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    I’ll cut her some slack. Helio Castroneves, a 3-time winner, said basically the same thing after his accident. That said, the over hyped Danica show is over. Finally.
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    poor girl said she did not know what happened ....you crashed .
  5. NASCAR is dying and they have no idea how to save it

    I am sure their are a few life boats laying around with a hole or two in the bottom of em that someone can loan out to france .loan need not repaid ..
  6. NASCAR is dying and they have no idea how to save it

    Like most tracks, Indianapolis has removed some seats, but it looks like some people are returning to the 500. I’m afraid NASCAR hasn’t hit bottom yet, and won’t until the TV deal expires. I don’t think it’s any coincidence France is looking to sell. If he was on the Titanic, he’s the captain pushing people out of the way to get to a lifeboat.
  7. NASCAR is dying and they have no idea how to save it

    nascar fantasy views might be good for the some but it does nothing for the average fan who grew up with nascar , who remember and loved the short tracks and just a hand full of big tracks thrown in to gives us both of best worlds . blue caller racing . now its backwards ...I am sick of mile or more racing week end and week out .nascar lost its base as read in the story and will really never get it back and not filling the stands wont keep them open forever those other track owners need that body count to keep a track open ..Win on Sunday buy on Monday ..when was the last time that was said ..
  8. NASCAR is dying and they have no idea how to save it

