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  2. 77 Camaro body caged

    Well, I guess I'll cut it up this week.
  3. From the PRI show at Indy, somebody came up with a different idea in nomex racing suits. Might be a big hit with dirt drivers. What do you think?
  4. Yesterday

    A sad day to remember...
  6. VIRGINE 487X HEADS NEED REBUILT $250.00 OBO PORTLAND 361-441-6085

    A DAY WE CAN NOT FORGET . I heard about 20 vets from that day are left ..sad ...WE CAN NOT FORGET OUR HEROS .my dad a gunners mate during the war .he lost a brother ...
  8. There are a lot of amateur endurance racing series out there now including 24 Hours of Lemons, ChampCar, American Endurance Racing, Lucky Dog Racing League and American Endurance Racing. They're all a bit different, but in general you can get lots of seat time for not that much money. Below is the combined calendar of all the series for 2019. Dates Series Track Location January 12-13 Lucky Dog Racing League WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca Monterey CA February 2-3 24 Hours of Lemons Barber Motorsports Park Leeds AL February 8-9 ChumpCar Endurance Series Road Atlanta Braselton GA February 15-17 American Endurance Racing Road Atlanta Braselton GA February 16-17 ChumpCar Endurance Series Sonoma Raceway Sonoma CA February 23-24 24 Hours of Lemons Inde Motorsports Ranch Wilcox AZ February 23-24 Lucky Dog Racing League Buttonwillow Raceway Buttonwillow CA March 2 ChumpCar Endurance Series Virginia International Raceway Alton VA March 9-10 24 Hours of Lemons Sonoma Raceway Sonoma CA March 16-17 ChumpCar Endurance Series Eagles Canyon Raceway Decatur TX March 16-17 World Racing League Barber Motorsports Park Leeds AL April 6-7 24 Hours of Lemons Autobahn Country Club Joliet IL April 6-7 World Racing League MSR Houston Angleton TX April 12-14 American Endurance Racing Watkins Glen Internationsl Watkins Glen NY April 13 ChumpCar Endurance Series Dayton International Speedway Daytona Beach FL April 19-21 ChumpCar Endurance Series Road America Eklhart Lake WI April 27 ChumpCar Endurance Series Charlotte Motor Speedway Charlotte NC April 27-28 24 Hours of Lemons Carolina Motorsports Park Kershaw SC April 27-28 Lucky Dog Racing League Ridge Motorsports Park Shelton WA May 4-5 24 Hours of Lemons New Jersey Motorsports Park Milville NJ May 4-5 ChumpCar Endurance Series Thunderhill Raceway Park Willows CA May 4-5 World Racing League Road America Eklhart Lake WI May 4-5 Lucky Dog Racing League Willow Springs Raceway Rosamond CA May 11 World Racing League Dayton International Speedway Daytona Beach FL May 17-19 American Endurance Racing New Jersey Motorsports Park Milville NJ May 26-27 ChumpCar Endurance Series Watkins Glen Internationsl Watkins Glen NY June TBD American Endurance Racing TBD TBD June 1-2 Lucky Dog Racing League Pacific Raceways Kent WA June 8-9 24 Hours of Lemons High Plains Raceway Deer Trail CO June 15-16 ChumpCar Endurance Series NCM Motorsports Park Bowling Green KY June 29-30 24 Hours of Lemons GingerMan Raceway South Haven MI June 29-30 World Racing League Motorsports Park Hastings Hastings NB July 6-7 Lucky Dog Racing League Portland International Raceway Portland OR July 13-14 ChumpCar Endurance Series Indianapolis Motor Speedway Indianapolis IN July 13-14 World Racing League Brainerd International Raceway Brainerd MN July 27-28 24 Hours of Lemons The Ridge Motorsports Park Shelton WA July 27-28 ChumpCar Endurance Series Utah Motorsports Campus Tooele UT August 10-11 24 Hours of Lemons Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park Thompson CT August 10-11 ChumpCar Endurance Series Virginia International Raceway Alton VA August 17-18 24 Hours of Lemons Heartland Motorsports Park Topeka CA August 17-18 World Racing League Sebring International Raceway Sebring FL August 25-16 ChumpCar Endurance Series GingerMan Raceway South Haven MI August 31 ChumpCar Endurance Series Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park Thompson CT September TBA World Racing League Eagles Canyon Raceway Decatur TX September 7-8 ChumpCar Endurance Series Nelson Ledges Road Course Garrettsville OH September 13-15 American Endurance Racing Summit Point Motorsports Park Summit Point WV September 14-15 24 Hours of Lemons Carolina Motorsports Park Kershaw SC September 14-15 24 Hours of Lemons High Plains Raceway Deer Trail CO September 14-15 World Racing League High Plains Raceway Deer Trail CO September 14-15 Lucky Dog Racing League Oregon Raceway Park Grass Valley OR September 21 ChumpCar Endurance Series Sebring International Raceway Sebring FL September 21-22 ChumpCar Endurance Series Motorsports Park Hastings Hastings NB September 28-19 Lucky Dog Racing League Streets of Ensenada Ensenada Mexico September 28-29 24 Hours of Lemons Brainerd International Raceway Brainerd MN October TBD Lucky Dog Racing League WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca Monterey CA October 5-6 24 Hours of Lemons The Ridge Motorsports Park Shelton WA October 5-6 ChumpCar Endurance Series Pittsburgh International Race Complex Wampum PA October 12-13 24 Hours of Lemons GingerMan Raceway South Haven MI October 18-20 American Endurance Racing Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Lexington OH October 19-20 24 Hours of Lemons New Hampshire Motor Speedway Louden NH October 19-20 ChumpCar Endurance Series Road America Eklhart Lake WI October 19-20 World Racing League Hallett Motor Racing Circuit Jennings OK October 26-27 ChumpCar Endurance Series Atlanta Motorsports Park Dawsonville GA October 26-27 Lucky Dog Racing League Portland International Raceway Portland OR November 2-3 ChumpCar Endurance Series Auto Club Speedway Fontana CA November 9-10 24 Hours of Lemons MSR Houston Angleton TX December 6-7 24 Hours of Lemons Sonoma Raceway Sonoma CA December 7-8 ChumpCar Endurance Series Virginia International Raceway Alton VA December 7-8 World Racing League Circuit of the Americas Austin TX November 15-17 American Endurance Racing Pittsburgh International Race Complex Wampum PA November 23-24 Lucky Dog Racing League Thunderhill Raceway Park Willows CA December 14-15 24 Hours of Lemons Road Atlanta Braselton GA December 28-29 ChumpCar Endurance Series Sebring International Raceway Sebring FL
  9. I read on FB that Johnny Herrera will be crew chief for Harli White on the national tour and running a part-time racing schedule
  10. 2019 Nascar

