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  2. Five Flags

    The truck qualifying results are shown below. I think the race is scheduled to start at 8P.
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    Trump lost the election dude. If that makes you a loser ... so be it! A beer at the Gaff won't alter that reality one frigin' bit tough guy!!!
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  7. Five Flags

    Yes indeed.. Jake Wright, John Heil, Anthony Monroe are in the field along with Logan Boyett in Gerald Boyd's truck. Going to be a good one.
  8. Five Flags

    Are any of the Texas guys over at Five Flags for the truck race tonight?
  9. Content Removed

    Exactly, I suspect he doesn't have any interest posting pictures of his sides activities. He post pictures of Trump supporters having a good time on the beach. That they had to buy a permit for. I get down to Port A some, in fact I was there on election night. And I also suspect he wouldn't have any interest in meeting me at the Gaff for a beer and calling me a loser.
  10. Spec shocks

    So are the QA1s not approved anymore?
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    At least business wasn't looted or burned to the ground
  12. Practice night is here! To date there are 73 sportmods and 42 Factory Stocks registered give or take. This looks to be the strongest Sportmod field ever so make your plans for this weekend. Near perfect weather awaits on one of the fastest tracks around guarantees a great weekend of racing!
  13. Content Removed

    Sticks & stones don't break my bones HiTech. -LoL- Here's the latest Trump Train to trash up our beaches here in Port A. More losers who need to grow up and fade away... January 20 can't come soon enough!
  14. Spec shocks

    The only other approved shock as of now is the Afco 1564 but you will have to purchase their hardware kit which can get pricey. I've been taking to a person from Bilstein shocks about a replacement shock. I believe the pro shock hardware kits are interchangeable with Bilstein so that helps keep cost down. No decision has been made yet on approving Bilstein just yet.
  15. i see one heck of a dust bowl .. no way they can keep that track wet enough during the race // .
  16. Couldn't find anything tangent.....BUT.....I am certain that the USAC Silver Crown, Sprint and Midgets have raced at Phoenix(Copper Classic) for years.
  17. Dirt on pavement=no deep moisture, track comes apart, goes dry slick/dusty or rubbered up one lane train racing. But y'all seem to be missing the points Leavine made......But, okie, dokie....lol #getreadyfornascarppv
  18. Actually I believe USAC raced at Martinsville until na$car bought the track in 2004....I'll try to verify that.
  19. right? be like the World of Outlaws running a pavement race at Martinsville. Stick to what you do best.
  20. Amen, nascar cup series is the highest form of stock car racing there is, on asphalt, like it or not. And that is where it needs to stay, is on asphalt.
  21. I'm sure this came about by the success of the Eldora Truck race.Another reason is dirt racing will probably be more fun for the drivers.Worth a try because since they knocked down the banking at Bristol the race is not the same.
  22. The race is going to be horrible. Leave the dirt racing to the dirt series. Race a dirt race on a dirt track that can handle it if it's needed. If I want to see a dirt race I'll watch WOO or one of those series that do it well every night a week. When it comes to Cup as long as I've been alive they race on pavement, and I'm old so I'll stick to that and be good.
  23. https://racingnews.co/2020/11/30/the-bristol-dirt-race-was-put-to-a-vote-the-alternatives-were-too-expensive-forcing-a-nascar-dirt-track/amp/?fbclid=IwAR1s7VR8sGb_Ip10FmLdMVldw8QEm60yF6qMpO-8cYU4tyLSHoVJ0hmeIMY “Problematic is that NASCAR never admits there is a problem, numbers are good , we are good. Like an addict you have to admit your problem before you can address the problem.”----Bob Leavine
  24. Last week
  25. Bummer, I'm not due to get in from offshore until around the 15th. And my truck is in Mobile AL. I did renew my World of Outlaw tickets for Cotton Bowl today. Now just hope I can make that.
  26. Spec shocks

    From the most current Lone Star Legacy rule book Shocks Only one, non­adjustable, stock, steel, QA1 7564, which is a 75 Series Steel chrome plated, twin tube shock with a 6" stroke and a #4 valving rate, or the Pro Shock SB 64, which was legal under the original Allison Legacy rules and prior editions of the Lone Star Legacy rules, is permitted per wheel. The only adjustable device allowed on the shock is the spring adjustment nut. No re­valving or altering of internal components of stock shocks permitted. No custom made or “tie­down” shocks permitted. 1. Springs: Only 1­7/8” inside diameter, 10” long, steel coil over springs permitted. The spring must be mounted in coil over form over the shock. 2. No sway bars on the front or rear permitted. But check with Jason Simental “Getzum” on here for clarification.
  27. And the entry list keeps growing!! Rails there is another big event Dec 11 and 12 at STS ,Modifieds ,Factory Stocks and 305 Sprints with big money!
  28. 2021 Cotton Bowl Speedway schedule

    This is good stuff here. I had a credit on the World of Outlaws from last year. And went ahead and picked up tickets for the 2nd night as well.
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