    Why Americans have fallen out of love with NASCAR https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/27/nascar-racing-fans-sponsors-viewers.html MacKenzie Sigalos - CNBC News
  9. POWERi Elite Sprint Series @ 281 Speedway by C&S Promotions, 5/26/18 By JM Hallas Stephenville, TX.,(May 26th, 2018) As the Memorial Day weekend begins, the POWERi Elite Non-Wing Sprint Series makes its second visit to the ¼ mile, semi-banked, clay oval just north of town. In March the series made their first visit with former USAC Silver Crown and NASCAR Winston Racing Series champion, Paul White(Temple) getting a hard earned victory. White, who led from the green, drifted a bit high giving Missouri's Quinton Benson enough of an opening to get by. A yellow would erase the pass putting White back out front. From there, White who currently leads the series points, stayed glued to the bottom and held off Benson for the win. The POWERi Elite Series returns to 281 Speedway in August(4th). In the nights other action, the IMCA classes(Modifieds, Southern Sport Mods and Stock Cars) were off for drivers to run the first race of the Red River Modified Tour in Kennedale. The Factory Stocks, Street Stocks and Sport Compacts were still in action running for additional money. Also included were Legacy Dwarf Car Series. Monday 281 Speedway hosts its own Red River Modified Tour event to cap off Memorial Day weekend racing at 281 Speedway. The RRMT continues on Sunday at Heart o Texas Speedway(Waco) before traveling to famed Devils Bowl Speedway on the high-banked, half mile on Wednesday. Zimmerman Zaps Elite Field Justin Zimmerman(Athens) scored the victory in the 20-lap POWERi Series Elite Sprint Car feature. Coming from row 2 at the start, Zimmerman made a quick move to get the point on lap 1. Dalton Stevens chased Zimmerman early and was able to stay close once they got to lapped traffic. In the latter stages he was chased by Paul White after a late caution closed the pack up. At the finish it was Zimmerman by a couple car lengths in his unsponsored, Cheetah Race Engines by Brian Shoulders, Triple X Chassis. At the start pf the 20-car Elite Sprint Car feature it was Stevens off turn 2 with the lead, but Zimmerman got by coming off turn 4 to lead lap 1. Stevens fell in line second with Ben Silliker, Kyle Jones and Brad Wesp in pursuit. Jones spun from fourth in turn 4 for an early caution. On the restart Wesp got by Silliker for third with White following to fourth. As Zimmerman began to increase his lead, Chase Parsons took sixth from Silliker. As the leader hit traffic on lap 8, White was able to take third from Wesp. At halfway it was Zimmerman, Stevens, White, Dane Fields and Wesp in the top five. Silliker and Jones tangled in turn 4 to bring out a yellow and put Stevens on Zimmermans nerf bar for the restart. Zimmerman, Stevens and White got away on green while Bryan Debrick, who started near the back, got by Fields and Wesp for fourth bringing Jason Howell along to fifth. White worked his way past Stevens for second, but Zimmerman had built a good advantage. Coming to two laps to go, Raven Culp looped it in turn 3 for a late caution. When green waved again, White took a look low on Zimmerman going into turn 1, but Zimmerman was able to get off turn 2 by a car length. Behind them Debrick was getting past Stevens for third. Howell was able to fill the hole and move into fourth. As the white flag was waving, White gave Zimmerman a look low off turn 4, but Zimmerman held steady and inched ahead by a couple car lengths at the checkers. “I was planning on passing people at the start,” replied Zimmerman. “I had a feeling that people would think the bottom was the place to be. It was still pretty greasy and the middle was the way to go. At least for the first four or five laps.” “Tonight I really felt like a sitting duck out front. My motor was popping on the straightaways and I couldn't tell if anyone was close to me. So definitely I was feeling hounded.” “We raced with Paul(White) all year last season. He's good on the slick tracks. He can slow the car down and keep it straight. I knew we had a pretty decent set up and I wasn't thinking about where he was at. I was just thinking forward.” “We run both the wing and non-wing stuff. I just pick and choose when we have the time to get away. I'm not committed to anything this year. We actually were trying to sell out all our stuff. We have to change up the car quite a bit from wing to non-wing and I have to change up my driving style too.” “Every track is different. Every lap is different. When the track changes drastically, like it did the last three-quarters of the race, you have to slow yourself down. I overshot about six turns tonight. It changes and you adjust your driving style.” “My dad and wife help me a lot and support what I love doing. I've been racing since I was four. I'm glad to be able to do this.” POWERI Elite Sprint Series #1 Justin Zimmerman, 1w Paul White, 10 Bryan Debrick, 58 Jason Howell, 99x Dalton Stevens, 9tx Brad Wesp, 98k Dane Fields, 24t TJ Herrell, 58f Gary Floyd, 75 Sam Stockon, 6 Christian Moore, 3 Raven Culp, 52 JD Fry, 57 Chase :Parsons, 5r