    THE WORD NASCAR isnt nearly as big as it use to be ..nascar has its own problem self induced that is . folks just dont spend much time speaking about it anymore .at work that was all the customers would talk about if I mentioned racing or they knew we were racers , .when nick was part of sas back when it was Winston cup nascar was very popular .heck I got people to go watch races at sas by saying Winston cup track ..my wife still has the Winston cup jacket she received from sas track owner when nick worked there or ran it either way .. .. I dont dislike nascar it just got boring and predictable once they started car of tomorrow and gone down sense .cookie cutter tracks .shutting down short tracks that got them where they were at the time and then started running on Saturday nights . and they look nothing like a Saturday night show anymore .. even the cars dont impress me much …..I know tim is big time nascar and that is great .but dont tell us nascar is as great as it use to be or better ..nascar isnt any where near what it was .. and I agree with nick .if a track owner wont build a track cuz some one may not be happy .they should not build it .. a strong owner manager that knows how to over look the negative and moves past it . can succeed … he has to be able to promote .have a set of rules run by them .no favorite driver or team .all get treated the same ..regardless .my wife has scored for sas tida .cc speedway .and sts .. I raced back then and she did me no favors .our son races and she does him no favors .that is how a track must be run ..no favors ..
  11. From Facebook Rained out

    STX Events 1 hr · We are rained out for this weekend December 8th!
  12. Hans

  13. 2019 Nascar

    If any potential track owner doesn't have the whole picture - haters included - they are going in with blinders on and will face reality pretty quickly. And if a potential track owner withdraws from his/her plans simply because they will face negativity along the way, then they probably shouldn't even consider being a track owner or promoter. It comes with the territory whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Here on LSSZ I do my best to keep the local scene free from most of the negativity, but have you been to Facebook lately? Or any number of other less-moderated racing sites where input is allowed from the public? Even Speed51 has it's fair share of boo-birds in spite of their almost constant monitoring of their on-line products. Secondly, I totally agree with you on Mr. Mandabach's ability to round up meaningful partnerships and sponsorships. He was the reason HMP did so very well during his management tenure there. Check out this interview I did with him a few years back. The fact is that you will note that John never mentioned NASCAR as one of the reasons why the track was successful during his time there.
  14. Last week
  15. Hans

