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  2. HMP-TSTRS Social Media Exposure

    Let's blow it up with #HoustonKicksAsphalt
  3. HMP-TSTRS Social Media Exposure

    I’ve been using #texasshorttrackracing #stockcarracing #cratemotor and #horsepowerprojects
  4. HMP-TSTRS Social Media Exposure

    I've been using #TSTRS #HMPOval #HMPracing
  5. OctoberFAST October 18th & 19th

    Is Saturday's racing still scheduled to start at 6:30?
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  7. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    Why would you want to throw away points? Isn't the objective to get as many points as possible?
  8. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    They can throw out low point or they must throw out low point night?
  9. HMP-TSTRS Social Media Exposure

    Agreed, Will Do !!!
  10. Sprint Car Bandits Finale Ends with Wild Event at 82; 2020 Schedule Posted Garland, TX (10/16/19) Track/Series Publicity & Event Marketing by DarinShort.com. The conclusion of the 4th season of the Sprint Car Bandits® series was held this past Saturday, October 12th at 82 Speedway in Petty, Texas with the running of the $31,500 Paul Peters Memorial event. Going into the final event, the series championship was still up for grabs, with a scant 27 points separated points leader Will Eggimann over Dale Wester, which roughly equated to 5 finishing positions that Wester needed to finish ahead of Eggimann to claim the title. But before we jump right to the center of the cinnamon roll, let’s rewind the night as it unfolded: Cool-ish, yet clear and calm fall weather conditions greeted the fans and 100 race teams assembled in four divisions, after a strong storm system exited the area the day before. Recording artist and The Voice contestant Trey Rose was on hand to meet with the fans during the pre-race Sprint Car Bandits Fan Fest. Trey would also kick off opening ceremonies by singing The National Anthem before a very appreciative crowd. Click https://youtu.be/7Cn8N4W9UCY if you’d like to see the video of his performance. Trey’s appearance at the event was provided by the Sprint Car Bandits series. Special thanks to Applebee’s in Paris, TX and Dairy Queen on Lamar Street in Paris for providing Sprint Car Bandits Fan Fest giveaways for fans and kids. Over 100 kids swag bags were given away during Fan Fest. The www.KoolTrikes.com heat race winners were Will Eggimann and Casey Burkham. Burkham won his heat from the 4th starting position, which gave him enough overall points to become the www.FixYourGenerator.com High Points Award recipient – and an additional $100 from Fred Summers, sponsor of the award. The 25-lap series championship feature would fire off with similar fashion of the last series stop at 82 Speedway, that being, the race would go green for a long distance. But on lap 23 disaster struck that all began when the left rear tire on Will Eggimann’s J&J Racing sprinter would somehow slide off its beadlock wheel causing him to lose speed going down the backstretch. Chipper Wood clipped his left side, as did the second place driver of polesitter Casey Burkham, all culminating with the #71 of Colby Estes getting crossed up and upside down just past the apex of corners 3 and 4. During the red flag stoppage, outside front row starter and leader, Michael Day, would not be able to refire after the yellow flag came out to resume the race, forcing Day pitside for the remaining two laps. Meanwhile, Eggimann had dropped pitside after sustaining damage on that backstretch fracas…which suddenly put Dale Wester in prime position to claim the points championship! The event resumed with a torrid 3-car battle up front between Burkham, Stubblefield and Wester. Stubblefield briefly took the lead before Burkham would take command, while Wester would take second place from Stubblefield. But when they crossed the finish line, Burkham would end up taking home $2,100 for the win, with Stubblefield regaining second from Wester on the final lap. When the mud clods quit flying, it appeared that Wester should have finished high enough to claim the Series title – however after adding and re-adding the points totals, Eggimann had garnered 8 more markers than Wester in the final points battle. After the event, Dale