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  2. I am actually looking for an old seat if anyone has one laying around that they don't mind getting rid of. We are going to convert this bent up old chassis into a sim rig.
  3. Thierpits are large 40 cars will not have a problem being kept apart ….. SMALL COUNT ..we would not have had a problem with that at all .. . just getting back into town and then driving home from the shop .. .just too chancy seeing we are right near a police substation and I live right behind the malls ..
  4. I would be the same .. nothing done but fun .. starting to like that idea .
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  6. I-37 Speedway to race this Saturday, March 28th

    An interesting idea for a short-track to attempt these days. It keeps fans enthused (online) and the racers energized (on-track). Just not sure mass gatherings (pits/staff/etc) for any reason ... is the prudent thing to do until we turn this virus tide in a positive direction? But a creative concept, glad it's not my call...
  7. I-37 Speedway to race this Saturday, March 28th

    that's what I was wondering. Safe travels to all.
  8. Please note that the Light's sports editor, erroneously "corrected" my original "at the paper-clip shaped half-mile track" to copy and paste from the CC Speedway story, "tight quarter-mile track." I gave him some grief over that, and after that he stopped trying to school this rookie writer.
  9. ISO iRacing SetUp / Advice

    no I don't , if I had one of these in the shop or house I'd never get anything done.
  10. chuck do you have something like this .
  11. WELL we wont make it .. one thing to get out of town during the day .another to get back into town with out being pulled over after 8 pm …
  12. 3,500 FANS .. SHOOT NOW DAYS IT IS HARD to find that many at a local track ..fans who show up for the love of racing ..
  13. well a friend who is in the know up front and center said they tested 18 poeple yesterday ..out of those four were positive .. all spring breakers ALL TEENS …. parents its no joke . our local news wont tell you .we also have two poeple on vents ..
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