    For reference that is a HANS Sport size medium by model number
  16. Hans

    Hans unsure of size. $100.00. Located in Corpus Christi. Devin 361 222 6801
  17. 2019 Nascar

    You can always find a reason to have objections to something. Hating on Nascar is counter productive to Mr Essie trying to get a track built. He may say, screw it, too many haters.......... Mr Mandabach used the Nascar sanctioning and worked to its finest. Huge sponsors came on board and even Championship bonuses from large Local Corp Sponsors. There is no reason that same model would not work right here in San Antonio. Corp sponsors are everywhere here. Whataburger, Toyota, Valero, USAA, HEB, Frost, Chesapeake Energy, Marathon Oil, EOG Resources, etc. Their names are all over sporting events. Time to cheat em up and go man,
  18. I have around 15-20 F45s left and need to make room for fresh supply coming in a few weeks. $25 each or buy all that's left for $22.50 each!! Pick up in Jewett or Buffalo only Tim is one of our LSSZ advertisers
  19. Longhorn Fords

    New Mustang we built in 1979 at The Performance Shop to run with all those Chevrolets at Longhorn Speedway and San Antonio . Driven by Bruce Hobbs and crewed by Jimmy Flint and myself . (Ray Scott) We did OK. I wonder were it went?
  20. Destroyer Pure Stock 115 roller only ! no engine,trans,seat will have 3.73 rear end, tubular uppers, Swenson shocks body is about ready to replace, I don't think I need to explain a whole lot about this car 361-813-1757 serious inquiries only!!
  21. 2019 Rules Package

    I don't expect any rule changes as of now. My plan is to sit down with Mr. Chadwick after the holidays and go over the plans for next year. If you have any suggestions please let me know. You can PM me here on the forum or text, email or phone me if needed. 512-965-9027 jsimental@austin.rr.com
  22. Revved Up Thursday Night

    Special Thursday Dec 6th RUSS post-Snowball 6:30pm CST. Race recap and what a line up of guests: 6:45p PLM/SLM Champion Casey Roderick 7:20p Texas' Colt James who will also compete in the 'Flake Sunday What a show on a rainy night give us a listen and/or watch! https://www.meridix.com/live.php?liveid=RPMRadioTX https://www.facebook.com/RevvedUpSportsShow

    So how would you prefer to buy it? do you want it race ready? it's got a stout ass vortec headed engine that runs like a scalded a s s ape! we can sell it however you want it.......... you have something you'd like to trade? let me know 361-813-1757
  24. 2019 Nascar

    I was wondering how many tracks are still "NASCAR Home Tracks" so here is the breakdown: 86 Nascar Home Tracks Via their Nascar Home Tracks Page 26 In different countries: Canada: 12 Mexico: 8 Europe: 6 60 in USA 6 Tracks are not really home tracks: Bristol, Dover, Iowa, New Hampshire, Sonoma, Watkins Glen which we all know do not run weekly race programs. Nick brought up a lot of good info about the NASCAR Sanction which he has stated many times on this website as yes you get the NASCAR name its not worth all the headaches that go along with it. Yes you get a shot at the $30,000 paycheck at the end but you have to ask : A. Will racers run 18 to 20 weekends a year to be able to compete with the tracks on the East Coast. These are the number of races you would have to run to break into top 10 at Division 4. When Brandon and them won the NASCAR championship they could run that many weeks a year but things have changed since then. Most of those tracks that ran that many races were Dirt tracks there was some Asphalt tracks but that was ones that have a rich history of racing (Bowman Grey, Hickory, Madison, La Crosse, South Boston). B. Will the promoters even want to be NASCAR Sanctioned? You have to remember Houston was then they dropped it. I think we need to focus on getting the tracks built, and run with common rules of Houston, Pensacola, Mobile where racers can come in and run and not have to change everything under the sun. That was a big problem when SAS was open under the Nascar Sanction their rules were completely different from Thunderhill, Corpus, and Houston. During Texas Asphalt Racing hey days you have 4 asphalt tracks running and all 4 were running different rules. Towards the end the tracks did come together and have common rules and had great purses. But you had some racers that would only run Houston and not run THR even though rules were the same. So yes your forward thinking is good and you have a bright outlook with big money races but first lets get the tracks actually up and running. Give them a year or two to get the kinks worked out before they start throwing these big races. Smiley Sitton told me and a few others one time that for a racetrack to be really successful and run smooth the track needs to go through about 3 promoters before things really smooth out. If you look back at a lot of the local tracks you will see that trend.
  25. 2019 Rules Package