Wester was smiling from ear to ear and commented: “I really had fun racing this series. I came to the track tonight with the attitude that I’m just going to do my best, and whatever happens, happens. And it sure was close at the end!” A stunned Eggimann had to be towed into victory lane to receive his championship award – after thinking that his DNF was going to cost him the title. But after he reviewed the points, before and after, he had the following comments to make: “This is the first time in my racing career that I’ve been able to follow a complete series from start to finish, and a lot of that had to do with favorable economics of the Sprint Car Bandits rules package. Between the wing angle and ‘one tire all night’ rules of the ‘Bandits, not only does it make for consistently good racing, but it helps keep all the racer’s budgets regarding consumables in check…and as a byproduct, it even produces consistently competitive races.” Eggimann continues: “All season long, faster cars have been able to advance positions on the tracks that our series go to – so clearly – this series has got a rules package that works for racers and track promoters alike, which is really refreshing when so much of sprint car racing nationwide is being controlled by high budget teams, which is not economically sustainable to the majority of the other teams. I’m thankful for the rules platform that the Sprint Car Bandits has developed, because I’m not a big budget team.” Following Eggimann’s sentiment, Steve Golightly, 8-year executive crew chief on the #74E of Claud Estes III, comments: “Everyone knows that sprint car racing is expensive, and the Estes family regularly fields 3-4 cars at Sprint Car Bandits events. What we have found is that between the strong series purse structure and tire/wing angle rules, we’re able to keep fielding cars without burning up our racing budget.” Golightly continues: “I just took a picture of Claud’s left rear tire after tonight’s feature race. It looks brand new. That tire has 33 laps on it from tonight, plus hot laps – and it’s the same tire we used at the last ‘Bandits event, where we had to run 45 laps due to being in the B-feature. By the time you had hot laps to it, that tire easily has 85 laps on it – and it will be used again at our next ‘Bandits race.” In the past, co-crew chief’s on the Estes cars Doc Miller and Lonnie Bright help keep the family team hitting the track with well-prepared cars at each series event, and their past service is much appreciated. Claud would finish 2019 Series points in 3rd place. 2018 SCB series champion Colby Estes would end up in 5th place this season (after missing the opening night due to family obligations). We would like to thank our 2019 series marketing partners that help enable us to continue to provide quality 360C.I. sprint car racing in the North Texas and surrounding areas: www.SmileysRacing.com, www.FixYourGenerator.com, www.AirPerformanceRockwall.com, www.ShopTheBoss.com, www.UtilityTrailerofDallas.com, www.KoolTrikes.com and www.DarinShort.com. Digital marketing and at-track advertising packages are available for the 2020 racing season with the Sprint Car Bandits series. And if your needs include on-site promotions and out-of-home advertising, the Sprint Car Bandits series has a show car provided by 2019 series champion Will Eggimann. Just shoot off a quick email to SprintCarBandits@Outlook.com with your contact info and we’ll help develop an effective solution for your business. Don’t miss this chance to get your business in front of the loyal fans of the Sprint Car Bandits series and to consumers throughout the region! We would also like to thank the racetrack workers, SCB officials, media members and race fans for their dedication to the series. We are all just cogs on a wheel and it takes every single one of us working together to make it happen – and to sustain it into the future. Speaking of the future, the first round of the 2020 Sprint Car Bandits racing schedule was posted last month, and here is the latest. Tracks interested in hosting an event should email Darin at dssm93@msn.com as soon as possible, as remaining dates are very limited: FRI March 20 – Heart O’ Texas Speedway, Elm Mott (Waco) TX SAT March 28 – Kennedale Speedway Park, Kennedale TX SAT