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  2. Want to thank Hobbs and Whitaker for putting together an awesome show. Stacy for putting a big effort into a near perfect track. The best I have seen here for a 3 day show as it was consistant from one night to the next. Want to thank my sponsors and family for the fun time we had all 3 days. Special thanks to the Downeys for pulling the car out of the weeds and allowing us to race it. Also want to give a thumbs up to the techmen who did their job. I cant speak for the 41 pure stock but for us we respect the dq we received for a throttle shaft that didnt meet the specs. We struggled with this carb both friday and saturday. We came close to swapping it out for one that wouldnt leak everywhere and run maybe alittle better but at the last moment we were able to control the fuel leak coming out of it so we ran with it. Turned out to be the wrong decision. Regardless we had an awesome fun weekend and congrads to James Parks for the win!
  3. Still hate the system, but every now and then the deserving team survives. Congratulations Martin Truex and the entire Furniture Row Team!
  4. 8.5 GM Gears

    Need to sell. Makeoffer if yo can use!!

    Need to sell. Make offer if you can use!!
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    We are looking for sponsors for next year for the 17 LLM class. We already got 2 brand new top of the line best of the best race engines for next year. We Are looking for someone to help sponsor some body work on it OR Help with new tires. We plan to be racing every weekend next year for the whole season and we are very serious about doing it. We just spent $10,000 on new engines and shocks and suspension part upgrades. If you are interested, Post a message and I will contact you.
  8. Scale parts

    ISO rebco race 1 scale control box 210-2913621
  9. Glad to see ryan out walking last night ..
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    That could be but the owner said at the end of last season that he had no desire to open the track. So I had to sell to reopen.