John Rickets , 24 Ben Silliker, 04 Kyle Jones, 21 Michelle Melton, d1 Warren Fields, 02 Dillon Burks Elite series heats Heat 1; 1 Paul White, 98k Dane Fields, 04 Kyle Jones, 75 Sam Stockon, 02 Dillon Burks, 58 Jason Howell, 3 Raven Culp Heat 2; 24 Ben Silliker, #1 Justin Zimmerman, 24t TJ Herrell, 21 Michelle Melton, 58f Gary Floyd, 52 JD Fry, d1 Warren Fields Heat 3; 99x Dalton Stevens, 9tx Brad Wesp, 57 Chase Parsons, 5r John Ricketts, 6 Christian Moore, 10 Bryan Debrick Morosky Motors to Factory Stock Victory The 14-car Factory Stock feature saw early leader Sam Spadaro and Rick Morosky battle it out throughout the first half of the race with Dennis Bissonette joining the scrap at one point with all three cars under the proverbial blanket at one point. Morosky and Spadaro were door to door for the lead at with Morosky getting the advantage on lap 8, bringing Bissonette along to second. Following a lap 10 restart Morosky was able to hold Bissonette off and run to the victory by a few car lengths at the line. Factory Stocks 88 Rick Morosky, 818 Dennis Bissonette, 55d Terry Dumas, 33k Shelbi Baker, 33 Sam Spadaro, 7m Gary Miller, 76 JD Nino, 96 James Bailey, 51 Ruben Broussard, 13 Melissa Bailey, 26 Grant Wollam, 92d Colin Dunn, 29 JD Millirons, 54 Charles Simmons Factory Stock heats Heat 1; 76n JD Nino, 818 Dennis Bissonette, 55d Terry Dumas, 51 Ruben Broussard, 92d Colin Dunn, 13 Melissa Bailey, 29 JD Millirons---dns Heat 2; 54 Charles Simmons, 88 Rick Morosky, 33 Sam Spadaro, 33k Shelbi Baker, 26 Grant Wollam, 7m Gary Miller, 96 James Bailey White Wins Street Stock Scramble After an aborted first try, the start of the 15-lap Street Stock feature saw Wade White and Dennis Bissonette slug it out on lap 1 with White getting the top spot. Bissonette gave White a look on lap 2 in turns 3-4 and that was as close as he got. In the caution free event White eased away from Bissonette, Ricky Braddock and Joe Spillman. Braddock was able to get by Bissonette, but White had amassed a full straightaway lead and easily cruised to the win. Street Stocks 68 Wade White, 56 Ricky Braddock, 07 Dennis Bissonette, 44 Joe Spillman, 25 Jody Jones, 5 Mike Kelly, 200 Colby Litton, 69 Michael Votaw, 718 Michael Lamb---dns, 22 Justin Weirenga---dns Street Stock heat Heat 1; 69 Michael Votaw, 56 Ricky Braddock, 07 Dennis Bissonette, 5 Mik Kelly, 68 Wade White, 44 Joe Spillman, 25 Jody Jones, 200 Colby Litton, 22 Justin Wierenga, 718 Michael Lamb---dns Sweep for Newberry in Sporet Compacts Scott Newberry beat Jeff Tolar into turn 1 at the start of the 11-car, 15-lap Sport Compact feature. Newberry was trailed by Toler, Clifton Whisenant, Howard Watson and Phelan Bukowski. Bukowski and Harold Clifton got hooked giving Brian Bagent and opening to take fifth. Bagent and Clifton then battled side by side for several laps giving Julia Childs the chance to close in. Up front Newberry was running away from C. Whisenant who had to dive three wide in between two lapped cars as the leaders hit traffic. Newberry, who scored the heat win also, completed the sweep with the feature win followed by some reverse do-nuts in the front wheel drive car. Interesting. Sport Compacts 11s Scott Newberry, 10w Clifton Whisenant, 18 Jeff Toler, 02 Julia Childs, 45 Brian Bagent, 11h Howard Watson, 01 Pamela Whisenant, 77s Randall Sessions, 59 Rick Saupp, 47c Harlod Clifton, 78 Phelan Bukowski Sport Compact heats Heat 1; 11s Scott Newberry, 45 Brian Bagent, 10w Clifton Whisenant, 77s Randall Sessions, 78 Phelan Bukowski, 01 Pamela Whisenant Heat 2; 02 Julia Childs, 18 Jeff Toler, 11h Howard Watson, 47c Harold Clifton, 59 Rick Saupp Money to Mayfield in Dwarf Finale It was a wild start to the Legacy Dwarf Car feature with Jeremy Holtman, Chase Doughty, Charles Armstrong II and John Thiel going four wide on the back stretch for the early lead. Doughty finally secured the point and began to ease away. Brent Mayfield worked his way up to second and a tangle by Todd Looney and Dean Kennedy, just as the leaders went, brought out a lap 18 caution. On the restart Doughty immediately slowed and pulled off giving B. Mayfield the lead. B. and Armstrong II from there to snag the victory. Legacy Dwarf Car Series 1x Brent Mayfield, 21 John Thiel, 01 Charles Armstrong II, 999 Jeremy Holtman, 2a Charles Armstrong jr., 5 Marc Tunnel, 20 Michael Villanueva, 31 Michael Villanueva jr., 154 Stephen Covey, 33 David Sisk, 11 Robert Barker, 22 James Archer, 28 Royce Barber, 05 Doug Ragsdale, 2x Chase Doughty, 8 Todd Looney, 42 Eddie Donaghey, 55 Dean Kennedy, 18 Matthew Covey, 23 Bubba Jackson, 24 Marshall McKelvey, 53 Earnest Mayfield---dntg, 9m Josh Mayfield---dns LDCS heats Heat 1; 01 Charles Armstrong II, 1x Brent Mayfield , 23 Bubba Jackson, 154 Stephen Covey , 18 Matthew Covey, 2a Charles Armstrong jr, 16 Michael Villanueva jr, 55 Dean Kennedy---dns Heat 2; 21John Thiel, 33 David Sisk, 5 Marc Tunnel, 53 Earnest Mayfield, 24 Marshall McKelvy, 8 Todd Looney, 42 Eddie Donaghey , 22 James Archer Heat 3; 2x Chase Doughty, 999 Jeremy Holton, 20 Michael Villanueva, 28 Royce Barber, 05 Doug Ragsdale, 11 Robert Barker, 9m Josh Mayfield
  10. Night 2 Memorial Day Salute at STS

