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    Well said AROB......my feelings exactly. Video games being sold to little kids (rated M for good reason)...TV shows depicting everything you can imagine ....prayer out of everything except Nascar....Its called desensitizing of humans and lowering of standards. If someone can't keep up or qualify for something, lower the standard only we have grown to accept lowering it pretty far down already. Our President is trying to change that trend and its meeting with resistance. As a country we need to be on the same page and united, not divided IMHO.
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    Not starting a trouble post here like to keep it on the right keel .............I like to thank to two Monday night teams who stood up for what is right even when some on both teams may have wanted to sit down ..least they understand what their job is ..nascar has done the same .protest like that should never be excepted during any sports ..there is a time and place for your disagreement some where else ....I feel like a fool every time I don't hear the anthem start at the racetrack only to turn around look and see others respecting the flag ..I could not join the service after getting hit by a car .but someone out there somewhere lost their life for my country and the anthem is our way to honor those and our vets and future vets ...my dad paid a price in the second war he lost a brother ... stand up and respect the flag ..
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