    South Texas Speedway - South Texas Shootout Results for all classes 11/17/2017 LIMITED MOD A-Feature Driver Nbr ------------------------------ ----- 1. Tanner Whitmire 101, Taft, Tx 2. Talon Minten 5R, La Coste, Tx 3. Robby Minten 24R, La Coste, Tx 4. Edward Oakes 99, Cuero, Tx 5. Jason Inglalls 112 6. Chase Bresee 71, Baytown, Tx 7. Shane Hoefling 63, Meyersville, Tx 8. Cole Dennis 7K, Altus, Ok 9. Broc Bowen 56, Fannin, Tx 10. Hunter Flanagan 58, Kingsville, Tx 11. Caleb Hudgeons 10, Corpus Christi, Tx 12. Kris Rye 4$, Corpus Christi, Tx 13. Brad Ball 78, 14. Eddy Ross BD2, Corpus Christi, Tx 15. Mike Maraschick 17 16. Garrett Gregory 148, Tomball, Tx 17. Greg Carlucci Jr BD3, Corpus Christi, Tx 18. Max Calles 48m, Mission, Tx 19. Dustin Robinson 10X, Post, Tx 20. Jeffery Abbey 48 21. Robert Scrivner 71K 22. Randy Seals 37, Huffman, Tx 23. Steven Whiteaker, Jr 89C, Robstown, Tx 24. Brian Rye 184, Corpus Christi, Tx 25. Max Helms 174, Victoria, Tx 26. Dustin Butcher 90K, Robstown, Tx LIMITED MOD B-Feature 1 Driver Nbr ------------------------------ ----- 1. Chase Bresee 71, Baytown, Tx 2. Hunter Flanagan 58, Kingsville, Tx 3. Brian Rye 184, Corpus Christi, Tx 4. Garrett Gregory 148, Tomball, Tx 5. Dustin Butcher 90K, Robstown, Tx 6. Max Helms 174, Victoria, Tx 7. Caleb Hudgeons 10, Corpus Christi, Tx 8. Mike Maraschick 17 9. Jeffery Abbey 48 10. Jason Tiner 1T, Winona, Tx 11. Chase Gillie 42, Liberty, Tx 12. Rowdy Flanagan 57 13. Craig Oakes 9,Cuero, Tx 14. Brock Hall 20X, Bushland, Tx 15. Kevin Schelling 23, Portland, Tx 16. Logan Schunka 07, Victoria, Tx DNS Tom Grothues 11, San Antonio, Tx DNS Robert Boyd 2, Mcallen, Tx PURESTOCK A-Feature Driver Nbr ------------------------------ ----- 1. James Parks , Iii 33JP, Petronila, Tx 2. Aaron Leddy 93, Von Ormy, Tx 3. Colt Beaver 20X, Coldspring, Tx 4. Allen Torres 66 5. Chuck Perry 115, Corpus Christi, Tx 6. Jerry Walters 127, Corpus Christi, Tx 7. Monty Chamberlain 32, Louise, Tx 8. Jason Fitch 08F, Inez, Tx 9. Robert Danielsen 8, Boerne, Tx 10. Dakota Hurley 40, Laverina, Tx 11. Jarrett Barber 1, Robstown, Tx 12. Jesse Sandoval 7, Corpus Christi, Tx 13. Jennie Barber 19b, Corpus Christi, Tx 14. Joshua Sewell 38, Sandia, Tx 15. Steven Doty 999, Corpus Christi, Tx 16. Michale Pesek 22, Victoria, Tx 17. Llyod Williams 114 18. Thomas Downey 44, Baytown, Tx 19. Jc Paull 4J, Corpus Christi, Tx 20. Raymond Dibrell 19R, Corpus Christi, Tx 21. Mason Castaneda 28M, Sandia, Tx 22. Edward Oakes 21, Cuero, Tx 23. Jamie Dear 