    When should we expect the 2019 rules package to come out? Is there any major changes we are expecting?
  26. First Look: 2019 Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series Lineup by Bryan Hulbert TULSA, Okla. (December 5, 2018) Getting a look at the 2019 lineup for the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by Sawblade.com, the Series 28th year of competition is looking at a slate of 51 events. With a few nights of racing still in the works, more tracks will be finalized as series officials head into the Indoor Racing Season with the Tulsa Shootout and Chili Bowl Nationals. "Right now, we have five events as TBA as we work out some details, but we're excited to see some tracks returning to the National Tour that has been absent for a few years, as well as continuing to add new tracks," commented ASCS Scheduling Coordinator, Terry Mattox. "We're hoping to announce a few of those TBA events between PRI and the Chili Bowl." Kicking off the 2019 lineup with the 46th Devil's Bowl Spring Nationals on Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16, the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by Sawblade.com stays in the "Lone Star State" through the following weekend as Golden Triangle Raceway Park returns after a five year absence from the tour lineup on Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23 thanks to Griffith Truck and Equipment. Followed by a trio of tracks that take the term "high-banked" very seriously, Eagle Raceway in Eagle, Neb. is set for April 25 with U.S. 36 Raceway on Osborn, Mo. on April 26 and Randolph County Raceway in Moberly, Mo. on April 27. Setting teams east, the National Tour returns for the Battle of the Groves II at Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, Penn. on Friday, May 3 and Selinsgrove Speedway in Selinsgrove, Penn on Saturday, May 4. Sunday, May 5 is reserved as a rain date for Selinsgrove. Working on details for May 10 and 11, the series first new track of the season comes on May 17 at I-96 Speedway in Lake Odessa, Mich. Working back to the Midwest for the Memorial Day Weekend, Lake Ozark Speedway is on board for Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26. Steering west back into Texas, Route 66 Motor Speedway in Amarillo on Saturday, June 1 is followed by the Devil's Bowl Speedway Summer Nationals on Tuesday, June 4. Lawton Speedway in Lawton, Okla. follows on Wednesday, June 5 then Creek County Speedway on June 6 before the week wraps up at Salina Speedway in Salina, Kan. on Saturday, June 8. Kicking off the march to the Northwest, Brown County Speedway in Aberdeen, S.D. is Friday, June 14 with Black Hills Speedway back on the lineup on Saturday, June 15. A quick jog to Washington will see a $15,000 prize up for grabs once again at the 48th Annual Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup at Skagit Speedway in Alger, Wash. Thursday, June 20 through Saturday, June 22. On to the Fred Brownfield Classic at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma, Wash. on June 28 and 29, the series does have a TBA to fill during the Independence Day Weekend. Expanding the stay in Montana, the Grizzly Nationals at Gallatin Speedway in Belgrade, Mont. on Friday, July 12 and Saturday, July 13 is followed by the return to Billings, Mont. at Big Sky Speedway on Friday, July 19 and Saturday, July 20. Getting teams back into Iowa for the 29th Knoxville 360 Nationals, the three-night, $15,000 to win affair is August 1, 2, and 3 and kicks off Southern Iowa Sprint Week. The Ultimate Challenge at Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, Iowa takes place on Tuesday, 6 with the tour off until August 18 with things firing back up at Missouri State Fair Speedway in Sedalia, Mo. Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, Ark. on Saturday, August 24 will lead into Labor Day Weekend with West Burlington, Iowa's 34 Raceway getting its first taste of the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by Sawblade.com on Friday, August 30 before the return to Lake Ozark Speedway for the Lake Ozark 360 National on August 31 and September 1. Three nights with $10,000 on the line at the 9th annual Hockett/McMillin Memorial on September 19, 20, and 21, the Creek County Speedway Fall Fling will move to the early weeks of October with the dates falling on October 11, and 12. The Devil's Bowl Winter Nationals hits the following week on October 18 and 19 with the 2019 season wrapping up during NASCAR weekend at Texas Motor Speedway as Tony