April 4 – 82 Speedway, Petty TX SAT April 18 – Abilene Speedway, Abilene TX SAT April 25 – 82 Speedway, Petty TX FRI May 1 – Heart O’ Texas Speedway, Elm Mott (Waco) TX SAT May 9 – Monarch Motor Speedway, Wichita Falls TX SAT May 30 – 82 Speedway, Petty TX FRI June 12 – Boyd Raceway, Boyd TX SAT June 27 SCB - RAINDATE SAT July 4 – 82 Speedway, Petty TX FRI July 10 – Heart O’ Texas Speedway, Elm Mott (Waco) TX ~Sprint Car Bandits Summer Break~ FRI September 25 – Boyd Raceway, Boyd TX SAT September 26 – Kennedale Speedway Park, Kennedale TX SAT October 10 – 82 Speedway, Petty TX SAT October 31 – Monarch Motor Speedway, Wichita Falls TX 10/12/19 Feature Results - Series Finale at 82 Speedway: Position: Car: Driver: Finishing Points: 1 45b - Casey Burkham 150 ($2,100 winner) 2 2s - Colby Stubblefield 142 3 12w - Dale Wester 135 4 74e - Claud Estes III 130 5 17w - Brad Welborn 125 6 02 - Cody Freeman 122 7 2 - Michael Day 119 8 77w - Will Eggimann 116 9 71 - Colby Estes 113 10 47 - Chipper Wood 110 11 74 - DJ Estes 108 12 72 - Daniel Estes 106 13 41m - Steve McMackin 104 14 33h - Mark Huddleston 102 15 33 - Michael Merrell 100 16 v8 - Robert Vetter 98 17 13m - Chance McCrary 65 Compiled Sprint Car Bandits Points for 2019 after 10/12/19 final event at 82 Speedway: Position: Car #: Driver Name: Total Points: 1 77w Will Eggimann 1540 2 12w Dale Wester 1532 3 74e Claud Estes III 1313 4 23j Junior Jenkins 1198 5 71 Colby Estes 1179 6 45b Casey Burkham 1144 7 2 Michael Day 1119 8 74 DJ Estes 943 9 118 Scott Evans 895 10 13m Chance McCrary 892 11 20 Chad Wilson 891 12 15t Marcus Thomas 844 13 72 Daniel Estes 843 14 02 Cody Freeman 777 15 99x Dalton Stevens 722 16 27 Kodey Keimig 693 17 21 Michelle Melton 689 18 47 Chipper Wood 685 19 41m Steve McMackin 618 20 33 Michael Merrell 557 21 80 Josh Hawkins 544 22 64 Mark Zoeller 483 23 v8 Robert Vetter 463 24 44 Jason Howell 417 25 10 Bryan Debrick 371 26 4 Austin Mundie 369 27 01j Jeb Sessums 342 28 2h Tommy Hall 328 29 5J Jeremy Jonas 305 30 5r John Ricketts 300 31 2s Colby Stubblefield 258 32 76 Zane Lawrence 254 33 17 Channin Tankersley 250 34 99b Blake Mallory 238 35 17w Brad Welborn 229 36 8a Koty Adams 218 37 17x Micah Baccus 215 38 33m Mark Huddleston 196 39 57 Chase Parson 190 40 79V Ryan Hall 185 41 04 Kyle Jones 184 42 55 Brad Queen 159 43 45 John Carney II 150 44 17W Harli White 142 45 26 Jacob Harris 142 46 31 Casey Willis 142 47 1X Tim Crawley 135 48 12 Trey Schmidt 135 49 35 Jeff Emerson 135 50 48 Cody Stacy 130 51 4b Austin Burkham 130 52 49 Justin Fifield 125 53 2w Dustyn Welch 125 54 b51 Johnny Brown 122 55 9Z Taylor Courtney 119 56 91 Craig Oates 119 57 3 Willie Reed 116 58 97 Reagan Reed 116 59 92 Jordan Weaver 113 60 9tx Brad Wesp 113 61 8A Alan Myers 110 62 22L Kent Lewis Sr. 106 63 83 Jett Hays 106 64 21p Robbie Price 106 65 07 Bobby Middleton 104 66 57C Chris Schmelzle 102 67 16 Cody Tankersley 100 68 18 Logan Scherb 98 69 18L Dillon Laden 96 70 41 Casey Merrell 96 71 82c Christian Kinnison 92 72 10C Jeremy Campbell 92 73 41 Josh Harner 90 74 35 Chris Hinson 88 75 4t6 Russ Fletcher 65 76 15 Michael Colaluca 65 77 9 Bobby Breen 65 78 52 JD Fry 65 79 79 Charlie McDonald 65 80 12.5 James Griffin 65 81 5X Tyson Hall 65 82 22X Steven Shebester 65 83 7 Jerrod Warhurst 65 84 42p Preston Perlmutter 65 85 88 Terry Easum 65 If you’d like to interact with the Series online, visit Sprint Car Bandits on Facebook, or click www.SprintCarBandits.com for the latest in news, and until we see you at the track next time, be safe and enjoy the remaining racing events in the area.
  11. Racers/ Team Owners/ Fans, Something I've been watching closely and noticed a trend in is our exposure to social media at our local tracks. I see tons upon tons of post showing action at others tracks around the nation and these tracks have some serious car counts and tons of sponsors. Which just as many of you may imagine of the track and cars are getting exposure, more will jump on. I know I may only be a racer and team owner, however I ask that everyone use social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook) effectively with the right hashtags. I think Facebook is old news and everyone uses Instagram mostly, with that said, pull them phones out take pictures and video of live actions. We need more people to know this track exist and we'd like to continue turning laps on it. Any representatives from TSTRS please post any and all hashtags we should use in order to be most effective. Much Appreciated, Corey
