound spring, put it in a car with tie down shocks (every high rebound rates). Before the race the 200 pound spring is able to hold up the front end, but after the race the spring is not strong enough to push the front of the car back up to it's original ride height - even after giving the car a chance to somehow regain its original legal ride height. Now take that spring out and rate it and it still rates at 200 pounds. The spring did NOT collapse, but rather the spring was unable to overcome the strength of the high rebound shocks. In the first case the spring is at fault. I the second case the crew chief is a fault for: 1) not putting strong enough spring in the front, and/or 2) having too high a rebound rate in the shock. See the difference? If not, that's OK. I am well aware of your ability to stir the pot.
  18. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    When a soft spring loses its rate, call it what you want, but I call it collapsed. The tie down shocks have been here so long, I cant remember what conventional is. The progressive springs are where it is at now
  19. ISO 2.3 pinto distributor old school points style. Please text to 210 415 3115
  20. results for 6-15-19

    Think we can get ross to paint that old 8 car .46x I painted that old green a few years ago ..lol . glad to see that old car is back racing ..good luck ross .. we will come up as soon as we get the 7 running good .new cars take time .
  21. Starting to see improvements

    Rodney looking from the street maybe the overgrown grass and cement plant in the parking lot may make it look bad but its not as it seems . When the harbor bridge is complete the concrete plant will be gone and area cleaned up . I go to the track several times a week and I can tell you that it wouldn't take anything but a little bit of clean up and time to be a raceable track . People paint their own picture looking from the fence . Don't get me wrong there would be work yo do but the track and facility is not a "junkyard" .
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  23. results for 6-15-19

    Thanks, Nathan!
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