15D, Corpus Christi, Tx 24. Sean Ward 889, Corpus Christi, Tx DQ Dylan Elasko 41, Huffman, Tx DQ Stephan Danielsen 149 PURESTOCK B-Feature 1 Driver Nbr ------------------------------ ----- 1. James Parks , Iii 33JP, Petronila, Tx 2. Mason Castaneda 28M, Sandia, Tx 3. Aaron Leddy 93, Von Ormy, Tx 4. Raymond Dibrell 19R, Corpus Christi, Tx 5. Thomas Downey 44, Baytown, Tx 6. Robert Danielsen 8, Boerne, Tx 7. Mark Bundren 7B, Edna, Tx 8. John Ramirez 73, Corpus Christi, Tx 9. Chris Dudley 112, Palestine, Tx 10. Tommy Miller 54, Skidmore, Tx DNS Jeremy Atchisson 81 DNS Jon Grobe 01 DNS Shayne Sturtz 71, Corpus Christi, Tx PURESTOCK B-Feature 2 Driver Nbr ------------------------------ ----- 1. Stephan Danielsen 149 2. Joshua Sewell 38, Sandia, Tx 3. Jamie Dear 15D, Corpus Christi, Tx 4. Jesse Sandoval 7, Corpus Christi, Tx 5. Jason Fitch 08F, Inez, Tx 6. Jennie Barber 19b, Corpus Christi, Tx 7. Trey Heald 14, San Antonio, Tx 8. Zach Courtney 2X, Corpus Christi, Tx 9. Robby Minten 44K, La Coste, Tx 10. Jerry Walters 127, Corpus Christi, Tx 11. Travis Slavik 63T DNS Joshua McCain 8M, Corpus Christi, Tx DQ Cheryl Gray BD1, Corpus Christi, Tx PURESTOCK B-Feature 3 Driver Nbr ------------------------------ ----- 1. Dakota Hurley 40, Laverina, Tx 2. Allen Torres 66 3. Monty Chamberlain 32, Louise, Tx 4. Jarrett Barber 1, Robstown, Tx 5. Llyod Williams 114 6. Jc Paull 4J, Corpus Christi, Tx 7. Mike Horelka 19, Goliad, Tx 8. Marsha Hall 20, Portland, Tx 9. Johnny Westfall 9, Victoria, Tx 10. Steven Doty 999, Corpus Christi, Tx DNS Shannon Maurer 42, Victoria, Tx DNS Eric Rachui 08, Odem, Tx DQ Brandy Payton-Torres 156, San Antonio, Tx
  12. Front springs 5-1/2"x9-1/2"(850)rates--$30 each halon fire bottle (short bottle)5lbs--$50 halon fire bottle (tall bottle)--$50 Aero wheel black 5x4-3/4 1" bs --$30 9" ford 411 gears never ran --$60 gm 7.5 rear end 410 gears --$40 msd soft touch rev control 6500 chip --$60 mds box part #6400--$60 call or text 210-259-6119 Dwayne Markgraf
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  14. yes it was.I wish we had the same track we had Friday night from this fans standpoint. I guess the wind had a lot to do with that. HiTech it is heartwarming to see how the racing family reacts when one of their own has something happen. I think it was $2200 for Ryan and 11 or 1400 for Fox. Haven't heard what was raised for Workman. Excited to see what 2018 holds with the new promoter. I understand USMTS returning to STS is just the beginning.
  15. News