  12. Aaron Reutzel Vies for Trophy Cup Title this Weekend by Lonnie Wheatley CLUTE, Texas (October 17, 2019) – With a second consecutive All Star Circuit of Champions title in the books for 2019, Aaron Reutzel takes aim at this weekend’s Trophy Cup title at Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, CA. Reutzel will wheel teammate Josh Baughmans’s Baughman-Reutzel Motorsports No. 17 for the three-day tilt that fires off Thursday night. “I love racing at Tulare, it’s a place that just really suits my driving style when it’s up on the fence,” Reutzel says. Reutzel captured one of his initial wins in 410-ci Sprint Car action atop the Thunderbowl clay in 2015 and then nabbed his first career World of Outlaws Sprint Car win at the same facility in 2018. Reutzel has made a pair of Trophy Cup starts previously with a top-ten showing in the 2016 rendition of the prestigious 360-ci event. Reutzel’s most recent action aboard the Folkens Brothers Trucking/Dissolvalloy Downhole Revolution Triple-X Sprint Car netted a top-five finish at the World of Outlaws-sanctioned “National Open” at Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, PA. After a fifth-place finish in the Friday, October 4, preliminary event, Reutzel finished out the weekend with a fourth-place run in the Saturday finale. Reutzel and the Precision Catalyst/Hollywood Blasting & Coating/Beard Equipment team overcame Friday night adversity, forced to change engines after the Dash and then proceeding to race from 12th to secure a top-five finish. “At one point we were really rolling there and got up to fifth right away,” Reutzel says. “Then the wing valve got stuck so I couldn’t move it any and we got a little too loose at the end to gain any more.” On Saturday, Reutzel rebounded from another early issue and was had the leaders within reach before finishing fourth. “We got into the wall at the start and fell back to ninth,” Reutzel recalls. “We got bac up there and had third on three different occasions and a caution would come out. Then we were running down the leader after the open red, and right when we got to him the rubber laid down.” This weekend brings a change of scenery for the Nattress Construction/Momentum Racing Suspensions entry with Trophy Cup action in California. 2019 Quick Stats: 81 races, 18 wins, 43 top-fives, 56 top-tens. Next Up: Trophy Cup at Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, CA, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Keep Track: Keep track of Aaron Reutzel’s on-track action including schedule and results at http://www.aaronreutzelracing.com/, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aaron-Reutzel-Racing/117666254913127 or on Twitter at @AaronReutzel. You can also e-mail Aaron at aaronreutzel@yahoo.com. If you would like Aaron Reutzel Racing press releases e-mailed directly to you, send your e-mail address to Lonnie Wheatley at lonniewheatley@gmail.com.
  13. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    If a driver races every race , at the end they can throw the bad race out, if a driver missed a race , they can't, they have to take the good with the bad.
  14. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    So if a driver races all of the races, they have points taken away? If a driver misses a race, they keep all of their points?
  15. This is a SKM Kid Kart. It's complete - not missing anything to race. It has a Preditor motor. Has not been started in a year, so will need a carb cleaning, but everything works. $800 830 377-6162
  16. Last week
  17. 2016 CompKart Ranger cadet chassis (8-12 yr. old class) with Woltjer mini swift engine. Kart was raced at and is legal for Hill Country Kart Club in New Braunfels, Gulf Coast Karters in Katy and North Texas Kartway in Denton. Kart has adjustable pedal assembly and Mychron 4 gauge. Kart stand and all spares included with kart (wheels, sprockets, etc.) $2,000 OBO for kart, stand and spares Located near San Antonio. Can meet or possibly deliver depending on location. Contact Chad Menard @ 210-669-1659
  18. I-37 Delivered!