    Link to official results http://www.southtxspeedway.com/schedule/results.aspx?i=238515
  11. SAS site of Electrathon Competition

    Crap....I thought I was over that place.
  12. SAS site of Electrathon Competition

    Looks like it could be used for racing anytime!
  13. Night 2 Memorial Day Salute at STS

    Pure Stock Feature Top 5 1. 33JP 2. 15D 3. 127 4. 58 5. 889
  14. Night 2 Memorial Day Salute at STS

    Brodnax with a strong move to hold off Ward.
  15. Night 2 Memorial Day Salute at STS

    Doty takes 5th on the restart, Brodnax fights back and takes 4th from McCain in the process. Shes reeling in Walters. Dear trying to use lap traffic to catch Parks. Ward up to 5th
  16. Night 2 Memorial Day Salute at STS

    Another caution as Temple spins in 2. Parks, Dear, Walters, McCain and Brodnax top 5.
  17. Night 2 Memorial Day Salute at STS

    Parks off to a big lead, Dear, Walters, McCain and Brodnax top 5 but yellow again as Hendricks, Hall and Torres bunch up in 1.
  18. Night 2 Memorial Day Salute at STS

    On the track top 5 is Parks, Van Blarcum Dear, McCain, and Walters.
  19. Night 2 Memorial Day Salute at STS

    Parks lulling the field to sleep and we're finally underway but didn't last long as Sandoval, Torres, Temple and a few others come together in 2.
  20. POWERi Elite Sprint Cars Series @ 281 Speedway updates 5/26/18

    Legacy Dwarf Car Series 1x Brent Mayfield 21 John Thiel 01 Charles Armstrong II 999 Jeremy Holtman 2a Charles Armstrong jr 5 Marc Tunnel 20 Michael Villanueva 31 Michael Villanueva jr 154 Stephen Covey 33 David Sisk 11 Robert Barker 22 James Archer 28 Royce Barber 05 Doug Ragsdale 2x Chase Doughty 8 Todd Looney 42 Eddie Donaghey 55 Dean Kennedy 18 Matthew Covey 23 Bubba Jackson 24 Marshall McKelvey 53 Earnest Mayfield---dntg 9m Josh Mayfield---dns
  21. Night 2 Memorial Day Salute at STS

    Pure Stock Feature Lineup 33JP 11 15D 127 30 8M 4J 2X 58 4 7 88 94 21 889 20 99T 34 D4 54 8 112 73 51 84
  22. Night 2 Memorial Day Salute at STS

    Limited Mod Feature Top 5 1. 26G 2. 66 3. 58C 4. 4$ 5. 90
  23. Night 2 Memorial Day Salute at STS

    Torres takes second on the restart as we string out again.
  24. Night 2 Memorial Day Salute at STS

    Jennings, Rye, Torres, Flanagan, and Butcher top 5 with 15 complete.
  25. Night 2 Memorial Day Salute at STS

    Butcher around between 1-2 after some contact with Calles.
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