    Or WoO is leasing the track themselves.
  16. It was a great 2 nights of racing, wind and all last night. Glad I made the trip down.
  17. That’s what I heard as well hitech. I heard aluminum water pump on the 41 and a shaft on the carb on the 149 a bit out of tolerance. Not sure either issue affected the performance of the car. But those 2 drivers were on it last night. If the 41 had made one small mistake the 149 would have been all over it.
  18. Golden Triangle Raceway Park 2018 schedule

    What is the rule difference between nesmith streetstock and Lonestar stock car series.
  19. I heard one was water pump the other carb ..
  20. DQ for 1st and 2nd I see. Gonna guess rear %?
  21. street stock for sale

    sorry forgot this is a wrap on top of a white steel body.
  22. Really was a great show .never a dull moment all the cars in each class were running close almost looked like Daytona a mistake and you were wrecked that close of racing from front to back . three nights the track was perfect conditions for racing smooth and very very fast to a point it was almost too good leaving out the side by side battles .... give stacy the credit for getting the track ready he paid a lot of attention and detail working against the wind drying up the track .I know some were mad he had to work against that too when he watered just before each race sessions but it worked out and kept the dust bowl down and aloud the cars to have the track in great racing condition ...don't know what the track paid him but it isn't enough ..don't know the tally for all the money razed for some of our racers i understand it was huge ....fantastic ....
  23. Late-Race Contact Propels Brandon Setzer To $15,000 PASS Win At Hickory HICKORY, NC (November 18) – Hometown favorite Brandon Setzer took the lead after contact with Garrett Hall coming to the white flag to go on and win the Mason-Dixon MegMeltdown 300 for the Pro All Star Series (PASS) Super Late Models Saturday afternoon at Hickory Motor Speedway. Setzer’s third PASS Super Late Model win was the biggest of his career as he took home the $15,000 winner’s prize. Courtesy of PASS PR “He [Hall] had the best car, I hate it ended like that, but the lapped car just screwed him up,” said Setzer, driver of the Romeo Guest Construction/The Jewelry Exchange Ford #6. “As soon as he [Hall] went to the outside I saw the lapped car waving to the inside and I said, ‘Oh, I’ve got a hole,’ I filled the hole, he tried to come back down, but at that point I couldn’t back out. Man, this means the world to me. I could’ve won the Daytona 500 and not be this happy.” In qualifying, Kodie Conner beat two-time PASS North champion Travis Benjamin by 0.001 seconds to claim his second career pole. After the top 10 qualifiers redraw, former PASS champions DJ Shaw and Tate Fogleman would move to the front row, while Conner moved back to the fifth starting position. The 300 lapper got off to a slow start with five cautions in the first 21 laps, including one on a lap 17 restart that knocked 2017 PASS South Super Late Model champion, Matt Craig, and Garrett Evans from contention. Shaw and Fogleman would trade the lad back and forth before Shaw would eventually settle for the lead on lap 38. By this time, Cassius Clark, whose team had struggled to cross the American/Canadian border for four days before arriving just in time for the race, had charged from the rear of the field into the top 10. Shaw would pit on lap 99 after a caution for the stalled car of Jeff Batten, handing the lead over to Benjamin. After making it as high as fourth, Clark would have to pit under green on lap 125 with a flat left rear tire, losing three laps in the process. Another group of leaders pitted on lap 130 after Roy Hayes made contact with the turn four wall, but Benjamin again stayed out and continued to lead. While Cole Butcher and Spencer Davis would take turns up front, Benjamin would make his way back to the front each time. But, Benjamin would pull to a stop while leading on lap 183 after his car ran out of fuel. On the restart, Garrett Hall would take the lead from Davis for the first time in the race. On lap 225, Derek Ramstrom spun from third allowing Setzer, Shaw and others to pit for four tires, while Hall stayed out to maintain the lead. The final caution of the night would wave when Dennis Spencer, Jr. spun entering turn three, collecting Clark and Gracie Trotter. With the free pass, Benjamin would be able to take the pass around to get back on the lead lap. Hall continued to lead with Setzer in his tire tracks over the final laps. Shaw moved into third, until Benjamin came charging through the field to take the spot with 19 laps to go. Hall and Setzer continued to weave their way through lapped traffic until they encountered the car of David Calabrese. With two laps to go, as they entered turn three, Hall looked to pass Calabrese on the outside. Calabrese instead moved up, causing Hall to check up. Setzer took advantage of the opening, turning inside Hall and making contact. Hall spun up the track causing Benjamin to check up while Setzer would go on to take the win over Shaw, Conner, Davis and Ben Rowe, who claimed his fifth PASS National Championship. Rounding out the top 10 were Hall, Travis Stearns, Nicholas Naugle, Benjamin, and Spencer. The Mason-Dixon MegaMeltdown 300 from Hickory will air on MAV TV in mid-January, 2018 so please check local listings. Look for more on the newly crowned champions, Ben Rowe and Matt Craig, later this week. The 2017 PASS Super Late Model is complete, but continue to monitor ProAllStarsSeries.com over the coming weeks for more on the upcoming season. Be sure to “Like” the Pro All Stars Series on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at @PASSSLM14. Race Results - Mason-Dixon MegaMeltdown 300 - PASS South - November 18, 2017 - Hickory Motor Speedway – Hickory, NC Finish Position, Driver 1. 6 – Brandon Setzer 300 2. 60 – DJ Shaw 300 3. 45 – Kodie Conner 300 4. 55 – Spencer Davis 300 5. 4n – Ben Rowe 300 6. 94 – Garrett Hall 300 7. 16me – Travis Stearns 300 8. 08 – Nicholas Naugle 300 9. 7b – Travis Benjamin 300 10. 46 – Dennis Spencer, Jr. 300 11. 24 – Mike Rowe 299 12. 53 – Cole Butcher 299 13. 7L – Glen Luce 296 14. 49 – Jeff Batten 294 15. 43 – Davis Calabrese 294 16. 98 – Jody Measamer 291 17. 24j – JP Josiasse 291 18. 7f – Dave Farrington, Jr. 281 19. 55t – Gracie Trotter 245 20. 35 – Derek Ramstrom 243 21. 13 – Cassius Clark 243 22. 54 – Matt Craig 238 23. 12j – Trey Jarrell 191 24. 8f – Tate Fogleman 152 25. 15 – Roy Hayes 125 26. 61 – TJ Brackett 71 27. 12g – Derek Griffith 63 28. 9 – Chris Dilbeck 42 29. 47 – Gabe Brown 38 30. 4m – Kyle McCallum 22 31. 09 – Kayla Eshleman 22 32. 64 – Garrett Evans 21 33. 99 – John Gustafson 16 DNS 41 – Trevor Sanborn
  24. South Texas Shootout winners are Tanner Whitmire and James Parks. Looking for complete results if available.
  25. yee

    Finally the season is over .now if I can just get some help catching up on house work lots to do .this dirt racing I found has a long season .not much time off and we still have a car to build plus go through the two we have already ..no real time off I guess .
  26. Building my shop

    Also I did a 10 foot door on the same foot print Do not like it I wish I would of done a 12 foot wide door It gets tight when you back up to it with the trailer ETC
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