Stewart presents the Vankor Texas Sprint Nationals on November 1 and November 2. Dates and venues are subject to change and will be updated at http:/www.ascsracing.com. Any track interested in being a part of any available dates can contact Terry Mattox at (918) 838-3777. The 2019 Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by Sawblade.com will again be headed by Matt Ward as the series Competition Director. Ashleigh Ward will remain as the head of Timing and Scoring. Announcing and P.R. will continue to be handled by Bryan Hulbert. The Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by Sawblade.com is pleased to continue its relationship with Racinboys.com as the series' official online broadcast. Several dates are in the works for broadcast on the MAVTV Motorsports Network as well as LucasOilRacing.tv. Those events will be announced in the coming weeks. For other news, notes, and information on the American Sprint Car Series, from the National Tour to any of the Regional Tours that make up ASCS Nation, log onto http://www.ascsracing.com, follow on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Twitter (@LucasOilASCS). 2019 Lucas Oil ASCS presented by Sawblade.com Preliminary Lineup: Date - Track (City, State) 3/15/19-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX) 3/16/19-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX) 3/22/19-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX) 3/23/19-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX) 4/25/19-Eagle Raceway (Eagle, NE) 4/26/19-US 36 Raceway (Osborn, MO) 4/27/19-Randolph County Raceway (Moberly, MO) 5/3/19-Williams Grove Speedway (Mechanicsburg, PA) 5/4/19-Selinsgrove Speedway (Selinsgrove, PA) - Rain Date 5/5 5/10/19-TBA 5/11/19-TBA 5/17/19-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI) 5/18/19-TBA 5/25/19-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO) 5/26/19-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO) 6/1/19-Route 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX) 6/4/19-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX) 6/5/19-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK) 6/6/19-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK) 6/8/19-Salina Speedway (Salina, KS) 6/14/19-Brown County Speedway (Aberdeen, SD) 6/15/19-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD) 6/20/19-Skagit Speedway (Alger, WA) 6/21/19-Skagit Speedway (Alger, WA) 6/22/19-Skagit Speedway (Alger, WA) 6/28/19-Grays Harbor Raceway (Elma, WA) 6/29/19-Grays Harbor Raceway (Elma, WA) 7/5/19-TBA 7/6/19-TBA 7/12/19-Gallatin Speedway (Belgrade, MT) 7/13/19-Gallatin Speedway (Belgrade, MT) 7/19/19-Big Sky Speedway (Billings, MT) 7/20/19-Big Sky Speedway (Billings, MT) 8/1/19-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA) 8/2/19-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA) 8/3/19-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA) 8/6/19-Southern Iowa Speedway (Oskaloosa, IA) 8/18/19-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO) 8/24/19-Riverside Int. Speedway (West Memphis, AR) 8/30/19-34 Raceway (West Burlington, IA) 8/31/19-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO) 9/1/19-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO) 9/19/19-Lucas Oil Speedway (Wheatland, MO) 9/20/19-Lucas Oil Speedway (Wheatland, MO) 9/21/19-Lucas Oil Speedway (Wheatland, MO) 10/11/19-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK) 10/12/19-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK) 10/18/19-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX) 10/19/19-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX) 11/1/19-Texas Motor Speedway (Ft. Worth, TX) 11/2/19-Texas Motor Speedway (Ft. Worth, TX) ASCS Online: American Sprint Car Series: http://www.ascsracing.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lucasoilascs Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lucasoilascs (@lucasoilascs) Instagram: LucasOilASCS Audio Broadcast: http://www.racinboys.com Live Scoring (Where Applicable): Race Monitor and MRP Live
  27. 4 bolt 010 high nickel block bored .040 needs sleeve $50.00 350 crankshaft $50.00 327 crankshaft $50.00 obo Kevin 361-441-6085 Portland
  28. 2019 Nascar

    Just for the record, Irwindale is still open and under new management until at least the end of 2019. The outdoor all-purpose mall and entertainment complex fell through. Last I heard the people managing it now have strong racing ties and want to buy it outright. .
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