    I totally agree. It was my first race at I-37 (and for my two friends also), and I was not disappointed. It was a great show, and we saw lots of cars and lots of racing action. A couple of the feature races had 24-25 cars starting, after eliminating several cars in the heats and B-Main. We loved all the sounds and smells of all of the racing action, especially when about 25 cars started the SportMod feature. I hope to see a similar show at Cotton Bowl Speedway this weekend. I'm adjusting to the dirt . . . bought some clear safety goggles to wear with my contacts this upcoming weekend at CBS! I'd like to add my personal thanks and appreciation to Kris Workman for his hard work in promoting the event and helping to raise money for breast cancer, which is a cause dear to my heart. And a special thanks goes out to Kelly Earnhardt for racing in my honor during the Powder Puff event. Thanks also to Bob Caulfield for loaning her a car to drive in that race. I'm really looking forward to going back again next year.
  19. I-37 Delivered!

    Great show at I-37 Speedway with 90+ cars in 3 classes. Lots of 3 and sometimes 4 wide racing all night. Add to that the successful Powder Puff and Power Puff event that raised $20,000 for Cancer research. Hats off and thank you to all involved ! Now we move on to Cotton Bowl Speedway in Paige , Tx. for their big Octoberfast event. With big payouts across the board this should be a 100+ car count event not to be missed. Come early the stands will be filled for sure!
  20. I will be there with beer in hand
  21. With just a few days away....all of us racers are either burning the midnight oil or just cleaning up our stallions of fire breathing power. It's been too long since I got my stock car racing fix and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone out there Especially fans like toyotatim.....I'm sure Gina and Mary Ann would appreciate your attendance like the rest of us. You fans are what keep racing ALIVE!!
  22. Wanted used F 45 tires

    Anyway got 2 tires F45 before Friday used last race of season
  23. There are "Four" Good Asphalt Super Stocks for sale here on LSSZ for sale. Some are Rollers and one is Turn Key race ready....All have very reasonable pricing as well....These Great cars are not going to be around for ever....Best to scoop them up while they still here. Would be very helpful to move the these cars out, Help out your fellow racers and snap these well built cars up. Cars & parts cost good hard earned money....we cant just give them away.... Come on, Scoop these cars up....Please !!!! (one of these Super Stock has over 1,500 views, one other one by metroracer has over 850 views, one by jmarket has over 1,175 views, One By rocket55 has over 200 views.... some people is sure interested in these nice rides.....) The 2020 racing season is coming up fast....Pick one of these fine cars soon...Please don't be shy, jump in the racing is Just fine ….. thanks...
  24. Nice to see two hot chicks like Gina and Mary Ann keeping racing alive here is South Texas
  25. Great super stock

    I can't believe nobody wants a good car. The parts on this car is worth more than I'm asking.
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